Chapter 2231 Once More Gathering

When Elder Long said this, even those members of the outer branches were shocked.

“Let me lead the battle against the dark era?” Long Chen shook his head. “That’s impossible. Pill Valley, the Xuan Beasts, the ancient races, the Corrupt path, the ancient family alliance, they will immediately revolt.”

What kind of joke was that? If Long Chen were to be the leader, Pill Valley would immediately go crazy.

Elder Long smiled. “You’re overthinking it. This upcoming dark era will be split across multiple battlefields. You would only be in charge of one of them. Of course, if you have outstanding talent in that regard and are able to remain impartial, being the head commander isn’t out of the question either. However, that would depend on your own abilities. Furthermore, you still haven’t agreed to these arrangements, so don’t think too much for now.”

Long Chen knew that the divine families had to be a group of old scheming fellows. They were doing this in order to buy him while also appeasing Pill Valley and the others.

As for the position of head commander, it meant nothing. It was far from a possibility. Long Chen didn’t even consider it.

On the other hand, the immemorial essence blood and the Star Field Divine World were very moving. Both of them were important to the Dragonblood Legion.

“If I agree, will there be people targeting us from behind?” asked Long Chen.

Right now, everyone was doing their best to advance as fast as possible. If the Pill Fairy, Kun Pengzi, and Tian Xiezi were to break through to Netherpassage during this time, then if the Dragonblood Legion was suddenly attacked, they wouldn’t be able to fight back.

Elder Long said, “Actually, this decision was made in consideration of the entire continent. As everyone attempts to break through, they are actually reducing their chances of breaking through. How can comprehending life and death be rushed? With such haste, you will only have incorrect insights and fall further from the right path. Even if they do comprehend life and death, they will need to steady their mental realms and have a heart like water before attempting to break through. So for so many geniuses to be trying to break through as fast as possible is actually contrary to cultivation. Everyone thinks their lives are in danger, so they want to break through quickly. This is not good for the Martial Heaven Continent. Who knows how many geniuses will end up being stuck at this bottleneck because of their urgency? That’s why I have come here in hopes that everyone can stop their hostility. If you accept this proposal, I will immediately issue the Heavenly Divine Writ saying that if anyone attacks the Dragonblood Legion, they will be annihilated by the full forces of the divine families. Of course, during that period, the Dragonblood Legion is also not allowed to attack anyone. You would only be able to initiate an attack if you had a reason that goes through the divine families. This is a guarantee of protection for the entire continent, and this way people will be able to relax. Rather than trying to barge through this bottleneck, they can advance steadily.”

Hearing this, Long Chen was much more at ease. With the divine families as a guarantor, everyone could have a cease-fire. That was a good thing.

Although Liu Ruyan controlled the life and death essence of the Yin Yang Immortal Grass, allowing twelve thousand Dragonblood warriors to fully comprehend life and death was something that would take a long time. Requiring everyone to advance together put them at a disadvantage in speed.

If the divine families could slow things down, that was good for Long Chen. The Dragonblood Legion needed time.

After thinking about it, Long Chen said, “To tell the truth, this proposal is very moving. But there is just one problem. If the other side has an expert on the level of a fourth step Netherpassage expert such as yourself, we will definitely not be able to hold them.”

Elder Long smiled. “There is no need to worry. If any fourth step Netherpassage experts mobilize, the divine families will naturally stop them. But you worry too much. Even if the Sovereign seal breaks, it will leave behind a remnant Sovereign pressure. That Sovereign pressure will cling to the Blood race’s experts, preventing the strongest members of the Blood race from passing through. You will most likely be fighting those at the Life Star realm. At most, Netherpassage experts would only occupy thirty percent of them, and they would definitely be at the third step or below. When it comes to the Blood race, their cultivation base doesn’t matter that much. They have geniuses with pure bloodlines. The purer their bloodlines, the stronger they are. They will also come in great numbers. It will be a tough battle.”

Long Chen cupped his fists. “Many thanks for your warning.”

Long Chen felt that this Elder Long wasn’t bad. Although he seemed stiff and aloof, that was understandable considering his position.

Elder Long suddenly sent a spiritual transmission. “In truth, the request to have the Dragonblood Legion fight alone is mostly a show. We haven’t restricted your numbers, understand?”

Long Chen smiled. It seemed that Elder Long was indicating that he could cheat.

If the pressure grew too great, then he could just use some little tricks. For example, recruiting some powerful experts to the legion.

He could pull in any of his friends. What could anyone say? He hadn’t broken any rules. He was still defending with just the Dragonblood Legion’s people.

“Many thanks.” This time, Long Chen was sincerely grateful. This was basically an unloseable battle to him.

The Elder smiled faintly and said, “So have you agreed?”

“Yes. For such a good thing, I will have to agree. I’m grateful that you’ve taken such a long journey to come here. If I have the chance, I will definitely repay you.” Long Chen cupped his fists in thanks.

