Chapter 222 Abusive Authorities

One law enforcer was surrounded by Song Mingyuan, Li Qi, and Luo Cang. There were also dozens of ordinary disciples launching attacks when they saw openings, infuriating the law enforcer.

His chain whistled through the air and the power of a mid Tendon Transformation expert exploded out, forcing everyone to retreat.

The difference between him and the new generation’s disciples was too great. Even Song Mingyuan and the other core disciples were forced back when his chain struck their weapons, causing their arms to ache. They were simply not on the same level.

The three battlefields were extremely different. One battlefield was where Wilde was fighting Wu Qi alone. As the battle progressed, he began fighting harder and harder, never entering a disadvantage.

As for Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu, the two of them managed to hold down another law enforcer on their own. Although it was extremely taxing, they were still able to endure.

But Song Mingyuan’s group had entered a dangerous state. They had the most injured people, and they might be defeated at any moment.

That caused them to angrily persevere. The other disciples also didn’t slack off. When one person was sent flying, another would immediately take his place. And unless the injuries were so severe that they couldn’t even crawl back up, no one retreated.

“A group of idiots! You guys are asking for death!” That law enforcer was infuriated at being besieged from all sides. Although he said he wouldn’t receive any blame for killing them, did he really dare kill them?

They were not entirely free from fault. They had captured someone else’s mount; if they ended up killing people who had come to take revenge for that, they would not be able to escape their punishment.

But in his fury, although he didn’t dare kill anyone, he was happy to give them extremely harsh injuries.

His chain whistled through the air, immediately forcing everyone back. There were several disciples who were hit and sent flying, coughing out blood.

“Fuck off!” That law enforcer angrily roared very impressively.

But he had only just roared when he suddenly felt a cold, terrifying killing intent lock him in place, making him feel as if he had entered an icehouse. 

A bone blade that appeared as if it had come from the depths of hell to take his life stabbed right at his face. That tricky angle was extremely ruthless.

That bone blade’s power had been condensed greatly. That law enforcer knew that if he took that attack, his head would immediately explode.

“He wants to kill me!” The law enforcer was horrified. This attack was extremely simple and direct; he wanted to kill him in just one blow!

He quickly stepped back, bringing his chain up to block the bone blade. But what appalled him was that his chain which could easily force back a core disciple’s attack was unable to shake that bone blade at all.

The bone blade merely paused ever so slightly before continuing down, its speed shockingly fast as it reached his forehead.

His soul almost fled his body in fright, his heart almost leaping out of his chest. He frantically twisted his head to the side.

Although he managed to avoid being killed, that bone blade still left behind a line of blood on his forehead.

If he hadn’t instinctively turned his head at that last moment, that bone blade would have penetrated straight through his skull.

The arrival of that bone blade had been extremely shocking to all. In one blow it narrowly missed killing a law enforcer, giving Song Mingyuan and the rest a shock.

“Long Chen!” They didn’t know when he had come, but now he was amongst them, pointing his bone blade at that horrified law enforcer.

Long Chen’s face was icy cold now. And yet, his eyes were completely calm, a deathly kind of calm.

That kind of calmness was even more terrifying. That law enforcer, who was being stared at, felt as if his heart might stop.

Long Chen suddenly disappeared, appearing before the law enforcer again, his bone blade directly aiming for his neck.

Long Chen’s appearance caused Song Mingyuan and them all to stop. They felt that if they did go now, not only would that not help, but they might obstruct him. It was better for them to leave the vanguard to Long Chen.

Furthermore, Long Chen’s attack was filled with unstoppable killing intent. It was completely different from their fighting style. They wouldn’t be able to intervene in any case.

The most exciting thing about Long Chen’s fight was that domineering manner of his. That sight caused their blood to boil.

That law enforcer almost ran for his life when he saw Long Chen charging at him. His courage had already been broken; just now he had almost died.

Although he had cultivated for this long, other than that trial to join the monastery, he had never experienced any true life and death battles.

But Long Chen was not the same. He had fought his way back from the brink of death many times. His powerful will and his accumulated killing spirit caused his opponents to turn cold, greatly affecting their ability to fight.

If a person was affected by Long Chen’s imposingness and ended up feeling intense terror in their heart, then they would be unable to even bring out their full power.

That was also why the life and death trial to join the monastery had been arranged. It was to firm everyone’s wills, allowing them to hopefully display more strength in life and death battles.

But just one life and death battle was far from enough to completely firm a person’s will. They weren’t like Long Chen who had continuously looked death in the face. Only through that tempering had he gained an unyielding will that would disdainfully look down on the threat of death.

That law enforcer brought up his chain, but it was brushed away by Long Chen’s blade. Long Chen took another step, twisted his body, bringing his blade arcing to his waist.

His courage had already been broken by Long Chen’s murderous spirit. All he could do was defend without daring to attack.

Long Chen’s twisting cut was a continuation of his previous move. The angle was extremely strange, and it was precisely where the law enforcer couldn’t bring forth much strength. No matter how he defended, he would be unable to completely block this one.

