Chapter 2229 The Divine Families Come Calling

“The Ximen family also supported me? Did they fall on their heads recently?” asked Long Chen.

Ximen Tianxiong had previously even fought Long Chen. They were clearly enemies. Why would the Ximen family support him?

“I’m also curious about this. But the Ximen family truly did express their support of you, saying that it was extremely unfair to have the Dragonblood Legion block the Blood race alone. Furthermore, there was no proof to say that the qi flow eruption was related to you. Subjective views were unjust. So with the three everlasting families supporting you, adding on the Martial Heaven Alliance, the divine families didn’t state anything immediately. They simply said that they would have to take their time with this decision. The divine families also added that the current Martial Heaven Continent cannot continue to have its people fighting each other. They ask all powers on the continent to work together against the outsiders. That’s why I don’t think anyone will try to target you during this time. You should reserve your temper to avoid a clash with the divine families,” said Qu Jianying.

For the divine families to not target Long Chen due to his conflict with the outer branches indicated that they had absolved him of that matter. Most likely, that was in deference to his talent. That was a good thing. She truly did wish for Long Chen to calm down and stop messing around.

Long Chen nodded. “I definitely won’t do anything to the divine families. You can relax. I never take the initiative to provoke others.” From the Eastern Wastelands to the Central Plains, he hadn’t bullied anyone. Even when encountering enticing treasures, he had never killed their owners for them. All his enemies had found him first. If he hadn’t fought back, he’d have been killed.

It was strange now that he thought about it. Wherever he went, he encountered some blind people who wanted to provoke him. His current situation was something others had forced him into.

In front of the Yin Yang World, he had killed countless powerful experts, even killing two heirs of Emperors, but apparently that still wasn’t enough to intimidate his enemies. They continued to target him. This was basically a puzzle with no solution.

Suddenly, one of Qu Jianying’s rings began to flash. Startled, Qu Jianying checked it. This ring could be used for urgent messages, but it would only be for major matters. When she checked the news, she was shocked.

“What? Did something happen with the Blood race?” asked Long Chen.

“No. The Dongfang family was suddenly attacked by the sea demon race. They tore down the Dongfang mansion, picked up Dongfang Yuyang, and slapped him in the face hundreds of times. When his face was unrecognizable and he was coughing up blood, they finally left. It seems that Dongfang Yuyang was on the verge of being bedeviled,” said Qu Jianying. This news came out of nowhere. She didn’t quite know what to think about it, or if she even believed it.

Long Chen smiled. As expected, the nine times nine equals eighty-three had completely confused the sea demons. After just a few slaps, they had lost count.

“The news says that the sea demon race sent out two peak twelfth rank sea demons as well as hundreds of thousands of others that surrounded the Dongfang family. Even the family head was blocked by them. He could only watch as Dongfang Yuyang was slapped. Furthermore, the one slapping him was the young man from the Six Horn Sea Serpent race that fought you in front of the Yin Yang World. Just what is going on? Why would they start a feud with the Dongfang family?” Qu Jianying was completely confused.

She felt like her head wasn’t working. Why would two completely unrelated powers suddenly start fighting?

The sea demon race had provoked Long Chen in such a terrible way and then immediately went to the unrelated Dongfang family?

“Who knows? Perhaps they found Dongfang Yuyang ugly. For the first time, I feel like that little sea serpent isn’t that bad,” chortled Long Chen.

The sea demon race had finally made their move. If they had continued waiting, Long Chen would have had to pay them a visit. But their move was even better than he had predicted. It seemed that the sea demon race themselves hated the Dongfang family for tricking them.

“The curious thing is that they didn’t kill anyone. They just destroyed their manor and slapped Dongfang Yuyang…” Qu Jianying continued to reread the news, growing more and more confused as to how this had happened.

Suddenly, she saw Long Chen’s wily smile. She demanded, “Little fellow, you wouldn’t know anything about this, right?”

Long Chen hastily waved his hand. “How could I know anything? I’m just happy that the Dongfang family has been put in their place, hahaha…”

Thinking of how Dongfang Yuyang’s sanctimonious face had been slapped into a pig’s head, Long Chen couldn’t hold back a laugh. Although he hadn’t seen it, his imagination was quite satisfying.

Seeing that expression of delight at his enemies’ misfortune, Qu Jianying was speechless. This fellow really didn’t know how to hide his feelings.