This reminder from Elder Long basically made Long Chen owe him a favor. However, he had said it spiritually so that the members of the outer branches wouldn’t hear it. Long Chen merely vaguely indicated that he would remember this favor.

“Since that’s the case, I will immediately issue the Heavenly Divine Writ. You should prepare yourself. I wish you victory in the upcoming battle.” Elder Long stood.

“I’ll do my best.” Long Chen also stood. He personally sent Elder Long and his people out of the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race’s territory.

As expected, the divine families were very efficient. The very next day, the major powers received the Heavenly Divine Writ.

The divine families announced that to placate everyone’s rage, Long Chen had promised to defend the gate to the Yin Yang World for three days on his own when the Sovereign’s seal broke.

Also, for the next half a year, no one was permitted to attack Long Chen and his Dragonblood Legion, or they would be going against the Heavenly Divine Writ and publicly offending the divine families.

During this time, everyone was to enter a cease-fire. If there were any conflicts, they could be mediated by the divine families. If mediation was ineffective, then a battle would require the consent of the divine families.

When the Heavenly Divine Writ came out, the continent, which had been in a deathly silence, became lively once more. The various geniuses came out of their seclusion.

It was like they had been suffocating underground and finally had a chance to breathe. The cities once more became noisy. Of course, this writ didn’t stop conflict, but no one dared to indiscriminately kill people.

Even the Bloodkill Hall’s assassins could walk out in broad daylight. Even the Righteous path and the Corrupt path’s experts might be sharing a table before pointing and cursing at the other.

The Heavenly Divine Writ released the heavy tension. Everyone had been afraid. Long Chen was afraid that others would advance to Netherpassage first and attack the Dragonblood Legion, while the others were afraid Long Chen would advance first and destroy them.

Long Chen directly gave the Dragonblood Legion a vacation, telling them to go out and have fun. 

When Qu Jianying heard that Long Chen was to defend against the Blood race on his own, she immediately went over to demand details. Only when she learned that Elder Long had discussed this with him did she relax. When she heard that this elder of the divine families had had a good opinion of Long Chen and given him a hidden reminder, she was completely put at ease. The worst-case scenario for her was for Long Chen to start fighting the divine families.

In truth, it wasn’t just the Dragonblood Legion who were given a vacation. Practically all the continent’s young disciples were sent out. They were like freed prisoners. The continent gradually entered its liveliest state.

People had been stunned by the divine families when they sent out four peak Netherpassage experts to the Martial Heaven Gathering. No one dared to go against the Heavenly Divine Writ. With their rules, they were very safe.

The topic that everyone was discussing now was the matter of Long Chen defending the gate to the Yin Yang World alone. 

People guessed that Long Chen had finally caved in to pressure and lowered his head to the divine families and Pill Valley. After all, whoever fought the Blood race would be facing a bloody battle. The first clash would probably be unprecedented throughout history. Let alone three days, even one day would probably be too difficult to hold on.

Quite a few people began to cry out at the injustice of it, but there was nothing to be done. This matter was set in stone.

Nangong Zuiyue and Beitang Rushuang came to Long Chen. At that time, only Long Chen, Guo Ran, and Xia Chen remained, with everyone else roaming around. They were refining pills, forging armor, and making formation discs respectively.

“Have you gone crazy? How could you agree to that? Is this any different from suicide? We all stood beside you, so even if you said no, the divine families wouldn’t be able to do anything to you.” Beitang Rushuang immediately began to shout, her chest bouncing and making Long Chen dizzy.

Seeing that Long Chen was actually in the mood to look at her, Beitang Rushuang looked like she was about to beat him up.

“Long Chen, you’ve really been impetuous this time. The dark era is called the dark era because endless armies will invade, not letting us see the slightest light, the slightest hope.” Nangong Zuiyue sighed.

Although they knew that Long Chen was powerful, the Dragonblood Legion would definitely take heavy losses in this battle. They didn’t wish to see such a thing. They came over to see if there was any way they could help.

Long Chen was grateful. He did have a few friends on this continent who would stand beside him at a critical moment.

He told them about Elder Long’s words and even subtly indicated that he might accept them into the Dragonblood Legion, making their eyes brighten.

“Alright, I’ll lead my people to join at that time. But remember, the rewards better not be lacking my portion.” Beitang Rushuang’s tone immediately changed. She was also set on that immemorial essence blood.

“Haha, even if you didn’t come, I’d have to come and beg for fairy Rushuang’s help,” joked Long Chen.

If he really couldn’t hold on any longer, then the Martial Heaven Alliance, the Nangong family, and the Beitang family would be the second line. Long Chen was confident in being able to carry out this mission.

Beitang Rushuang and Nangong Zuiyue left. Long Chen continued working. Time passed quickly, and half a month later, the Dragonblood Legion gathered once more.

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