Chapter 2226 Sea Demons Compromise

Four peak twelfth rank sea demons had now surrounded Long Chen. He was shocked by the hidden forces of the sea demon race, but he didn’t panic. He gave them enough time to discuss things, and the two newcomers didn’t immediately attack.

Amongst the sea demon race, peak twelfth rank sea demons were called sea kings and were in charge of their own areas. The eastern sea region had two sea kings, while the southern sea region also had two sea kings. Now that four sea kings had gathered, even an enormous existence like Pill Valley would be frightened.

“Long Chen, just what do you want?” demanded the old sea serpent. 

The black soil that Long Chen had thrown out had turned his sea region into a region of death, while they were unable to do anything to him.

Even with four sea kings present, Long Chen’s poison pills were easily able to affect them when they were in their true forms. But in human form, they weren’t able to stop him. It was enraging.

The two-headed drake was especially regretful about provoking such a Yama King.

“It’s not what I want, but what you want, right? This is all caused by you. You forced me. Didn’t you think I’m easy to bully? So I’ll accompany you. Didn’t you use the people beside me to threaten me? Then I’ll also threaten you. Let’s not miss this chance,” said Long Chen with an icy smile.

In truth, as soon as the old sea serpent put it this way, Long Chen knew that he had terrified them. They were no longer confident in suppressing him. As for himself, he had ended up using too much of the black soil. The primal chaos space had started to shake, and he would need some more time for the primal chaos space to recover before he could take out large quantities of the black soil again.

The arrival of the two new sea kings was perfect. He could act like he could keep going as long as he pleased.

“Fine, I admit that this matter was the fault of the sea demons. We were incited to do this by others. Let this matter pass like this. We can both mind our own business,” said the two-headed drake reluctantly.

As a sea king, apologizing to a human was a very humiliating affair. However, he had no choice but to lower his head, because he had no way to handle Long Chen. If things continued, they would be the ones to suffer.

All his big words about going onto the continent and attacking the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race, the Xuantian Dao Sect, and the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect were just threats to intimidate Long Chen. At this time, they didn’t dare to actually do such a thing for fear of angering the divine families.

His threatening words had only angered Long Chen further rather than intimidated him, resulting in a huge region of the sea becoming a land of death. The two-headed drake was filled with regret and could only admit defeat.

“Let things pass just like this? What thing? Mind our own business? What business? Do you realize that you were used by others to force me to my death? You think things can pass just like this? Do you think I’m an idiot? My opponents are doing their best to advance, while you’re holding back my cultivation. When they break through to Netherpassage, they’ll immediately come to take my head. Because of your foolishness, I’ll die in the near future. You want things to end just like this? Why does this sound so funny?” snorted Long Chen disdainfully.

“Then what do you want? Little fellow, it would be best if you don’t go too far. If you really anger us, we won’t mind paying any price to kill you here,” said one of the sea kings of the southern sea.

“Don’t play that game with me. In any case, I’ve been slowed down because of you, so I’ll definitely die soon. Before dying, I want to do something big. I don’t mind dying if I can get a good price for my life. So, don’t try to scare me. I’m afraid of dying. If you want to come try me, then come. We can fight to the death. Exchanging my life for the lives of a few kings and turning the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring into a land of death is quite worth it, don’t you think?” said Long Chen indifferently.

The two sea kings furiously clenched their teeth, but they didn’t dare to attack. They knew that if they couldn’t suppress Long Chen in one go, he would go crazy and there would be no chance to negotiate.

“Then what? Just tell us. But don’t go too far,” said the old sea serpent.

They no longer used such tyrannical and bullying words as before. Long Chen was just too tough for them to handle.

Long Chen laughed inside. As expected, even tough people were afraid of people who didn’t fear death.

“Tell me, who told you to do this?” asked Long Chen. This was a question he wanted an answer to.

“It was the Dongfang family’s people,” said the two-headed drake without any hesitation. There was a tone of hatred in his voice. Clearly, he felt conned by the Dongfang family.

