Chapter 2230 Star Field Divine World

An old man leading a large group of followers wearing robes of the outer branches of the divine families had come. Only the elder had the word Divine embroidered on the front of his robes with golden thread, indicating he was a true member of the divine families.

Although the old man’s hair was white, his face was dignified, and he had a lofty stature. His eyes were still bright and contained an obscure revolution of life and death within them.

“This little one greets the senior from the divine families.” When the entire Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race was still shocked at the arrival of people from the divine families, Long Chen stepped forward.

The elder looked at Long Chen and nodded. “Not bad. A wildly arrogant person must have the qualifications to be wildly arrogant. Excellent.”

It seemed that the elder’s impression of Long Chen wasn’t bad. Long Chen couldn’t figure out what exactly this elder’s origin was. “Please, come in.”

The elder nodded and followed Long Chen inside. The others of the outer branches followed without a word.

These outer branch experts were also in the Netherpassage realm, and their auras were strong. They were most likely true experts tempered on the battlefield.

Que Yuzhu had been intent on accompanying them, but seeing that the elder didn’t look at her at all, she decided to take her leave.

Long Chen brought the elder into the guest hall. The two sat in the main chairs, but the rest of the outer branches stayed standing.

“I know that senior must be busy, so I won’t waste any time on tea. May I know what guidance you have?” asked Long Chen directly.

The elder smiled, seeming a bit surprised by Long Chen’s direct style of conversation. It was truly rare for someone to be able to speak frankly with a figure on his level. 

He was one of the four members of the divine families who had attended the Martial Heaven Gathering hosted by the divine families, a peak Netherpassage expert.

“It can’t count as guidance. After all, you are someone who dares to slap a sea king in the face. I don’t have those guts,” laughed the elder.

Long Chen was startled. It seemed that this elder wasn’t hostile to him. In truth, Long Chen was a bit nervous inside. His wings hadn’t grown to the point of being able to fight against the divine families, but the Pill Sovereign’s will would not allow him to retreat. If this elder had come in a demanding and overbearing manner, he really didn’t know if he would have been able to control his temper.

“They were just tricked by me. Such a little trick isn’t worthy of entering senior’s eyes,” said Long Chen. He knew that his photographic jade had shocked countless people. But the trick inside it would sooner or later be figured out.

“Not bad, to be both brazen yet cautious. The Martial Heaven Continent lacks people like you. Little fellow, I have high hopes for you,” praised the elder.

“Many thanks for senior’s praise.” Long Chen cupped his fists.

“Alright, let’s talk then. I came to discuss a certain matter with you. The current continent is split into two factions, one which strongly supports you and one which views you as its mortal enemy. Both sides are almost like water and fire, and the divine families do not wish to interfere in such a thing. However, since the dark era has come and a Sovereign has not shown himself, the divine families have no choice but to take up the responsibility of leading the continent’s experts against the invading races. Without resolving this conflict, there’s no way for both factions to work together against the invaders. The Elders of the divine families have discussed it and have come to one way to reconcile things. They wish to have you lead the Dragonblood Legion in holding the gates to the Yin Yang World for three days.”

“Why would I do that?” asked Long Chen.

The members of the outer branches glared at him. In their eyes, this was completely disgraceful. “You brazen…”

“I’ve always been brazen,” replied Long Chen coldly.

This request was not something he liked the sound of. Long Chen could tell that this was partly due to Pill Valley’s influence. Why should he be the only one defending?


“Shut up.” The elder stopped that person. “You are correct, the invasion of the Blood race from the Yin Yang World is the problem of the entire continent. Why should you be the only one to block them?”

“Exactly.” Long Chen nodded.

“In truth, this matter doesn’t relate to Pill Valley’s faction. They only proposed something that made us think. In truth, we also wish for your Dragonblood Legion to defend the Yin Yang World alone. Of course, we will not let you do it for free.”

“What will you give me?”

