Chapter 2213 Is the Name Long Chen Something You Can Say?

“Imperial father, I said it, didn’t I? These thankless wretches would never grow up. We gave them food, we gave them water, and even at this time, they want to take a bite out of us.”

Xia Yunchong was so furious he wanted to charge over and kill all those people slandering them.

Back in the day, when the Grand Han’s refugees had started to cause trouble, Xia Yunchong had wanted to expel them. They couldn’t keep such ungrateful people.

However, in the end, the three great nations had come to an agreement, saying that the commoners were innocent. Hence, they had carved out areas of their own territories for the commoners to recover. Using their own treasuries, they supplied the commoners with enough things for them to get through those difficult times.

When the battle ended in the Grand Han, they could be sent back. After all, by that time, the Grand Han’s inner strife would have weakened it to the point that it would never be a threat again. That feeling of superiority and vanity of the commoners would also be gone by then.

It was only due to their benevolence that the three nations had stretched out a helping hand to the refugees. But as a result, that hand was bitten.

The refugees were all provided with foodstuffs when their crops failed. Although it wasn’t enough for them to live in luxury, they wouldn’t starve to death. As for being used as slaves, it was the wildest lie.

“Hmph, you don’t dare to accept your own crimes? You used sinister plots to fracture my Grand Han and wipe away our glory of tens of thousands of years. But worst of all, you enslaved our commoners, binding their souls. Your sins can’t be counted. Today, I’ll be getting justice for the Grand Han,” declared Han Zijun.

The Heavenly Cloud Platform was surrounded by hundreds of thousands of experts. Han Zijun surveyed them and arrogantly claimed, “I know what you’re thinking. You want the Wine God Palace’s help. Let me tell you, the Wine God Palace isn’t able to help you. The personal grievances of the four ancient nations are private, so they can’t help you. Furthermore, I have invited the outer branches of the divine families to bear witness to this!”

“The divine families’ outer branches?”

Xia Yuyang’s expression changed, and he looked at the elders behind Han Zijun. Those elders didn’t say a word. They didn’t even look at anyone. It was like everyone else was so negligible that they weren’t worth their attention.

No one had expected that the Grand Han had the ability to form a relationship with the divine families’ outer branches. Clearly, they had come to handle the Wine God Palace. If the Wine God Palace took action, then that would be provoking the divine families.

Most importantly, Han Zijun was correct. The personal grievances of the four nations could only be settled by the four nations. Outsiders were not allowed to interfere.

Xia Yuyang’s heart dropped. The Wine God Palace had said not to worry, but now he had no confidence. However, as a ruler who had commanded three armies and fought against the barbarians who threatened his borders, he didn’t fear any threat.

“So what? The entire world has seen what the Grand Han has done. No one will stand up for you. Otherwise, that would be an insult to common sense and every person in this world,” said Xia Yuyang.

The divine families’ outer branches had only come to bear witness. They most likely wouldn’t be participating in the battle, or that would be going too far. Xia Yuyang first used his words to restrict them.

“Noisy. Are the divine families things an ant can evaluate?” One of the elders of the divine families opened his eyes.

This elder was a third step Netherpassage expert. Suddenly, concentrated death energy spread, making people feel like a hand was holding their throats. It was like just a thought would cease their lives.

This was the power of a third step Netherpassage expert. It was a special position held by those who controlled death energy. Xia Yuyang and the others were just Life Star experts and were powerless to resist.

“You…!” Xia Yuyang was shocked and infuriated. These outer branches were actually being so tyrannical, using such a method to intimidate others. They were clearly fighting for Han Zijun.

“Ignorant brat, remember to always treat the divine families with respect, or you won’t be qualified to live in this world any longer,” sneered that elder.

“You go too far!” Xia Yunchong’s rage exploded. This was an intentional insult using his cultivation realm advantage. How was this bearing witness? This was clearly being a mercenary for Han Zijun!

Xia Yunchong stepped forward, his manifestation rumbling along with the Heavenly Daos and the capital. With the support of the dragon vein energy, he was able to resist the elder’s death domain. The suffocating feeling on everyone faded.

