Chapter 2211 Once More Coming

“In the future, I should get rid of this habit of shooting off my mouth…”

Seeing someone who wanted to die, Long Chen had gotten angry as no one cherished life more than him. Only people who often risked their own lives would know just how valuable life was. For someone to not want their own life, Long Chen really wanted to slap them.

Long Chen quickly arrived at the riverside. This was actually a moat that had been created in the city, and both sides were filled with people. These people didn’t just come from Grand Xia. Many were tourists who had been drawn over by this attraction. The arch bridge itself was also filled with people as well as beautiful lanterns. The lanterns dotted the river like stars in the night sky. There were men and women praying before sending their lanterns into the river. The lanterns lazily floated away. 

On the two sides of the river were countless shops. The sound of them shouting prices and haggling was very loud.

Long Chen closed his eyes and quickly sensed Dong Mingyu. Due to the medicinal pill he had given her, he was able to easily locate her. She and Long Xiaoyu were together, both of them holding a candied fruit skewer and laughing.

Long Chen smiled. When he opened his eyes, he was speechless as he noticed that several more heart jewels had been stuck to his scarf. He didn’t even know who had put them there.

He reached out to take off the scarf, but then he found that every man present was wearing one. If he took it off, it would make him conspicuous. Thinking about it, he gave up and just walked over to Dong Mingyu.

Dong Mingyu noticed him when he was still a while away. She pulled Long Xiaoyu over to him.

“Big brother, you’re here too! Great! We’re out of money, and we still haven’t bought a lot of good stuff!” As soon as Long Chen arrived, Long Xiaoyu passed her candy to Long Chen, had him eat a bite, and then immediately mentioned her lack of money.

Long Chen pinched Long Xiaoyu’s little face. She really was a little sprite, knowing how to weasel money out of people.

“What did you buy that two gold coins weren’t enough?” asked Long Chen. Those two gold coins were a year’s income to a commoner. The prices within the Grand Xia were not so extravagant.

“We ate it all! We went down the entire street. Ah, I also bought a few small trinkets. Look.” Long Xiaoyu opened her small backpack.

“Are you planning on opening a business? Is this your stock?”

Long Chen saw a backpack full of hairpins, bracelets, and all kinds of ornaments. There had to be hundreds of them. The craftsmanship was good, so they probably weren’t cheap, but this was way too many.

“Hehe, I know that mom rarely buys any jewelry for herself. I got some for her. It’ll make her feel young and beautiful! I also have many good sisters in my school. They’ve given me gifts before, but I haven’t been able to give them anything. Don’t you think that’s bad?” said Long Xiaoyu.

“Fine, you little sprite, you always have excuses.” Long Chen helplessly shook his head.

“Actually, she still has some money. We’ve only spent half.” Dong Mingyu transmitted a message to Long Chen.

Although Dong Mingyu wasn’t quite familiar with the concept of money, she had kept track of how much Long Xiaoyu had spent and how much remained.

So, this girl was actually starting her own savings. Fine. Long Chen didn’t expose her. “Let’s go. I’ll bring you around, and if you want anything, just ask.”

Long Chen held Long Xiaoyu and Dong Mingyu’s hands as they walked. A rare smile appeared on Dong Mingyu’s face, so Long Chen asked Dong Mingyu, “How do you feel?”

Dong Mingyu looked at him. “My world was black before. You brought a ray of sunlight, but here, I feel like the world has color. I like this feeling.”

“This world is actually quite beautiful. Although we often see ugly things, they can’t conceal the beauty of the world. The sun illuminates the earth, but darkness always comes. This exchange of Yin and Yang is life. No matter how bright the sun is, there are always shadows in corners it can’t reach. We cannot treat things as absolutes. Just use your heart to sense the world and you will find many things worth cherishing,” transmitted back Long Chen.

Long Chen knew that Dong Mingyu was wary of this world. To get used to it would take time.

However, every time she saw someone stick a heart jewel onto Long Chen’s scarf, Dong Mingyu’s gaze would change slightly.

“Yu-er, are you alright?” asked Long Chen.

“I’m fine. I feel great.” Dong Mingyu smiled suddenly.


Long Chen nodded. He had just noticed one of Dong Mingyu’s sensitive areas. She looked fourteen years old and looked immature, but she had actually spent ten years in the Killing God’s space so that she would never look older. Hence, she was sensitive toward this aspect of her appearance. She didn’t want Long Chen to view her as a child.

Long Chen’s years of training with weighing Tang Wan-er’s words and observing the slightest changes in her expression were finally paying off.

