Chapter 2232 Let This Little One Handle It

The Dragonblood Legion had finished consolidating their realms. After their vacation where they relaxed, Meng Qi, Chu Yao, Gu Yang, and the others had vaguely touched the barrier of comprehending life and death.

Their comprehension of life and death grew clearer with every passing day. That was thanks to Liu Ruyan. The Yin Yang energy left by the Yin Yang Immortal Grass had many aspects corresponding to life and death.

However, every person’s comprehension and understanding of life and death was different. Every person had to rely on themselves. Many of the Dragonblood warriors were still in a hazy state when it came to comprehending life and death, this was a tough process that couldn’t be rushed.

Just as Elder Long had said, haste would only slow them down. After this adjustment, the Dragonblood warriors’ comprehension speed ended up increasing.

“Boss, we’re ready.” Before Long Chen said anything, Guo Ran already opened his mouth.

“Loudmouth, you made me forget what I wanted to say,” cursed Long Chen.

The Dragonblood warriors laughed. Gu Yang cried out, “Boss, the Dragonblood warriors live for battle. Our blood’s boiling already.”

“Fine, then I won’t say anything. Let’s move out.” Long Chen waved his hand. Que Yuzhu and the others were already prepared, and summoning their true bodies, they brought the Dragonblood warriors flying toward the Yin Yang World.

There were still many days until the seal broke, but Long Chen wanted to prepare things in advance.

Upon arriving, they saw that many people had set up camp in the distance. It seemed that they had been waiting here for a while now.

“Fuck, they all came here to watch the show? Are we dancing monkeys?” cursed Guo Ran.

“Not all of them. This isn’t a game. If we can’t hold on, the other major powers will be forced to take action. The Blood race cannot be allowed to break through,” said Long Chen.

At that time, Elder Long had already put it clearly. If he failed, then his reward would be gone. Long Chen was allowed to retreat at any time and allow others to block for him.

However, that matter was not to be mentioned to the rest of the world. He was to keep that to himself. If he could pull it off, then good. If he couldn’t, then he shouldn’t force himself.

Long Chen had only agreed because he had a way out. It could be said that these conditions were very favorable to him.

When the Dragonblood Legion arrived, it caused a ruckus. Various experts flew out from their camps to look at Long Chen.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, I believe in you. You are the strongest warrior of the Martial Heaven Continent. Just this heroism is something no one else can compare to!” declared one of the Righteous experts.

“Who else can remain calm facing the endless Blood race? This heroism for the Martial Heaven Continent, it is comparable to the Sovereigns!”

Many Righteous experts began to cheer Long Chen on. That was because many of the sects that had betrayed the Martial Heaven Alliance were now essentially empty places. Their elite disciples had left to rejoin the Martial Heaven Alliance.

That was because of Ye Lingshan’s promise. As long as they swore to fight for the lives of the continent, then the Martial Heaven Alliance’s doors would be open to them.

The battle in front of the Yin Yang World had shown the true faces of the major powers. For some personal profit, the leaders of many sects had been bought by Pill Valley, making them betray the Martial Heaven Alliance. So many people had been bought that even the Martial Heaven Virtue Tablet had been suppressed.

Thinking of that, the disciples of those sects were filled with regret. They hated the higher-ups of their sects for their selfishness and stupidity. In comparison, they felt Long Chen and Ye Lingshan to be of unshakable integrity. Even in the face of such opposition, they had not cowered.

Facing the coalition army, facing the sea demon army, facing the Emperors’ heroic spirits, he had never frowned. He had faced them all bravely, unafraid of death, and this aspect had profoundly touched these disciples.

They were all cultivators. Who didn’t have dreams? Who didn’t want to be a hero? Those disciples no longer wished to stay in their sects and live as opportunists seeking nothing but profit. They had left their sects after the battle and joined the Martial Heaven Alliance.

Some of the disciples from one sect had been surrounded by the experts of their sect and forced to submit. In their rage, those disciples had actually chosen to self-detonate.

That news had shaken the Righteous path. On that very day, Ye Lingshan had gone to that sect and killed the ones who had surrounded those disciples.

She had taken back the corpses of those disciples. At the time, Ye Lingshan had said that any disciples who had the Martial Heaven Alliance in their hearts were disciples of the Martial Heaven Alliance. If anyone dared to interfere in their freedom, the Martial Heaven Alliance would immediately tear down that sect.

Ye Lingshan had truly shocked people on that day. All the ones who had participated in stopping the disciples, including the sect leader, were personally killed by her.

Pill Valley had sent people ahead of time, but Ye Lingshan had pointed her sword at those people, stating that this matter was a private matter of the Righteous path, and if anyone dared to interfere, the Martial Heaven Alliance would not mind going to war.

