Chapter 2224 Poison Pill

From the appearance of the pill to when it entered the mouth of that old sea serpent, it all happened in the blink of an eye.

The old sea serpent’s scales stood on end when it saw that black pill, but before it could shut its mouth, the pill had entered its stomach.

The old sea serpent was horrified. His intuition accumulated through living countless years was screaming that it was something fatal.

Divine energy immediately surrounded the pill as it attempted to stop the pill from dissolving. It also tried to spit it out.

“Don’t you think it’s rude to spit out something you’ve already eaten?” said Long Chen lightly.


The pill exploded into a giant black scorpion that attacked the stomach walls of the old sea serpent.

The sea serpent smashed the scorpion with divine energy, causing it to explode, but in that instant, a huge amount of power exploded along with it, blowing apart its stomach.

Although the old sea serpent had powerful defenses, the inside of its stomach was still weak. Black powder blasted out of its body, landing on its flesh and blood. Its body began to rapidly rot.

The sea serpent began to vomit mouthfuls of blood. That blood was black and contained some of its damaged internal organs. The very sea turned black from it.

The distant Six Horn Sea Serpent man stared in shock. That old sea serpent was a supreme expert of his race but somehow he had still been poisoned.

Seeing his poison take effect, Long Chen stopped running. He had Cloud stop at a safe distance. He chortled, “How is it? This gift is pretty good, right?”

The old sea serpent coughed up more blood. No matter how it struggled, it was unable to stop the poison. Its entire body turned black.

The sea serpent vanished, replaced by a white-haired old man. He had chosen to change forms at this time, and as he formed hand seals, his manifestation appeared. He was using Heavenly Dao energy to suppress the poison.

Despite that, he continued to vomit black blood. The poison had instantly spread throughout his body and could no longer be contained.

The best he could do was rely on Heavenly Dao energy to spit out his rotting flesh and regenerate healthy flesh. Then that flesh would be poisoned, and he would have to spit it out again.

This was the only way for him to slowly dilute the poison. As long as he did this, the poison would eventually be expelled. However, the poison was extremely strong, and even after all this time, there was no sign of the poison’s effect weakening.

“Hand… over… the antidote…” Spat out the old man between spitting out blood. As the sea turned black from the poison he spat out, the nearby sea demons fled.

The black seawater gave them chills. If they were touched by it, they would also be poisoned.

“Your human speech sounds too strange. I can’t understand you. Can you say it clearer and slower?” asked Long Chen innocently.


The old man was enraged and spat a black blood arrow at Long Chen.

However, in his poisoned state, even a sneak attack was much weaker than usual. Cloud easily dodged it.

Long Chen pointed at the old man and cursed, “You old bastard, you dare to spit blood at me? Fine, I was going to give you the antidote, but since you refuse to accept kindness, I’ll make sure you die. Let me tell you, this pill was personally refined by me, and I guarantee it can make you keep spitting up blood for the next three months.”

This pill was something he had refined yesterday, with the main ingredient being the Heavenly Underworld Vermillion Fruit’s death juice. It had taken him a full six hours to refine this giant pill, and it was even a top grade tribulation pill.

This poison pill would probably have killed even a fourth step Netherpassage expert if he or she was a human. Even for someone with Samsara energy, without enough life energy to turn death into life, they would still be poisoned to death. Only a sea demon with their strong constitutions would be able to just barely endure it.

However, a human expert also wouldn’t have been such an idiot as to leave themselves open to swallow such a giant pill. Long Chen had made it specifically to handle sea demons.

Surprisingly, this old monster who had lived for countless years had a life force strong enough to endure this ordeal. By using Heavenly Dao energy, he formed a cycle inside his body, removing the poisoned flesh and growing out new flesh.

As for saying this would continue for three months, Long Chen was just bragging. But the medicinal effect would definitely be enough to continue for three days before weakening.

On the other hand, to be constantly coughing up blood like this was definitely a form of torture. Even an incense stick’s worth of time would feel as long as a year.

