Chapter 2227 Spiritual Mark

When Long Chen slapped the old sea serpent, Dong Mingyu stealthily activated a photographic jade to record it all.

“Remember, alternate between your palm and the back of your hand. Nine beats together will make a perfect rhythm. Lacking even a beat will fall short of perfection,” said Long Chen as if he hadn’t just slapped a sea king.

Even Dong Mingyu and Cloud were stunned. Although he had told them to activate a photographic jade, they hadn’t known that he would slap a sea king. Hence, they didn’t dare to believe their eyes.

The old sea serpent was still dumbfounded. Only after the slapping was finished did he realize that he was the demonstration.

Long Chen dared to slap him. He knew that the sea demon race didn’t understand the true meaning behind a slap in the face.

When Long Chen had fought that young man of the Six Horn Sea Serpent race, the latter hadn’t reacted to being slapped. He had felt it to be like being struck by a fist. 

Furthermore, Long Chen’s amazing face-slapping arts had deeply shaken them. In their view, Long Chen could kill them without them being able to react. But in reality, this technique of his had no killing power. If it contained killing intent, it would be sensed.

His string of slaps was just like an itch to the old sea serpent. Thinking that Long Chen had been merciful, the old sea serpent was simply filled with shock.

“That’s too difficult. I can’t learn it. I can only do it one at a time,” said the old sea serpent.

The sea demon race only knew how to use brute strength and their innate divine abilities. Anything requiring technique was difficult. Moreover, Long Chen’s face-slapping art was something that only a few masters of the human race would be able to imitate, let alone the sea demon race.

“Ah, then I’ll make it simpler. Just do it like this…”

Long Chen slapped him twice, once with his palm and once with the back of his hand. It looked slow, and yet the old sea serpent was even more shocked because despite clearly seeing Long Chen’s movements, he wasn’t able to react. He was slapped once more before he could react.

“Is this simple enough?” asked Long Chen.

“It’s still a bit too difficult. Can you demonstrate it a few more times?” requested the old sea serpent.

“Alright, watch closely. This time I’ll use my left hand. My arm bends slightly, and then with my shoulder as the foundation, the shoulder, elbow, and wrist strike at the same time, but the amount of power is different…”

Long Chen began to explain as he slapped for half an incense stick’s worth of time. The entire time, the old sea serpent didn’t move.

Long Chen suddenly realized something was wrong, and he raged, “You crafty old man, you’re trying to learn my divine art!”

“No, no!” cried out the old sea serpent.

In the distance, Dong Mingyu and Cloud almost collapsed in laughter, but they bitterly endured. Dong Mingyu couldn’t help shaking her head. Perhaps the sea demon race’s heads had been underwater for too long, but they were truly lacking in intelligence.

She could easily tell that the old sea serpent was only acting like he didn’t understand to make Long Chen explain in even greater detail. The other three sea kings were also watching closely, not wanting to miss a single bit of information.

Clearly, they had been enthralled by Long Chen’s technique. They wanted it.

Unfortunately, they didn’t know that there was no way that they could learn this move considering that they were sea demons who didn’t even know how to use magical arts.

Thinking of how that old sea serpent had just stood there and allowed Long Chen to slap him for half an incense stick’s worth of time, Dong Mingyu almost broke down. These old fellows really had wild dreams. Even after being exposed, they refused to admit it.

“I’m not teaching you any longer. Just hit him how you want. But remember, it has to be nine times nine, eighty-three, times in the face.” Long Chen acted duped and angrily shouted. As he shouted, he spoke spiritually to Evilmoon, “So, is it done?”

“It’s done.”

Evilmoon’s reply made Long Chen relax. He had stalled all this time just for Evilmoon.

“Fine, once I recover, we’ll immediately attack. Don’t you think…” The old sea serpent’s intent was clear.

Long Chen smiled. “What a businessman. Even without accomplishing anything, you want the antidote.”

The old sea serpent awkwardly said, “My current condition isn’t good. Facing an everlasting family, I’m afraid I don’t have enough power like this.”

Long Chen was disdainful inside. With the four sea demons here, any random two could go, and that would be enough to flatten the Dongfang family. This excuse was easy to see through.

