Chapter 223 No Rest Until Death

Following an angry roar, a huge spiked club smashed towards the back of Elder Sun’s head.

That completely surprised Elder Sun. Under his pressure, there shouldn’t have been anyone capable of moving, not even the core disciples.

Without turning his head, he punched out behind him. But what was even more shocking to him was that this attack was so powerful that he was actually forced back a few steps.

He hastily turned to see that it was some giant fellow holding a huge club glaring at him.

It seemed as if his pressure didn’t have any effect on this fellow. Furthermore, that previous blow had been completely abnormal, capable of even forcing him, a Bone Forging expert, back a couple of steps.

“Who are you?” Elder Sun didn’t recognize this person.

“Who are you my ass! You old crap, you dare bully my brother Long? Eat my club!”

Wilde roared and smashed his club down on Elder Sun again.

“Rude brat!” Elder Sun’s expression changed. He had given him some courtesy because he was afraid that this big guy was a disciple of some Elder. That would have been troublesome.

But he hadn’t thought that this brat would insult him like this, and his fury exploded.


Wilde let out a muffled shout as he was sent flying. He directly smashed apart a huge boulder in the distance.

But what shocked everyone was that despite receiving such a powerful blow, Wilde wasn’t injured at all. He got up from the ground and once more charged forward with his club.

Elder Sun was about to retaliate when suddenly he felt a whistling gale on the other side going for his neck. Long Chen had actually also attacked him at this moment.

This time, everyone really was stupefied. He actually attacked an Elder? Did he not care about his life anymore?


Elder Sun roared and a powerful surge of invisible energy sent both Long Chen and Wilde flying.

“This is the power of Bone Forging? How terrifying!” People muttered to themselves. It was said when cultivators stepped into the Bone Forging realm, their spiritual qi could be released outside as pressure. Without even moving your body, it was possible to just use that pressure to crush your opponents to death.

But that was also something that was only possible when a Bone Forging expert’s cultivation base had reached an extremely solidified level. The secular world’s Bone Forging experts were unable to do that.

Even with Long Chen and Wilde’s power, they were unable to resist that pressure.

“Violating the rules and then daring to resist; you really are asking for death!” Elder Sun harshly shouted.

Long Chen felt his blood surging in his body. A Bone Forging expert really was too terrifying. He was far from being a match for him.

“Elder Sun, please try to distinguish right and wrong first. Don’t wrongly accuse others before investigating the truth,” Tang Wan-er angrily shouted, her whole body trembling from rage.

Last time, Elder Sun had been intentionally targeting Long Chen, and now he was suppressing him even more directly. That really was hateful.

“Hmph, you’re doubting my eyes? I personally saw you all muster and attack the law enforcers, viciously injuring them. You still want to quibble?” snorted Elder Sun.


“Wan-er, don’t waste words with this old bastard. Since he wants to target me, let me make this a bit more exciting.” Long Chen cut Tang Wan-er off, as that was useless. He was clearer than anyone here as to what this old bastard was thinking.

In front of everyone’s puzzled eyes, Long Chen took out his disciple badge. Using his bone blade, he cut along across his left hand, leaving a line of blood. He then placed that bleeding hand on the badge, causing dazzling light to immediately shine from it.

A resounding bell sound rang out throughout every inch of the Xuantian Monastery.

“What? Long Chen issued a life and death challenge?” People let out startled cries.

The monastery had a certain rule. If there were irreconcilable differences between two people, you could issue a life and death challenge.

Once a life and death challenge was issued, the opposing party had to accept. If they didn’t, they would be expelled from the monastery.

That was an extremely odd rule, but it was precisely because it was so strange that Long Chen remembered it now.

The way to issue it was to have your blood activate your badge. Once you did, the monastery’s bell would alert everyone.

Once that bell rang, his badge immediately became invalid. In other words, if he wanted to continue staying in the monastery, he must kill his opponent and snatch his badge.

Elder Sun’s expression changed. A life and death challenge would disturb the entire monastery.

And as expected, countless people immediately began to rush over.

“Who issued the life and death challenge?”

Suddenly, space trembled as three figures abruptly appeared. One of them was sect leader Ling Yunzi.

A life and death challenge was no small matter. If the sect leader wasn’t in seclusion, he had to personally oversee it.

Beside Ling Yunzi was Tu Fang as well as another thin, withered old man. He only had a few strands of hair left on his head and his temples were caved in, giving him a frightening appearance.

When that old man appeared, he immediately saw Wilde in his sorry position and his expression sank.

“Little fellow, what happened to you? Tell master who bullied you and master will break his claws!”

Although that withered old man was small, his voice was like a drum, shaking the entire mountain. Several disciples turned pale and almost fainted.