Under normal circumstances, he should have been able to use his chain to block and then retreat. Even if his chain wasn’t able to entirely block him, his speed was enough that he would have been likely to get away.

And furthermore, even if he wasn’t able to dodge, Long Chen’s bone blade was a beast’s tooth. Other than the point, it wasn’t sharp anywhere else. If he actually blocked and dodged properly, it would be impossible for it to give him any heavy injuries.

But his courage had already been broken by Long Chen’s first attack. His mind was empty of everything except terror; he wasn’t thinking at all about how Long Chen’s weapon wasn’t sharp enough.

He knew Long Chen wanted to kill him. To him, being hit by Long Chen’s blade would cause him to immediately be cut in half. In his panic, he had already become stupid, forgetting how to dodge and block properly.

Long Chen’s bone blade ruthlessly smashed into that law enforcer’s ribs, bringing with it a miserable scream and the sound of bones breaking as he was sent flying.

That stupefied everyone. That powerful law enforcer was unable to endure ten exchanges with Long Chen before being severely injured.

The people watching could all see that it wasn’t because Long Chen’s combat strength was high, but because that law enforcer had been completely suppressed by Long Chen’s imposing manner.

His cultivation base had already been suppressed to below eighty percent, and adding on his fear and nervousness that led to his mistakes in judgment, he was easily defeated by Long Chen.

Everyone’s heart shook. Long Chen used his own actions to tell everyone a certain rule: a higher cultivation base didn’t necessarily mean you were stronger. The person with the higher cultivation base wouldn’t always win.

Long Chen had managed to win while being weaker. But that also wasn’t entirely true; although his cultivation base was weaker, he had his unstoppable manner, that resolution that was unafraid of death, and that powerful conviction in his complete victory.

Previously, none of these disciples understood exactly what an imposing manner, resolution, or conviction really were. They were just vague concepts.

But Long Chen’s display today showed everyone just how important those concepts were.

Gu Yang, Lei Qianshang, Guan Wennan, and the other core disciples all finally understood why Long Chen was so strong.

It was because of his powerful conviction, an unequaled conviction whose resolution could not be shaken by anyone.

Even in the face of death, his conviction would not waver. That was one of the requirements to be a true expert.

As for them, their family’s elders had all imprinted upon them a false theory: that talent was the foundation to become an expert.

No matter how good such a foundation was, without that drive to fight despite a thousand setbacks, without that conviction to become an expert that would not waver even in the face of death, you would forever be a greenhouse plant unable to endure a single night’s frost.

That law enforcer was a perfect example. He normally acted strong with such a lofty manner.

But when it came to a true life and death juncture, his act of strength was completely shattered, revealing how weak he really was.

And completely opposite to him was Long Chen. He seemed so ordinary on the outside, not strong at all. But when it came time to truly risk it all, people would find that beneath that ordinary exterior was an iron will.

Long Chen’s display let them see another kind of future for themselves. Almost all the disciples felt their hearts’ become much clearer. 

They were filled with gratitude and respect for that incredibly imposing, practically celestial being.

After sending that law enforcer flying, Long Chen suddenly appeared before him again, bringing his bone blade down on his head.

“What?!” Everyone was greatly shocked now; that law enforcer was so heavily wounded there was no way he could dodge. Long Chen was really planning on killing him.


Suddenly, a cold shout shook everyone’s ears. A ray of black light smashed into Long Chen’s bone blade which was about to kill that law enforcer.

Long Chen felt a sharp pain in his arm, and a powerful force sent him flying. His blood surged and he almost coughed up blood.

Turning to look, he saw that at some point, a furious Elder Sun had appeared before everyone.

Elder Sun’s arrival alarmed everyone and they all retreated. None of them had thought that they would have disturbed an Elder so quickly.

Tang Wan-er’s heart sank the instant she saw him. She had a bad feeling now.

Elder Sun pointed at Long Chen and shouted, “At such a young age, you are already so vicious. How are you any different from Corrupt Devils? If I don’t suppress you a bit today, how will we keep the natural order of things?”

A heavy pressure immediately spread from his body, covering everyone. It was difficult for them to even breathe under his pressure, and they even felt their bones might break under it.

The ordinary disciples were already pale, blood dripping out of the corner of some of their mouths. But all of them held firm, refusing to submit to that pressure.

“Long Chen, you’ve brazenly mustered a group to fight the law enforcers. Such an offense cannot be forgiven. Hurry up and kneel!”

Elder Sun’s pressure gathered entirely on Long Chen, causing him to immediately feel as if a mountain was crushing him.

Icy cold killing intent filled Long Chen’s eyes. Looking at the sanctimonious Elder Sun, he slowly raised the bone blade in his hand.

“Outrageous! You actually dare rebel?!” Elder Sun raged. He was about to continue increasing the pressure when he felt a wind at the back of his head.

“Old stick, go die!”

A huge spiked club smashed at Elder Sun’s head.

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