“Fine, I can give you the antidote. But you have to swear to accomplish the mission I gave you,” warned Long Chen.

“Yes, I swear upon the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring to carry out the mission Long Chen has given me,” swore the old sea serpent.

What kind of dogshit oath was this? Long Chen couldn’t be bothered to quibble. He supposed the oath didn’t matter.


Long Chen tossed out another giant pill. This was something he had just refined with the Moon and Star Refining Furnace in combination with his soul. It had been refined while he was slapping the old sea serpent.

This giant pill was only high grade. Refining a high grade giant pill was his limit in such a short time.

This pill was refined from the fruit pit of the Heavenly Underworld Vermillion Fruit. It was truly the antidote. The old sea serpent examined it closely, and after confirming there was no problem with it, he consumed it. His black face instantly began to clear up as the toxins in his body began to diminish.

“Although you’ve consumed the antidote, you cannot participate in an intense battle within the next three days, or the poison that has yet to be purified from your bones and soul will resurge. Although that won’t kill you, it will reduce your combat power, and result in you being killed by whoever you’re fighting,” said Long Chen.

“Yes, thank you for the warning. I’ll focus on healing, and then I’ll immediately go settle things with the Dongfang family. I guarantee I will accomplish this mission,” said the old serpent.

“Remember, your movements have to be natural and flowing to make it look pleasing.” Long Chen jumped onto Cloud’s back but didn’t forget to shout back at them before leaving.

“Yes.” The old sea serpent hastily agreed.

Long Chen nodded and flew away with Cloud. The army of sea demons made a path for them. In an instant, Cloud transformed, leaving behind only a single fading streak of light.

The old sea serpent suddenly arrived in front of another sea demon and slapped it twice.

That sea demon was startled. Its mouth split from the slap, and it stared in shock at the old sea serpent. The old serpent earnestly asked, “How was it? Do you feel it’s on par with the technique of that little human?”

The sea demon honestly answered, “The speed seems to be lacking a bit…”

As a result, it was slapped twice once again.

“How about now?” asked the old sea serpent.

“Yes, it’s almost the same!” cried out the sea demon. It was afraid of being slapped to death.

“Hahaha, that little human was such an idiot! I’ve already mastered this technique! He realized it too late,” laughed the old sea serpent.

“No, you need to train a bit more. I feel like it’s a bit stiff,” said the two-headed drake. “Are we really going to the Dongfang family? If we really go, it might be troublesome. It won’t be good to force the divine families to make a move.”

“Isn’t that all because of you?!” raged the old sea serpent. If it weren’t for the two-headed drake listening to the Dongfang family’s suggestions, how would they have provoked the calamity known as Long Chen?

“That’s not important. If we’re really going to attack the Dongfang family, shouldn’t we alert the Sea Emperor?” The two-headed drake changed the subject awkwardly.

“No need. Long Chen didn’t ask us to kill anyone. We’re just going to go, tear down their walls, and beat up that Dongfang Yuyang or whatever. The divine families won’t care about that. The Dongfang family has some big guts to dare to use us. If we don’t get back at them, what would happen to the dignity of the sea demon race? Even if Long Chen didn’t ask this of us, we’d still have to go to the Dongfang family,” said the young man of the Six Horn Sea Serpent race.

“Let’s discuss it when we get back,” said the old sea serpent. Saying goodbye to the other two sea kings, he led his people away.

A large black region had appeared within the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring. The sea demon race locked this area down, preventing it from spreading. From high above, it looked like someone had left a vicious stroke of ink across the blue Martial Heaven Sea-Ring. That mark stayed there for years and years. Eventually, it was called the death zone of the eastern sea.


Once Cloud was far enough, Long Chen couldn’t help laughing. Even he hadn’t expected things to turn out so well.

Dong Mingyu and Cloud also laughed. Cloud almost crashed into a mountain due to her laughter, causing Dong Mingyu to let out a startled cry before she laughed even harder.

“Long Chen, I find you really are a peerlessly evil person. Admirable,” said Evilmoon. Even it felt powerless in front of him. To slap someone repeatedly in the face and actually have that person feel like they had gotten a huge advantage was unimaginable to it.

“Will they really not be able to sense the spiritual mark you left behind?” asked Long Chen after laughing.

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