Chapter 2225 Black Soil Claims the Sea

“Big brother Long Chen, when did you refine so many? Yesterday, you-” Cloud sent a spiritual message to Long Chen.

“Shh, foolish girl, these are all fake for scaring them!” responded Long Chen hastily, not wanting Cloud to reveal any clues.

Last night, he had only refined one giant pill, and that was after several failures. A giant pill was very difficult to refine, but its effect was several times greater than an ordinary pill.

As for these pills that looked like the poison pill, he had simply mashed the flesh of the Heavenly Underworld Vermillion Fruit together into a similar shape. In truth, just that was already incredibly toxic, but it didn’t have the power to limitlessly spread like the giant pill.

The two-headed drake would have been able to resist the poison even if he didn’t cut off his claw. But he had been frightened by the old sea serpent and so he didn’t dare to take the risk.

“Yu-er, next time can you try a different spot? For example, his head’s pretty big. I want to see if I throw poison into his head, will he also cut it off?” Long Chen looked at Dong Mingyu seriously.

Dong Mingyu held back a smile and nodded. Being with Long Chen was truly interesting. Even at such a serious time, he could make her laugh. That wasn’t because his words were so comical, but that in the Bloodkill Hall, she had never been allowed to relax in the slightest to laugh.

Long Chen’s gaze roved around the two-headed drake as if he was looking for a suitable spot to strike. The two-headed drake instantly felt a chill.

His body suddenly shrank as he transformed into another old man, but he still had two heads. His heads were bald and covered in scales, and his pupils were vertical like crocodiles’.

“Now I’ve taken human form, so you won’t have any chance to poison me!” shouted the two-headed drake.

“By taking human form, you’ve lost access to many of your divine abilities, and your speed will drop. I can go or stay as I wish now. Why would I waste my precious poison on you?” asked Long Chen disdainfully.

“You…” The two-headed drake was enraged. Long Chen was completely correct. When not in his true form, he couldn’t do anything to Long Chen. “Hmph, even if I can’t catch you, I can kill the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race, the Xuantian Dao Sect, and the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect! I’ll kill them all!”

“Did the others tell you to say that? What an idiot. Do you now know that I hate being threatened? Fine, since you want to die so badly, I’ll show you what true viciousness is.”

Long Chen suddenly waved his hand, and the pills floating around him shot into the sea.

The seawater quickly turned black, and it continued to spread. Some of the sea demons hiding beneath the surface floated up, dead.

The other sea demons hastily fled far away. The toxicity of the Heavenly Underworld Vermillion Fruit lay not just in rotting the flesh but corroding the soul as well.

There was a kind of energy within it capable of paralyzing the soul and making a person powerless to run. The sea demons didn’t have powerful souls, so they were easily paralyzed. Then the poison would overwhelm the physical body and they would be truly dead.

“What a joke. No matter how much poison you have, it will be diluted by the sea and purified. You can’t threaten us!” sneered the two-headed drake. He stepped forward, attacking.

Cloud flapped her wings, bringing Long Chen flying away. The army of sea demons followed behind them. Every direction was blocked by the army of sea demons.

“You’re right, it’s a huge joke. Without any preparations, do you think I’d come here?” Long Chen smiled and waved his hand. A constant stream of black powder began to shoot out of him. As Cloud sped along, it was like a black dragon of dust was following their trail.

“Not good!”

This black dust was the toxic flesh of the Heavenly Underworld Vermillion Fruit. It was piled up in the primal chaos space because the main part needed for refining the Nethergate Pills was the fruit pit. As a result, Long Chen used very little of the fruit flesh.

Long Chen had refined and consumed a lot of Nethergate Pills since the qi flow eruption. The leftover fruit flesh had been set aside. After that, Long Chen had crushed the flesh and turned it into powder to use against the sea demon race. Any sea demons touched by the black dust would scream.

This powder wasn't as effective as his giant pill, but it was still extremely corrosive. Some of the sea demons even had sticky membranes that made it even easier for them to be poisoned. 

