Chapter 2233 Shen Chengfeng

“How brazen! Who dares to kill people during the cease-fire of the Heavenly Divine Writ?”

Just at this moment, a group of people appeared wearing robes of the divine families’ outer branches. They were all Netherpassage elders and gloomy-faced. They were looking coldly at Long Chen.

“Long Chen, don’t be foolish. If you dare to kill people indiscriminately, you will force us to subdue you under the Heavenly Divine Writ,” warned one of those elders.

“Hahahaha!” The disciple of the ancient family alliance pointed at Guo Ran and cursed, “Just a dog also dares to shout. Weren’t you very arrogant? Didn’t you want to kill me? Then come!”

The arrival of the divine families’ outer branches made the disciple feel like he had a backer, a backer strong enough for him to be arrogant.

“Boss, what do we do?” demanded Guo Ran furiously.

Long Chen icily replied, “Do you even need to ask? Is the Dragonblood Legion ever afraid? Kill him. Kill whoever blocks you.”

“Arrogance!” The elders were infuriated. But before they could do anything, Guo Ran transformed into a streak of light that appeared in front of the disciple. His speed was even greater than when he had first moved.

That disciple was horrified, not expecting that Long Chen would dare to kill him with even the outer branches of the divine families appearing. He barely had time to take out a divine item before being cut in two.

Blood splashed. His head was cut off by Guo Ran’s saber.

Holding his head, Guo Ran returned to Long Chen’s side. His movements were very clean. Everyone had to admit that the current Guo Ran looked quite suave. 

“Elder Zhao Feng, save me!” cried that disciple’s head.

That shout made Long Chen’s gaze turn even colder. He looked at the head elder, while that elder’s expression immediately changed. However, he forced himself to remain calm, and he shouted, “Long Chen, release him or don’t blame us for not being courteous.”

Long Chen directly pressed a finger against that disciple’s forehead and conducted his soulsearch. That disciple’s soul twisted and tore itself apart. He was dead.

Long Chen had actually ignored their warning and the Heavenly Divine Writ, shocking the various Righteous experts. Just what was he planning on doing?

“Long Chen…!”

The elders’ expressions completely changed. Long Chen was publicly challenging the dignity of the divine families.

“Shut up. If you keep talking, I’ll kill you all!” shouted Long Chen, his killing intent overflowing. His killing intent was so powerful that even these elders shivered.

His gaze was like a blade. Looking at the one called Zhao Feng, he demanded, “Speak. Why would you target me?”

Through his soulsearch, he learned that this person had only provoked him because Zhao Feng had told him to. He was the one behind this.

Long Chen had just come to an agreement with the divine families, and they already did something like this to him. Just what were they doing?

“What… what are you talking about?!” shouted Zhao Feng, his voice shuddering in the face of Long Chen’s killing intent.

“You refuse to say? Then we can do a soulsearch.” Long Chen stepped forward. The other elders were infuriated. They didn’t know what was going on, but to attack members of the outer branches of the divine families was an insult to all of them.

They unleashed attacks. They were third step Netherpassage experts, but as soon as they tried to stop Long Chen, they revealed their true power.

They were truly a group of people with empty realms. They had the cultivation base but not the corresponding power. With a single punch, those elders were blasted back, coughing up blood. They almost died from that single punch.

“Hmph, a bunch of old sticks raised like princes. You dare to stop my boss? Truly courting death.” Gu Yang and the others sneered. So these elders were nothing more than decoration. They weren’t true experts.

Zhao Feng crushed a teleportation talisman in his terror, but before the talisman could take effect, Long Chen had grabbed his neck, holding him like a chicken.

“Speak. Why did you target me? I’ll give you one chance, or I’ll use a soulsearch.” Long Chen’s finger was already pressed against Zhao Feng’s forehead.

Just at this moment, yellow liquid flowed out of Zhao Feng’s pants. The experts present looked at each other oddly. This previously supreme and arrogant expert of the outer branches of the divine families had pissed himself in fear?

A bad smell filled the air. Long Chen almost blasted Zhao Feng to pieces, but it seemed that Zhao Feng had some status, so Long Chen didn’t want to kill him before being sure of what had happened.

“Are you speaking?” demanded Long Chen.

“I’ll tell, I’ll tell!”