The old man alternated between shock and rage at Long Chen’s words. The death energy within this poison was so powerful that even the slightest carelessness from him would result in his death. To stay in such a state for three months would drive him crazy.

“What… do… you… want?!”

The old man could barely spit out words between vomiting blood. He also couldn’t stop the vomiting, because that would ruin the equilibrium he had established. Then his life would be in danger.

“Idiot, if you don’t know how to speak properly, then speak spiritually. Who can understand you when you talk like this?” scolded Long Chen arrogantly.

Long Chen was confident in his poison pill. This old sea serpent was no longer a threat.

Countless sea demons appeared around them, surrounding Long Chen. However, he ignored them. Even the strongest of these sea demons were only comparable to a third step Netherpassage expert. The only one that had been capable of threatening Long Chen was the old sea serpent, but now he was a fangless tiger. Although Long Chen didn’t have a way to kill him, the opposite was also true.

“What do you want?! Are you provoking the sea demon race?!” The old man spoke spiritually, his spiritual fluctuations raging through the air.

“Are you an idiot? Am I the one provoking the sea demon race, or is it the sea demon race that’s provoking me? You initiated the beast tide. Wasn’t that to draw me out? What, now that you’ve drawn me out, you want to question why I would appear?” asked Long Chen.

“Beast tide?” The old man suddenly let out a furious roar. “What is going on?! Who gave the order for a beast tide?!”

Within the crowd, a quivering whale monster approached. “Reporting to the sea king, I gave the order. One of the human race’s experts said that as long as we sent some troops to attack the continent, we would be able to stall Long Chen. They also guaranteed not to interfere. That way, we could all win. I asked the Heavenly Drake Sea King about it, and he agreed to it.”

“Did you hear that? You were the ones who provoked me first. Now you’re clear on it,” sneered Long Chen.


Just at this moment, the void exploded and a giant figure appeared. It was another existence comparable to the old sea serpent.

“I was the one who approved it. This Long Chen is a scourge and must be eliminated.”

An icy voice rang out through the air, causing the sea to rage. The exploded space revealed a two-headed drake. It immediately sealed this entire space, preventing Long Chen from escaping.

However, just as this space began to seal, a dagger cut through the air, and Long Chen and Cloud flew out.

“Want to run?” The two-headed drake sneered and opened its mouths. A powerful suction force appeared.

Long Chen also sneered and waved his hand. Another black pill appeared, and the old sea serpent elder shouted, “Stop!”

The two-headed drake didn’t know what was happening, but having known the old sea serpent for so many years, it stopped. They quickly passed some quick messages, and the two-headed drake’s expression changed.

At this time, Long Chen was regretfully shaking his head. Looking at the pill in his hand, he grumbled, “Old fellow, why are you worrying so much? This newcomer has a whole head more than you, so even if he eats the poison pill, he’ll be fine!”


The two-headed drake began to sweat. The old sea serpent’s cultivation base was actually a bit higher than the two-headed drake, but even he was barely able to keep himself alive after consuming the poison pill.

“Courting death!” The two-headed drake roared and sent a claw toward Long Chen.

Long Chen slashed his saber, facing him directly. Long Chen was forced back, but the claw was forced to come to a pause in midair.

Just at this moment, a small figure flashed. A dagger cut through the dragon claw.

“Die!” The two-headed drake was infuriated, but by the time he attacked Dong Mingyu, she had vanished.

“Watch out!” The old sea serpent suddenly let out a startled cry. The other sea demons also cried out.

A black light shot into the wound in its claw. That black light was a medicinal pill, and it instantly vanished into the wound. Frightened, the two-headed drake actually cut off his own claw. Blood splashed.

“Hmph, I refuse to believe you have another such pill!” The two-headed drake regrew his claw, but he was enraged.

“You want more? Just tell me how many you need. If you want enough, I can give you an eighty percent discount.”

Long Chen waved his hand, and black specks appeared in the air. He actually had hundreds of poison pills, dumbfounding the sea demons.

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