Chapter 221 Group Fighting Law Enforcers

The instant Long Chen arrived at this law enforcer station, he saw Little Snow on his last breaths. His fury immediately exploded, and his killing intent almost made him combust.

Wu Qi was actually planning on killing Little Snow. Long Chen’s killing intent turned practically solid and he charged forward, his bone blade slashing down on Wu Qi.

Wu Qi had never imagined that outsiders would appear at his station. Outsiders were not permitted in the law enforcer stations.

Long Chen’s practically solid killing intent immediately locked him in place. Wu Qi was alarmed and hastily raised his sword.

BANG! The bone blade heavily collided with the sword. A violent force erupted like a volcano.

Wu Qi was immediately forced back by that terrifying force. Only then did he have a chance to see who it was.

“Long Chen, how brazen! You dare intrude on the law enforcers’ station!”

Wu Qi was first shocked but then delighted to see Long Chen. Since the monastery’s rules didn’t permit disciples to barge into the law enforcers’ stations, Long Chen had violated the rules.

Long Chen’s arrival also shocked the other two law enforcers. They had never thought Long Chen would come to find them.

They all knew this Scarlet Flame Snow Wolf was Long Chen’s mount, and that was why they had brought it back secretly.

Seeing Long Chen arrive, the other two coldly snorted and charged at Long Chen, wanting to noiselessly capture Long Chen.

But the two of them had only just moved forward when a giant man smashed a huge club at them.

“You bastards, fuck off!”

That club brought with it a fierce gale, and space trembled to the point where it was hard to breathe. The two of them were horrified and hastily raised their weapons.

But both of their weapons shattered apart in front of that club, and both of them shot back dozens of meters before managing to stabilize themselves again.

The two of them looked at that person with horror. That person was Wilde.

Seeing how miserable Little Snow’s condition was, Wilde’s eyes had turned red. He now smashed his club at Wu Qi.

Wu Qi was also indescribably shocked. He didn’t sense any aura from Wilde’s body, but his power was terrifying.

Wu Qi didn’t dare be the slightest bit careless. His entire aura exploded out. His peak mid Tendon Transformation cultivation base was pushed to its max as he slashed his sword at Wilde.

Sparks flew when their two weapons collided. Wu Qi’s sword wasn’t an ordinary weapon and didn’t shatter.

But he himself was unable to withstand Wilde’s ferocious power and was forced back several steps, feeling his arm turn a bit numb.

“What terrifying strength!” Wu Qi was greatly alarmed. Wilde didn’t pause the slightest after that attack and ferociously smashed his club at him again.

As for the other two law enforcers, only now did they recover from their shock. Taking out their law enforcer chains, they charged at Long Chen.

Long Chen was staring at Little Snow. At this time, Little Snow opened his eyes. Although he was unable to move his body, his eyes were filled with warmth.

That gaze caused Long Chen’s heart to bleed. Even the bone blade in his hand was quivering. An enormous killing intent was storming within him.

Those two law enforcers were about to reach him when hundreds of people suddenly rushed over.

Guo Ran immediately saw Little Snow’s state, as well as Long Chen who was on the verge of going berserk. His fury soared at how vicious and hateful these bastards were and he shouted:

“Brothers, charge! Beat these bastards to death!”

Seeing this scene, even Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu’s killing intent soared.

“Charge! Kill these inhumane bastards!”

“Fuck these corrupt law enforcers! They really deserve death!”

“This kind of trash can be law enforcers? The monastery really has been blind! Let’s clean up the monastery ourselves!”

Seeing this scene, how could they not understand what was going on?

Just what kind of heroic figure was Long Chen? Seeing his body quivering from rage, they could all see how much pain he was in from seeing Little Snow like this. This group of law enforcers really were degenerates.

And so everyone’s fury was immediately ignited. 

Originally, everyone had only been in the mood for a good fight. But now they wanted to destroy these bastards. They all took out their weapons and charged at those two law enforcers.

Those two law enforcers turned pale. For five core disciples to immediately charge them, they were both shocked and angered.

“What nerve! Are you planning on rebelling?”

“Fuck your mom!”  Luo Cang’s character was the most frank, and he directly cursed them. His staff took the vanguard in smashing at that law enforcer.

Following Luo Cang, the rest of them also didn’t wait, giving them a greeting with their weapons.

One reason they attacked so fiercely was because of their extreme hatred for these bastards, but the other reason was that they knew their senior apprentice-brothers were powerful experts in the mid Tendon Transformation realm. If they didn’t attack with their full strength, they’d be the ones to lose.

“Long Chen, go look after Little Snow.” Tang Wan-er saw that Long Chen’s body was quivering from uncontrollable anger, but first he should go save Little Snow.

After giving him that reminder, Tang Wan-er summoned a wind blade into her hand and joined the fighting.

The Heaven Earth Alliance’s people were all crazily besieging those two law enforcers. Despite being in the mid Tendon Transformation realm, they were unprepared to handle so many people and their movements were a mess.

On the other side was Wilde smashing his club like a madman. His crazy attacks against Wu Qi caused him to constantly retreat.

The crowd of people behind the Heaven Earth Alliance also arrived at this time. Seeing this chaotic battle scene, they were all stupefied.