This powder wouldn’t be very effective against the experts of the continent. That was because they would summon defenses to make sure the powder didn’t touch them.

However, these sea demons didn’t have that kind of method. A technique that didn’t take the slightest effort from the continent’s experts was as difficult as ascending the heavens to them. They could only flee.

The black powder landed on the sea, turning it black. The sea demons had no choice but to flee to the depths of the sea to avoid the poison.

Cloud sped along, while Long Chen continued to release more poison. The sea demons chasing them were quickly thrown off.

“Cloud, go back. If they don’t chase us, we’ll chase them,” said Long Chen.

Cloud let out a bird cry and turned back, heading straight toward the sea demons.

“Long Chen, you bastard, you are courting…” The two-headed drake suddenly shut his mouth.

Within the black dust, a black ball smashed into his mouth and exploded. If he hadn’t shut his mouth in time, that pill might have entered his mouth.

However, despite that, black medicinal powder entered his eyes, causing him to roar. He dived into the sea to expel the poison.

“This is addicting!” Cloud cried out excitedly. A glow came from her feathers, forming a defensive barrier that blocked the powder.

However, these powerful sea demons didn’t have such a defense. Seeing them in their panicked state from the powder, Cloud felt like she would be able to wipe out this entire army on her own.

“Long Chen, you are courting death! I’ll summon the entire army right now and annihilate anyone connected to you!” shouted the two-headed drake as he popped out of the sea once more. He was helpless to do anything to Long Chen, so he could only threaten him with the people he cared about.

“You’re the one courting death right now. But fine, I’ll help you out.” Long Chen’s killing intent instantly soared. Forming a hand seal, the space behind him split open. Black soil poured out like a flood.

When the black soil fell into the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring, the entire sea began to shake, and an aura of annihilation spread throughout. The spiritual qi within the water was consumed by the black soil.

The sea demons were shocked. In that instant, they finally felt fear. Wherever the black soil went, the seawater turned into death water. It was stripping away the life of the sea.

The two-headed drake and the old sea serpent were horrified. They had never encountered such a terrifying black soil.

This black soil came from the core of the primal chaos space. Although it wasn’t poison, it contained endless death energy that devoured the sea’s life energy.

Long Chen’s primal chaos space had grown along with his cultivation base and was now millions and millions of miles wide. The black soil was seemingly endless as it poured into the sea.

The black soil was like a hungry Magical Beast devouring the life energy of the sea. If it was just a bit of it, it wouldn’t be enough to worry the sea demons. But the amount was simply unimaginable.

“Today, I’ll turn the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring into a land of death. I’ll go for a stroll throughout the entire ring,” said Long Chen, his killing intent raging within him. These idiots really knew how to threaten him.

Cloud spread her wings and sped off. As she flew, black soil poured out, turning the sea into a land of death. It seemed like he wanted to go for a full loop around the sea-ring.

“Stop, stop! We can talk about this!” shouted the old sea serpent, panicking.

If too much of the black soil fell into the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring, then the spiritual qi of the sea would vanish. If that was the case, the genius sea demons in seclusion right now would be affected.

If Long Chen really did as he said and he had enough black soil to cover the entire sea, the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring would be doomed.

Although the old sea serpent knew that Long Chen was probably just trying to scare them as it was impossible for him to have so much black soil, he couldn’t take that risk.

“Do you think I’ll stop just because you say so? It seems that the Martial Heaven Continent has made you think you can do whatever you want. Today, I’ll show you who’s a real man.”

Long Chen ignored them, continuing to speed away with Cloud. The sea demons chased, but Cloud was too fast. Even the two old monsters were unable to catch up, especially since they didn’t dare to use their devouring art, afraid of Long Chen’s poison.

In half an incense stick’s worth of time, Long Chen had flown from the eastern sea region all the way to the southern sea region. The old sea serpent wanted to cry. The black soil had spread throughout his territory, turning the sea in his territory black. It was still spreading. If this continued, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Suddenly, the void exploded and two huge sea demons appeared, blocking Long Chen’s path. Long Chen was facing four terrifying peak twelfth rank sea demons.

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