The experts from Pill Valley were scared away. After all, Ye Lingshan was not Qu Jianying. Who knew what she might do?

From then onward, some of the sects that had betrayed the Martial Heaven Alliance began to ask to rejoin, but they were all rejected by Ye Lingshan.

Her reasoning was that the Martial Heaven Alliance had given them two chances. The first rejection could be blamed on ignorance, but the second rejection was unforgivable.

The Martial Heaven Alliance would never accept them again, so they could go back to their own homes. If they were bullied by others, they had better think of their own ways of dealing with it.

Ye Lingshan’s gentle and tough methods combined had made it so the sects no longer dared to stop their disciples. They could only urge the latter to stay based on loyalty.

However, the majority of those disciples were too disappointed in their sects, and so they chose to leave. They chose a new life. Staying there didn’t let them see any hope.

Ye Lingshan’s methods had made Qu Jianying sigh emotionally. She sighed over how she had grown old. The older she grew, the more cautious she was. But youngsters had the drive to dare to do anything. A leader needed that courage. She finally felt ready to leave her position to Ye Lingshan.

Even as countless Righteous experts were filled with worship at the sight of Long Chen and the Dragonblood Legion, a voice of dissent could be heard.

“It’s his own fault, and it’s simply a matter of course for him to deal with the consequences. How did that become being a hero in your mouths? Isn’t the reason he’s coming out because he feels guilty? If he didn’t feel guilty, would he come out?”

The speaker was someone from the ancient family alliance. As soon as he said this, countless sharp sword-like gazes pierced into him. If looks could kill, he’d have been turned into minced meat.

He had intentionally spoken loudly so that everyone could hear him. That included Long Chen and the others.

Long Chen looked at him. He was an Empyrean. His manifestation had awakened, but it was not a heavens’ soul manifestation, and his Spirit Blood had not awakened.

Seeing Long Chen looking his way, he sneered, fearlessly continuing, “What are you looking at? Am I not allowed to speak the truth? It’s trouble that you caused, so you should clean it up. Do you need others to praise you for this? What, you want to kill me to silence the truth? Don’t forget, the continent is in a cease-fire. The Heavenly Divine Writ has already been issued. Do you dare to go against the Heavenly Divine Writ?”

Long Chen slowly raised his hand and pointed a finger at that person, stunning everyone. That was a clear sign he was about to kill.

That person immediately panicked, shouting, “I’m just saying the truth! If you kill me, it will be a public provocation of the divine families!”

“Boss, such a minor figure isn’t worth you personally handling. This little one is willing to handle him.” Guo Ran stepped forward, not waiting for Long Chen to reply. He appeared in front of that person in an instant.

Long Chen had been intent on killing this loathsome fellow. He didn’t care about people’s misunderstandings about him, and he didn’t care to explain himself. But every person had a temper, and the Pill Sovereign’s will within him was especially easy to provoke.

However, he hadn’t expected Guo Ran to be even faster than him. The most shocking thing was that Guo Ran didn’t even have his armor on. It was unknown just how he was doing this.

Guo Ran arrived in front of that guy in an instant, his left hand punching toward his nose. But that person reacted quickly, twisting back, dodging.

The unexpected thing though was that Guo Ran’s punch was a fake. His right hand was the true attack, and it slapped that person across the face.

Long Chen and the others were shocked. When did Guo Ran become an expert in close-range battle? Without his armor, his combat power should be essentially zero!

That person was dizzy from being slapped. Before he could recover, Guo Ran grabbed his hair.

“Who let you talk crap?” Guo Ran smashed his knee into that person’s face three times in a row, causing a crunching sound that made people wince. That person’s head almost exploded.

“When did Guo Ran become so amazing?” Gu Yang and the others stared in shock, as if they didn’t recognize Guo Ran. How was he so powerful without his armor? His movements were free and flowing. It was like he was a true master.

“Guo Ran noticed many flaws in his armor from the last fight,” said Xia Chen. “He found many areas where his soft armor was sluggish when joining with his battle armor. After going back, he changed many parts of his soft armor and added some special runes based on boss’s fighting style. Doesn’t Guo Ran’s current fighting style look a bit similar to boss’s?”

Hearing that explanation, everyone came to a sudden understanding. No wonder Guo Ran’s movements looked a bit familiar. It truly did look a bit similar to Long Chen’s fighting style. So he was imitating the boss.


Guo Ran sent that person flying with a kick. Looking down on him from above, he arrogantly said, “I, Guo Ran, will not kill some nameless fool. Report your name so I can see if you’re qualified for me to kill you.”

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