Zhao Feng was just opening his mouth when the sky twisted. A giant formation disc appeared along with tens of thousands of experts.

“Experts of the divine families!”

Startled cries rang out. These people were wearing robes of the divine families. Although they were also third step Netherpassage experts, their auras were ten times more condensed than these elders.

“Long Chen, what is going on?” A middle-aged man gloomily walked out. He was tall and broad-shouldered and had a square face with sideburns. His gaze was sharp and bright, giving Long Chen a sense of pressure.

This was Long Chen’s first time feeling such a strong pressure from a third step Netherpassage expert. This person had to be extremely powerful.

“May I ask who you are?” asked Long Chen cautiously.

“I am Shen Chengfeng. I was sent by Elder Long to oversee the upcoming battle against the Blood race. What are you doing? The battle hasn’t even started, and you’re already killing people. Are you disregarding the divine families?” demanded Shen Chengfeng.

Before Long Chen could speak, the other elders of the outer branches began to shout. “Reporting to Elder Shen, we saw Long Chen acting wildly and unreasonable, disregarding the Heavenly Divine Writ-”

“Shut up. I wasn’t asking you.” Shen Chengfeng glanced at them furiously, making them instantly shut up.

Shen Chengfeng looked at Long Chen, looking like he required a reasonable explanation. There were also tens of thousands of Netherpassage experts behind him looking at Long Chen. They didn’t say a word, but the killing intent coming from them was ice-cold.

Long Chen instantly realized that these people were the backup that the divine families had left for this place. If he couldn’t defend this place or something unexpected happened, they would handle the Blood race.

However, the battle had yet to start. They had been summoned by a secret art from the outer branches, and seeing Long Chen holding the neck of one of the members of the outer branches, they were naturally angry.

Long Chen answered, “Why are you asking me? I should be the one asking you, if the divine families have already agreed to place the Dragonblood Legion here, why are the divine families still making trouble for us? Why did you send someone to antagonize me? Do the divine families like using these kinds of sinister schemes?”

“Who is using sinister schemes? Speak clearly. If you’re just trying to tarnish the name of the divine families, then even if I have to be punished by Elder Long, I’ll have to punish you first,” said Shen Chengfeng coldly.

“Since you’re sent here by Elder Long, I’ll trust you for now. I’ll leave this person to you. You can ask him what he did,” sneered Long Chen, tossing Zhao Feng to Shen Chengfeng.

Shen Chengfeng grabbed him and frowned. The scene from Zhao Feng pissing himself irritated him. The face of the divine families had been lost by him.

“Speak! What happened?!” demanded Shen Chengfeng.

Having escaped from Long Chen’s devil grasp, Zhao Feng’s guts grew again. He angrily said, “It was Long Chen indiscriminately killing someone-”

Shen Chengfeng directly slapped Zhao Feng, making his skin split open. Killing intent raged in his eyes. “If you still don’t tell the truth, I’ll be the one doing the soulsearch. I just came from the Ancient Battlefield, and I don’t want to hear your nonsense.”

Shen Chengfeng was an Earth Elder of the divine families. That was a high status, and he was actually the youngest of all the Earth Elders. He was also someone Elder Long had high aspirations for, or he wouldn’t have sent him to guard this place.

Shen Chengfeng was a true expert that had killed his way out of a pile of dead people. Could Zhao Feng really hide his spiritual fluctuations from him? To lie in front of him even after all this, Shen Chengfeng was a hair away from killing Zhao Feng himself.

Zhao Feng shuddered and almost pissed himself again. His voice quivered as he said, “It was Elder Ye’s orders. I was to find some way to antagonize Long Chen…”

“Which Elder Ye?” Shen Chengfeng’s expression changed.

“Elder Ye Yaochen.”

Shen Chengfeng’s expression grew uglier once more, and he suddenly slapped Zhao Feng with such force that he exploded. The other elders were stunned. Even now, they didn’t understand what was going on.

They did know an Elder Ye Yaochen. He was also an Earth Elder. But why would he target Long Chen?

After killing Zhao Feng, although Shen Chengfeng’s expression was still gloomy, his killing intent had vanished.

Turning to Long Chen, he had mixed emotions on his face. “Can we find someplace to talk?”

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