Qu Jianying asked about the Dragonblood Legion’s situation, and upon learning that they were all in seclusion and training, she was put at ease. She told Long Chen to focus on advancing as soon as possible and then left.

After Qu Jianying left, Long Chen sent a photographic jade to the Huayun Sect. Following that, the entire continent began to buzz.

Major affairs had been happening repeatedly during this short time, from the battle in front of the Yin Yang World, Long Chen killing people from the outer branches of the divine families in the Grand Xia, the gathering held by divine families, those were all topics of discussion in the cultivation world.

However, just after the gathering, before the contents of the gathering even spread, one of the four everlasting families, the Dongfang family, was attacked by the sea demon race. If the photographic jades didn’t spread, people wouldn’t even believe this news. A huge army of sea demons had poured into the Dongfang family, tearing down buildings, and then Dongfang Yuyang had been caught and slapped hundreds of times until his face swelled up into a pig’s head.

This photographic jade didn’t come from within the Dongfang family, but from someone outside. After all, when the sea demons had come onto the continent in such numbers, they had drawn attention, and quite a few people had secretly followed them to see what they were doing.

As a result, those people had recorded a shocking scene in photographic jades. Just as people were stunned by this, another photographic jade spread. When that recording spread, people’s jaws hit the floor. There were several scenes within that photographic jade.

One of them was the scene of Long Chen killing his way into the eastern sea, and then there was him demanding an answer from the sea king as to who had initiated the beast tide.

The final scene was the most shocking one. In front of multiple sea kings, Long Chen had slapped a sea king repeatedly, while that sea king had simply received it without daring to move.

That final scene made people feel like they were going crazy. He had slapped a sea king’s face? A sea king was an existence on the same level as Daoist Heavenly Feather. Just what was Long Chen doing?

After seeing everything within that photographic jade, people had a general understanding of what was going on. The sea demons had initiated a beast tide, and Long Chen had gone to demand an explanation from the sea demon race. The sea demons said that it was the Dongfang family who had instigated this, and so Long Chen had slapped them.

Now the entire continent knew why the sea demon race would attack the Dongfang family and slap Dongfang Yuyang.

The beast tide had actually been instigated by the Dongfang family to target Long Chen. Quite an uproar occurred upon that realization. When the beast tide had been initiated, there had been denouncements from throughout the continent against Long Chen.

All the damage caused by the beast tide had been counted against Long Chen, but now they realized that it was the Dongfang family who had caused that beast tide and set up Long Chen to take the blame, making it so that he couldn’t cultivate peacefully.

Upon learning this truth, the people’s condemnations turned against the Dongfang family. Their noble mask had been ripped off to reveal them as hypocrites. Dongfang Yuyang was especially hated, as he had always acted particularly righteous. 

The business of high level treasures that the Dongfang family had bitterly set up was essentially torn down. They received curses from every direction.

The one thing that people didn’t understand was just where did Long Chen get the confidence to slap a sea king’s face? How had he managed to make them not dare to move even as he slapped them?

Of course, this question couldn’t be asked of the sea demon race. That would be suicide.

Long Chen’s photographic jade once more shook the continent, and Qu Jianying laughed. This little brat had even hidden this from her.

The old man almost passed out from laughter. He then drank dozens of jugs of fine wine to celebrate.

The various large powers of the continent also received copies of the photographic jades, but their reactions weren’t the same. The Beitang, Nangong, and Ximen families all politely sent condolences, declaring their strong denouncement toward the sea demon race for their barbaric actions. And then there was nothing else.

Pill Valley and the others were simply lost. They didn’t understand how Long Chen had made it so that the sea kings didn’t dare to fight back when he slapped them. That scene was too shocking.

People kept a close eye on the Dongfang family to see if they would take revenge against the sea demon race, but the Dongfang family was silent. Dongfang Yuyang didn’t appear again. It was unknown if he had entered seclusion or was busy meditating to adjust his mental state.

After all, he had been beaten up in the middle of consolidating his realm and preparing to break through. At the time, there had been signs of him becoming bedeviled. Most likely his Dao-heart had received a serious blow. Many people felt that Dongfang Yuyang would slow down his advancement to Netherpassage, because this setback could easily form a heart-devil.

The Dongfang family didn’t say a word, but the divine families did send a warning to the sea demon race, telling them not to cause trouble.

After that, the sea demon race fell silent. These tumultuous times finally calmed down.

On this day, people came to the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race’s territory. They came from the divine families.

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