Wilde was especially crazy, like some kind of barbarian god. His club was unstoppable, and he was not inferior to Wu Qi at all.

That was the first time any of them saw how terrifying Wilde was. Without the slightest bit of aura, he could fight with just his powerful physical body.

Gu Yang, who had just arrived, couldn’t help but sigh when he saw how powerful Wilde was. Ever since he had started cultivating, he had always been unmatched in terms of brute strength.

But now Wilde’s practically divine strength caused him to realize what it meant that a hill could not compare to a large mountain. The previous him had really just been a frog at the bottom of a well.

Wu Qi was a squad leader amongst law enforcers, and his cultivation base was top-notch amongst them at the peak of the mid Tendon Transformation realm. His combat strength was without equal, but he was repeatedly forced back purely by brute power. That really was shocking.

As the others fought, Long Chen took a few deep breaths. He forced himself to calm down and hastily ran over to Little Snow.

“Little Snow… don’t be afraid, I’m here. I won’t let you suffer anymore.” Long Chen couldn’t help but feel incomparable pain.

Little Snow was covered with wounds. Looking at those scars was even more painful than if he was being whipped.

“Wu…” Little Snow quietly called out, wanting to express something. But he didn’t have that much energy.

“Here, swallow this.”

Long Chen took out a pearl from his spatial ring. That was the gift the Spirit World expert had left for him.

The pearl contained a vast amount of life essence. Previously, when Wilde had been tortured to the point of having just a single breath left and was on the verge of death, it was this pearl that had pulled him back from the hands of the Grim Reaper.

This time, although Little Snow was covered in injuries, his life wasn’t actually in danger. He had simply lost too much blood and energy, and so he was temporarily extremely weak.

Such wounds could be slowly healed through normal means. But Long Chen couldn’t wait for that. For Little Snow, he once more took out this precious treasure.

He directly took out a drop of that precious divine life essence from the pearl. That pearl immediately shrank.

“Here Little Snow, swallow this.” Hearing Long Chen’s voice, Little Snow pitifully did his best to open his mouth but did not succeed.

Long Chen had no choice but to pull open his mouth and place that drop of life essence into his mouth. Only after he sensed that the drop of life essence nourishing Little Snow’s body did he relax.

Gently rubbing Little Snow’s head, he consoled, “Sleep. We won’t have to part again.”

Long Chen used his Spiritual Strength to put Little Snow to sleep. The main thing was that Little Snow was too weak right now.

Seeing Long Chen caused him to immediately relax, and so he easily entered a deep slumber. Long Chen looked around and saw Yue Zifeng amongst the crowd.

After the struggle over the Profound Spirit Fruit, he had never had any further interactions with him. Although they weren’t friends, they also couldn’t count as enemies.

“Brother Yue, help me out. Call over some of your people to protect this little fellow for now,” asked Long Chen.

Yue Zifeng was startled, but he nodded, “Don’t worry brother Long, I’ll definitely protect him properly.”

Yue Zifeng hadn’t expected Long Chen to have such trust in him that he would place his mount temporarily in his care.

He immediately waved to the people behind him and around fifty people walked out and formed a protective ring around Little Snow.

While Long Chen had been healing Little Snow’s wounds, the fight had reached its climax. Being surrounded and attacked by everyone, those law enforcers were already completely enraged

Facing those people who didn’t even seem afraid of death, both of them also began to use some ruthless attacks. Quite a few people were forced back, coughing up blood.

The difference between them was difficult to make up. The ordinary disciples had just stepped into the Tendon Transformation realm and couldn’t even count as having reached the first Heavenstage. They were much weaker than their mid Tendon Transformation senior apprentice-brothers.

Other than the core disciples who could just barely face off against them, the rest of them would immediately be sent flying as soon as they collided with their chains. That was the difference between the two parties.

“If you guys still don’t learn how to appreciate our kindness, don’t blame us for being ruthless! We could easily kill you all one by one! You should know that you’ve violated the monastery’s rules. Even if we kill you all, we won’t receive any punishment,” raged one of the law enforcers.

“Fuck your rules!”

“Shut your hole, we don’t want your crap!”

“You bastards can go to hell!”

Although there were occasionally some of them who were forced back with injuries, there was not one of them who shrank back. They all continued attacking ferociously.

Their companions’ injuries didn’t cause them to feel fear but further provoked their fighting spirit.

The watchers also felt their blood boiling. What were companions? What were brothers? What did it mean for you to give your back to others?

They all finally understood why Long Chen had been set on killing those traitors, why he would not allow any betrayal.

Such a fierce fight where their fellows were unafraid of death caused all of them to feel moved. Only absolute conviction could lead to such a terrifying combat strength.

Now that Little Snow was carefully guarded, Long Chen nodded to Yue Zifeng in thanks. This way, he could fight at ease.

His bone blade appeared in his hands once more. He saw that Wilde was still fiercely fighting. It didn’t seem as if he could defeat Wu Qi, but for the moment, he was in no danger.

But the other battle was extremely intense, with people being injured and flying out, unable to continue.

Long Chen’s eyes reddened. Those were his brothers! He charged forward at one of those law enforcers, his bone blade slashing down at his head.

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