Such an unremarkable looking old man was shockingly so powerful. And he actually called the giant fellow his apprentice.

Elder Sun’s expression turned green when he heard that appellation. Terror appeared in his eyes, replacing that overbearing arrogance.

Wilde pointed to Elder Sun and raged, “That old bastard didn’t even listen about who was right and who was wrong before wrongly accusing my brother Long. I can’t beat him, so old man, you help me beat him!”

The old man was really infuriated now. He glared at Elder Sun, causing his face to turn from green to blue, and he stammered, “Granduncle-master, I-”

Everyone’s eyes popped out as that old man didn’t even give Elder Sun a chance to explain and slapped him right in the face. Elder Sun immediately coughed up blood and flew back.

Over ten teeth glittered through the air. His body collided on the immortal caves behind him, causing an avalanche of tumbling stones.

Ling Yunzi sighed and bitterly smiled, “Uncle-master, can you at least let people explain themselves?”

Hearing Ling Yunzi’s words gave everyone a shock. So this unremarkable man was actually the sect leader’s uncle-master.

It was no wonder Elder Sun was so terrified. His status was so high it was shocking. And it was also no wonder he was so strong. He had used some kind of unknown technique to give Elder Sun a slap despite the space separating the two of them. That was practically a magical technique. It wasn’t even possible to see his attack, let alone dodge.

People looked in shock from the old man to Wilde, and then Long Chen. This would be a good show now.

“What did you say? Just what kind of senior disciple are you? You let your junior disciples be bullied like this and don’t do anything. So what if I give this brat a lesson? Are you all grown up and dare challenge your uncle-master? Do you want to have some practice between us?” raged that old man.

Ling Yunzi smiled bitterly. This uncle-master’s cultivation base was frightening, but his temperament was extremely explosive, perhaps even completely unreasonable. But he also refused to accept that shortcoming, so Ling Yunzi didn’t dare keep talking.

“Hmph, did you forget who saved you when you were bullied by that Ghost Gate brat? Ungrateful kid.” The old man was still scolding.

Ling Yunzi felt his face grow hot. Being scolded in front of this many people really was embarrassing.

But he then remembered that whenever he had caused a disaster back then and was about to be punished by his master, it was always this uncle-master who had saved him.

Even when he suffered outside, it was this uncle-master who had done everything to help him grow. In reality, he had doted on him even more than his master.

This uncle-master’s cultivation base was incredibly powerful. Unfortunately, his temperament wasn’t so good. He was disinclined to even give others a glance.

When Tu Fang had brought Wilde back, this uncle-master’s eyes had immediately turned red and he had immediately grabbed Wilde. He doted and pampered Wilde crazily, giving him anything he wanted.

But other than eating, Wilde didn’t want anything else. So in order to let Wilde eat to his full, he also stopped cultivating and brought Wilde out of the monastery and personally took him hunting, treating him like he was his own son.

This time, they had just returned to the monastery when Wilde had heard Long Chen was also in the monastery, and he had rushed over.

The old man had been in the midst of drinking tea with Ling Yunzi and Tu Fang, praising and applauding Wilde’s abnormal physical body, practically babbling non-stop.

But he had only managed to babble for a while before Long Chen issued his life and death challenge. That had irritated him greatly. He had just reached the interesting part of his story.

However, he also knew that a life and death challenge was a major affair and that the sect leader had to be present according to the monastery’s rules.

That was because it was something that related to their disciples’ lives and deaths. Normally, such a challenge would rarely be issued. But if it was issued, that would mean there was an unerasable and unconcealable hatred between two parties.

Just one or two disciples’ deaths wouldn’t be able to affect the monastery’s development, but in order to prevent further similar situations, they had to be treated with the proper attention of the monastery.

There was no way the rules could be absolutely perfect. People had to constantly adjust them to improve them.

Otherwise, if people used loopholes in the rules, and more and more of these conflicts appeared and grew more intense, it would influence the monastery’s growth.

The old man scolded some more, but seeing that Ling Yunzi merely continued to smile, he also began to feel embarrassed. He turned to vicious glare on Elder Sun who had just crawled out of the stones.

Ling Yunzi was afraid this uncle-master would continue beating others, and he hastily coughed, “Who issued the life and death challenge?”

“This disciple.” Long Chen walked forward.

Seeing that it was Long Chen, Ling Yunzi and Tu Fang gave each other a furtive glance. They both saw what was written on the other’s face: of course, it was him.

“Who did you issue the life and death challenge to?”

“Disciple Long Chen issued the life and death challenge to law enforcer Wu Qi. With blood as my oath, I will not rest until one of us is dead!”

Long Chen raised his medal, his gaze glaring knives at Wu Qi. His voice was filled with a soaring killing intent. Today, one of them would die.

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