Long Chen’s hatred toward the Dongfang family soared. This family didn’t have a single good person from top to bottom. Dongfang Yuyang in particular was the worst hypocrite. He had actually schemed against Long Chen again.

“You really are idiots. Have you not heard the expression: the sandpiper and clam war, the fisherman benefits? They purposely instigated this conflict between us, and you actually went through with it?” cursed Long Chen.

The four sea demons trembled with rage. They were monstrous existences who had lived for countless years, but they were being cursed like this. If it weren’t for the fact that they couldn’t catch Long Chen, they would have long since crushed him to death.

“Cough, there’s no point in stating the past so much. We all fell for it. This matter is just a misunderstanding…” said one sea king.

“Don’t try to gloss over things. This matter was done by you, and you have to bear the responsibility. Well, I won’t make things hard on you. Go to the Dongfang family, tear down their walls, and fish out a fellow called Dongfang Yuyang. Slap him nine times nine, eighty-three, times in the face, not one more or one less,” said Long Chen.

“Big brother Long Chen, nine times nine is eighty-one,” corrected Dong Mingyu.

“That’s fine too. It’s however much they feel it is. If they feel they didn’t hit him the right number of times, they can start over,” responded Long Chen.

Dong Mingyu almost laughed once more. Looking at the sea demons, she realized that they couldn’t even understand the intricacies behind his words. Their heads were truly lacking intelligence.

When the time came, they would strike eighty-one times and then suddenly add two more in their confusion. She laughed inside at the thought.

“Alright, no problem. We agree,” said the two-headed drake directly. He also hated the Dongfang family and wanted to get back at them.

“We’ve expressed our sincerity. Shouldn’t you also express your sincerity? Can you give me the antidote? I can’t endure this much longer,” said the old sea serpent.

The old sea serpent was speaking spiritually, as he was unable to speak properly due to constantly spitting out black blood. He had been nervous this entire time as he focused on enduring the poison.

“What sincerity? Other than talking nonsense, you haven’t done anything. Well, to let you talk properly, I can give you a pill to temporarily suppress the poison.” Long Chen flicked a white pill at the old sea serpent.

The old sea serpent suddenly hesitated. If this was a poison pill as well, wouldn’t he die?

Seeing that hesitation, Long Chen coldly said, “If you feel like it’s poison, you can refuse to consume it. I, Long Chen, am not like you. I disdain such garbage tricks.”

Hearing that, and after closely examining the pill, the sea serpent decided to consume it. He truly did sense life energy inside it.

A pure life energy spread within his body after consuming it, instantly alleviating the symptoms of the poison. Although it didn’t directly expel the poison, at least he wasn’t constantly spitting out blood. He instantly felt relaxed. The feeling of not constantly vomiting was amazing.

“This pill will only neutralize the poison for half an incense stick’s worth of time, so listen well. My requirement is for you to tear down the Dongfang family’s walls and capture Dongfang Yuyang. You are to slap him-”

“We know,” said the old sea serpent.

“Listen. When slapping, you have to follow my requirements without being the slightest bit off. You, come here and be an example,” demanded Long Chen.

The old sea serpent was startled. Warily, he walked over to Long Chen.

When the two of them were standing right next to each other, the old sea serpent suddenly had an urge to attack and suppress Long Chen.

“You can attack. But let me tell you, don’t regret it if you do,” said Long Chen as if seeing through his thoughts.

“No, no, I definitely wouldn’t do such a thing,” said the old sea serpent quickly, suppressing that desire.

“Pay attention. When you hit him, you have to do it exactly like this.”

Long Chen suddenly raised his hand, and phantom images of his hand seemed to appear. In one motion, he slapped the old sea serpent eighteen times.

Long Chen was so fast that the old sea serpent didn’t even react before Long Chen was finished.

All four sea kings were dumbfounded. Long Chen was incredibly fast. If he had wanted to kill instead, wouldn’t it have been easy?

The old sea serpent began to sweat.

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