Just now, he had called Dong Mingyu Little Yu. After hearing that, Dong Mingyu was very happy.

Continuing onward, Long Chen noticed hundreds of experts secretly keeping an eye on them. Long Chen knew that those people were protecting Long Xiaoyu. 

The Grand Xia’s imperial family cared deeply about Long Xiaoyu’s safety. There were hundreds of Life Star experts disguised as ordinary people following her.

However, it seemed that Long Chen’s disguise was too good. They didn’t recognize him, so their guards were raised. Long Chen was truly grateful to the Grand Xia.

Long Xiaoyu constantly picked out things that she wanted. It was like she finally had a chance to be a big spender. However, she only picked out cheap things. 

Suddenly, fireworks began to explode in the sky, their light illuminating the capital.

“The festival’s starting. We have to hurry!” cried out Long Xiaoyu. She began to run, and Long Chen looked at where the fireworks were coming from. That place was very far, and although Long Xiaoyu had started to cultivate, she was still in the Qi Gathering realm. For her to run over would take at least two hours.

Grabbing her, he pressed down with his foot and the three of them vanished from the crowd. Those experts protecting Long Xiaoyu were all badly startled. 

Just at that moment, Long Chen’s voice rang out in their heads. “I am Long Chen, so you don’t need to worry. Many thanks for your care for my little sister.”

This spiritual message was not an area message but directed at each and every one of them. That man had been Long Chen? They actually hadn’t recognized him.

With Long Chen present, they naturally didn’t need to protect Long Xiaoyu. They were grateful for this message, or if they had allowed Long Xiaoyu to simply vanish from sight, they would have been heavily punished. They were also emotional that Long Chen would actually personally thank them. From the battle during the qi flow eruption to the fight against the Emperors to how Long Chen had called a Sovereign brother, his status was incomparable. After that, they disbanded, returning to their headquarters to receive new orders.

“Wow, big brother, you’re amazing! When can I do this too?” Long Xiaoyu cried out in delight. She felt like they had just teleported to where she wanted to go.

“Take it slowly. I’m sure you’ll get there soon enough.” Long Chen smiled comfortingly.

At first, Long Chen had wanted to use medicinal pills to change Long Xiaoyu’s constitution. Her innate talent was very ordinary, so she wouldn’t be able to walk far on the path of cultivation. The Xiantian realm would probably be her limit.

By using medicinal pills, he could change that. However, he had asked the opinion of his parents, and they had vetoed him.

It seemed that after experiencing so much, their mental realms had grown very high. They felt that some things should simply be taken naturally.

Although they didn’t understand the karma of the cultivation world, they felt that each person had their own fate, and they had to make their own decisions about their fate. Other people’s help wasn’t necessarily a good thing.

That was why Long Xiaoyu was still focusing on her studies, with cultivation being secondary. To someone who was so lively that she couldn’t calm her heart, cultivation was a bitter process. Long Xiaoyu preferred to do a bit of everything.

Her envy and worship over this little skill were just temporary. When she had to really sit down and focus on her bitter cultivation, she would start crying, so Long Chen could only comfort her like this.

Long Chen recognized the area they were in. It was the Heavenly Cloud Platform, also known as the Star Peering Platform. It was the highest building in the Grand Xia’s capital, and from here, it was possible to see most of the city.

Back in the day, Long Chen had been given the title of National Protector and put in charge of receiving the Grand Han Ancient Nation’s delegation.

At that time, he had watched the Grand Han’s delegation put on an absolutely melodramatic play on top of the Heavenly Cloud Platform. He had almost puked.

Also, a zither master from the Grand Han had tried to make things hard on him, and he had immediately started bragging on a divine level that had stumped her. Just thinking about it made him emotional.

At that time, Xia Youluo had been an immature child. But after going through the battle in the Four Nations Ancient Remnant, she had instantly matured, so quickly that it was sad.

“Big brother, I want to go watch the play! Can I?”

Just as Long Chen was recalling his memories of the Heavenly Cloud Pavilion, they arrived at the entrance. Long Xiaoyu was looking at the guard.

“Yes, yes of course.” The guard hadn’t noticed at first, but he quickly recognized Long Xiaoyu. In the Grand Xia, even the princes and princesses were nice to Long Xiaoyu.

“Thank you, big brother!” Long Xiaoyu smiled and thanked him. Long Chen nodded. At least this child was thoughtful.

“Out of the way!”

Just as the three of them were about to enter, a cold shout came from behind them. A group of people stamped in, almost crashing into Long Xiaoyu.

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