Chapter 2213 Is the Name Long Chen Something You Can Say? (Teaser)

“Imperial father, I said it, didn’t I? These thankless wretches would never grow up. We gave them food, we gave them water, and even at this time, they want to take a bite out of us.”

Xia Yunchong was so furious he wanted to charge over and kill all those people slandering them.

Back in the day, when the Grand Han’s refugees had started to cause trouble, Xia Yunchong had wanted to expel them. They couldn’t keep such ungrateful people.

However, in the end, the three great nations had come to an agreement, saying that the commoners were innocent. Hence, they had carved out areas of their own territories for the commoners to recover. Using their own treasuries, they supplied the commoners with enough things for them to get through those difficult times.

When the battle ended in the Grand Han, they could be sent back. After all, by that time, the Grand Han’s inner strife would have weakened it to the point that...

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