“You dare to be disrespectful to the divine families? Then you will die.” The elder’s body began to shine. A manifestation appeared behind him, and a terrifying pressure crashed down.

“Kneel!” Han Zijun shouted, his own manifestation rumbling. Countless cries came from the commoners down below.

“Despicable! If you have the guts, then have a fight outside the city!” shouted Xia Yunchong. He didn’t dare to go all out here. 

Only certain special buildings would be able to survive if a battle on this level was fought inside the city. Those buildings could be activated during battles to protect the commoners. However, during the Lantern Festival, countless people had gathered here. There was no way for them all to get to safety in time. Hence, Xia Yunchong couldn’t attack.

“I already said you aren’t qualified to fight me. You should just obediently kneel, or the Grand Xia’s capital is about to be filled with countless aggrieved ghosts, hahaha!” Han Zijun laughed, not giving Xia Yunchong a chance. “I heard you cultivate the Undefeatable Dao? Back in the Four Nations Ancient Remnant, you already knelt to the Grand Han and begged for mercy. What’s wrong with kneeling again?” 

Just at this moment, a ray of Sword Qi flashed out. It was Xia Youluo. But this Sword Qi was slammed apart by an expert standing beside Han Zijun before it could reach him.

That expert looked at Xia Youluo and smiled lecherously. “The Grand Xia’s women are pretty beautiful. But it’s unclear just how good their skills in bed are.”

“Die!” Xie Youluo attacked once more. 

“Youluo, don’t fall for it!” shouted Xia Yuyang. That person was clearly provoking her.

However, Xia Youluo’s sword was already piercing toward that person’s head.

That person smiled disdainfully at her. Just like that, he reached out to grab her sword. He didn’t even bother to summon his manifestation.

“Go from white crane spreads its wings to poison dragon strikes from its cave. When his shoulder quivers, switch to white rainbow pierces the sun.”

Just at that moment, a spiritual message rang out in Xia Youluo’s head. That familiar voice made her feel overjoyed. Without thinking about it, her technique changed. 

Just as that person’s hand was about to grasp her sword, she suddenly changed techniques, causing him to clamp his hand down on nothing but air. Just as he stared blankly, Xia Youluo’s sword had sliced through the air and stabbed toward his abdomen.

This sudden change was unexpected, but he snorted and twisted, slamming his hands together and moving them toward Xia Youluo’s sword. He began to store up energy.

Although things looked calm on the surface, he was already starting to use his powerful astral energy. He was planning on snapping Xia Youluo’s sword. His energy would then shake Xia Youluo’s insides, easily subduing her.

However, just as his hands pressed together, Xia Youluo turned, her sword hacking toward his head like a saber.


That person was caught completely off guard. He didn’t have time to dodge or summon his manifestation.

His head exploded, and even Xia Youluo was surprised. She really had killed that person.

“Slut, you’re asking for death!” The elder from the divine families pointed a finger at Xia Youluo. A ray of golden light shot toward her.


The golden light exploded as it struck a small golden bell. Xia Youluo was safe and sound.

“Who is there? Get out here!” demanded the elder.

“As you wish.” 

A lazy voice rang out and Long Chen slowly walked out. Seeing him, Xia Yuyang and the others were delighted. They hadn’t expected Long Chen to appear at this time. Cheering rang out from the young men and women attending the celebrations.

That arrogant elder of the divine families twitched. His expression changed as he recognized Long Chen.

Long Chen slowly walked to the Heavenly Cloud Platform where Xia Yunchong’s manifestation was facing off against Han Zijun’s manifestation. When Long Chen walked by Han Zijun, Han Zijun’s pupils shrank.

“Long Chen!”

Long Chen was just lazily walking by when Han Zijun shouted. Long Chen instantly stopped. His right hand slowly moved toward his left shoulder, and very naturally, the back of his hand whipped across Han Zijun’s face in one graceful and flowing motion.

Han Zijun spun through the air, stars spinning in his eyes. Long Chen’s icy snort rang out in his ears.

“Is the name Long Chen something you can say?”

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