Chapter 2209 Immemorial Spirit Race (Teaser)

“Come, sit.”

When Long Chen arrived, the High Priest had prepared the wine. In the Wine God Palace, there had to be wine for treating guests. It was just like tea in the rest of the world.

Long Chen sat. “High Priest, it seemed that you had some advice for this little one before?”

The High Priest smiled and shook his hand. “I wouldn’t call it advice. There are just some things I should inform you about. With the young lady from the Bloodkill Hall present, it wasn’t convenient for me to say anything, so I left it until now. This relates to how you should extract the divine seed. You can test it out yourself.”

The High Priest handed Long Chen a strip of beast hide, but before Long Chen could read it, the High Priest continued, “Did you know? Just as you left the battlefield, the Four Divines Writ came down.”

“The Four Divines Writ? What is that?” asked Long Chen.

“The Four Divines Writ is a symbol of the divine families’ communication. Counting this time, it has only appeared three times throughout history,” said the High Priest.

“Divine families? As in families of all gods?” Long Chen jumped in shock.

The High Priest shook his head. “No, the divine...

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