“There are three things. First, the Blood race’s experts can be refined into immemorial essence blood. Every ten thousand pure-blooded Blood race experts at the Life Star realm can be refined into one drop of immemorial essence blood. That one drop is extremely precious. An Empyrean who has reached the Life Star realm can consume one drop of the immemorial essence blood to have a chance of stimulating their Spirit Blood and connecting to their manifestation. Although it won’t allow their manifestation to grow to the level of a heavens’ soul manifestation, their combat power will definitely greatly improve. Normally, the bodies of the Blood race are shared by the fighters as a reward, but if the Dragonblood Legion fights on its own, you will be getting all those corpses. No one will have the right to fight over them with you,” said the elder.

Long Chen hadn’t known that the Blood race’s blood was so special. To be able to refine immemorial essence blood from it was quite shocking.

“Continue.” However, just this one thing wasn’t enough to move Long Chen. Although that was enticing, compared to the danger, it didn’t seem to be proportional.

“Second, while consolidating realms, a true life and death battle is a must for real geniuses. It just so happens that the two months until the Yin Yang World’s seal breaks are perfect for all the geniuses to consolidate their realms. They can comprehend the essence of life and death. This can be considered a free trial, and I’m sure that after such a battle, a portion of your people would be able to comprehend the mysteries of life and death,” said the elder.

Long Chen’s lips curled. “That logic seems a bit forced. Other people’s life and death trials are without danger, but fighting the Blood race will be a true life and death battle. Some will definitely comprehend life and death, because those that don’t will be dead.”

The Blood race had definitely been preparing this entire time and had gathered a grand army. Long Chen had seen them through the Sovereign seal. After so much time, who knew what the Blood race had prepared? This second benefit was completely nonsense.

“Long Chen, pay attention to your tone. This is one of the divine families’ great Heaven Elders. You should show some respect,” said one of the people of the outer branches.

The divine families’ Elders were ranked according to three ranks, Heaven, Earth, and Man, with Heaven Elders being the highest level. Even these people from the outer branches wouldn’t dare to mess around in front of this Elder, but Long Chen’s words didn’t have the slightest respect in them.

The outer branches of the divine families had been walking throughout the continent for a while now, and everyone treated them respectfully, while the members of the outer branches had to treat the true members of the divine families with even more respect. But Long Chen didn’t seem to care about this Heaven Elder in front of him.

The elder frowned slightly and looked at that person. “Can you shut your mouth?”

That member of the outer branch turned pale. All of them shut their mouths, not daring to say another word.

The elder turned back to Long Chen. “I haven’t introduced myself. I am one of the divine families’ Heaven Elders. I have the same surname as you, Long. You can call me Elder Long. Let’s continue discussing the previous problem. The second reason truly is a bit forced, but it can still count as a benefit. Let’s talk about the third one now. We only ask you to hold on for three days, and after three days, the divine families will replace you. Those are the bloodiest days, and if you can accomplish this mission, the divine families will open the Star Field Divine World for you. It can be considered a mental world, a sacred cultivation land for Netherpassage experts. The Star Field Divine World has never been opened to the outside world, but to face the dark era this time, we must join forces. It will be open only to heavens’ soul manifestation experts, and each power on the continent will only have a few spots to enter. If you succeed in your mission this time, then we will give every surviving member of the Dragonblood Legion a spot to enter,” said Elder Long.

“What is the Star Field Divine World?”

“It is an ancient divine world covering a star. There, your soul will form an illusory you, but it will be just like the real you. Within the Star Field Divine World, you can freely comprehend life and death. You can challenge trials, you can kill, and you can die. But those who die will have their souls return to their physical bodies. Inside that place, you can die ten times. To experience the chance between life and death, such an opportunity doesn’t exist on the continent. It will allow your people to rapidly advance,” said Elder Long.

It could actually allow someone to experience death? That was a good thing that moved Long Chen. However, he still acted indifferent. This bait was quite enticing.


Long Chen was startled. There was more?

Elder Long looked at Long Chen profoundly. “If you can accomplish this mission, the divine families will consider letting you lead the battle against the dark era.”

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