Chapter 2201 Wind’s Peak

“The protector of the Martial Heaven Continent, the Illusive Music Immortal Palace, also wishes to participate in this battle?!” demanded Tian Xiezi.

“I only represent myself.” Zi Yan shook her head.

The Illusive Music Immortal Palace and the Divine Ice Palace were the protectors of the Martial Heaven Continent. They had never participated in worldly struggles and normally only took action when the dark era was coming.

Another situation would be if there was someone capable of threatening the entire Martial Heaven Continent. Then they would also take action.

According to that reasoning, Zi Yan should be taking action now in order to target Long Chen, not help him.

“Then don’t blame me for this!” Tian Xiezi suddenly spat a mouthful of blood on the soul summoning banner. The power of the Corrupt God erupted out of it, and a desolate world appeared behind him.

That world was filled with rotting warriors from the ancient era. Their weapons and armor were all broken down and decayed.

“This… is this the Corrupt God Cemetery?!” Upon seeing that desolate world filled with endless graves, startled cries rang out.

Those ancient warriors crawled out of their graves. They began to roar furiously, forming a giant army that charged out. They were all filled with the aura of decay and death, but the pressure they gave off terrified even the Netherpassage experts.

“These are the Corrupt puppets from the Corrupt path’s ancient era. Just before their masters died, they buried them here. Now they are being summoned once more,” said someone.

Zi Yan lightly plucked the strings of her zither. In the past, her zither music was smooth like the flowing clouds and water. But this time, her music contained the intent to slaughter. 

Every time she plucked a string, a ripple would spread out of the Seven String Sea Suppressing Zither. Everyone saw that wherever those ripples passed, the laws of the Heavenly Daos transformed. Runes of the Grand Dao condensed into runic swords.

Those runic swords shot through the air like lightning, tearing through the void with a sharp sound. That sound resonated with the zither music, adding a mournful tone to it.

The runic swords stabbed through the corpse puppets and blew them to bits. But even as they died, they didn’t let out any howls of pain. Instead, they seemed relaxed and even grateful.

The souls that had been enslaved for countless years were finally set free, returning to heaven and earth, returning to the cycle of reincarnation.

The zither music began to pick up, growing more intense. The laws of the world condensed into a giant manifestation behind Zi Yan.

Within that manifestation was another woman playing the zither. However, this woman wasn’t wearing white robes like her but a black dress. She emitted an endless air of slaughter.

That woman also had the Seven String Sea Suppressing Zither in front of her. Their movements were identical, but the sound that came from them wasn’t exactly the same. The zither music from the woman within her manifestation was much bloodier.

“How… how could she have awakened this manifestation?!”

When Zi Yan’s manifestation appeared, the seniors of the Illusive Music Immortal Palace were badly shocked, including the current palace master.

The palace master was also Zi Yan’s formal master. She looked toward an old woman behind her. “Grandaunt-master…”

That old woman’s face was covered in wrinkles, and her voice was hoarse. “Zi Yan’s manifestation has always been Divine Music Through Eternity. That’s the only heavens’ soul manifestation of our immortal palace. However, now it’s suddenly changed. I can’t explain it either. However, that woman within her manifestation, although her face isn’t clear, her aura is very similar to one of our ancestors.”

“You’re referring to…” 

“Yes. The ninth divine emissary. She did not walk the path of using music to peer into the heavens. She is an existence that walked the path of slaughter.” The old woman nodded, her expression a bit dark. The appearance of this manifestation was outside all their expectations.

As the zither music played, the runic swords pierced through the air. When she plucked the zither strings, it was like she was drawing a bow shooting out the runic swords. The zither music followed the swords as they flew through the air, and the tempo grew faster and faster until it was a torrent of slaughter.

The corpse puppets that Tian Xiezi had summoned could be described as endless, but they couldn’t keep up with Zi Yan’s attack. Tian Xiezi was well and fully blocked.

The peak geniuses had now been blocked. But the other experts of the various powers were still charging forward. The Stone race’s and the Blood Emperor’s family’s experts were particularly crazy. Due to the appearance of their ancestral heroic spirits, their bodies were currently bathed in divine light, giving them even greater power.

“Kill them all!”

The Stone race’s leader was the first to arrive at the Dragonblood Legion. Their top experts, Long Chen, Mo Nian, Wilde, and Guo Ran were currently fighting the Stone Emperor’s heroic spirit. This was the Dragonblood Legion’s weakest moment.

“Blood Emperor’s descendants, use your weapons to reap their lives! Vengeance for the Emperor’s daughter! Exterminate them!” shouted the Xue family’s head.


The Xue family, the Stone race, the Dongfang family, the ancient races, the Corrupt path, the ancient family alliance, the Xuan Beasts, Pill Valley, all the experts of these powerful forces charged. This was their best chance to exterminate the Dragonblood Legion.

“You think you’re capable of destroying the Dragonblood Legion?” Gu Yang sneered. The Dragonblood Legion pulled back, contracting into their absolute defense formation.

“Ignorant brat, you’ll pay the price for your actions today!” shouted the Stone race’s leader. A giant fist-image condensed in the air.

The fist-image had just finished condensing when the sound of a sword coming out of its sheath rang out. A streak of sword-light sliced it in half.

Yue Zifeng had returned. Long Chen didn’t want him fighting the Emperors, so he was back to defending this battlefield. Even the Stone race’s leader wasn’t immune to his Sword Qi.

“Strong offense but weak defense. I can kill you like killing a chicken!” The Stone race’s leader waved his hand, sending all the Stone race’s experts toward Yue Zifeng. Sword cultivators were weakest to multiple attacks from every angle. As long as one struck, it would be fatal.

They had just started moving toward Yue Zifeng when willow branches exploded out of the void, transforming into millions of sharp swords that shot toward the Stone race’s experts.

Liu Ruyan’s branches were incredibly tough yet still as sharp as blades. The Stone race’s experts were quickly entangled by them. Anyone who ended up bound was trapped. Following that, wooden stakes flew over and pierced them through the head. Those wooden stakes had dark yellow runes on them, and when they stabbed into their heads, they instantly died.

Those stakes were clearly made of wood, but they possessed metal energy. Even the Stone race’s terrifying defenses were unable to block them.

“Who’s there?!” raged the Stone race’s leader. He unleashed a punch, destroying the willow branches. Within the towering willow in front of them, there was a woman sitting lotus style, wooden stakes growing out behind her. It was Chu Yao.

Chu Yao’s manifestation was active behind her, but Liu Ruyan’s massive body covered it up. Others couldn’t even tell that there was someone hiding within the tree.

Her manifestation was of a flourishing world of greenery. There was a long river cutting the world in two. Endless life energy flowed out of it, life energy that could nourish all things, life energy that manifested the Dao of Life.

Her attacks were hidden within Liu Ruyan’s attacks. Their cooperation was seamless, and in an instant, hundreds of the Stone race’s experts were slain. There were all the main forces of the Stone race, and their deaths infuriated their leader. He charged directly toward Chu Yao.

“Endless Windmoon.”

He was halfway there when the space in front of him collapsed. An ear-piercing wind blade spun toward him wildly.


The Stone race’s leader was badly shocked, and he unleashed a punch that destroyed the wind blade. 

He barely managed to notice the crack that appeared on his fist when he saw the wind blade transform into smaller wind blades that shot toward him. He then jumped. Runes covered his body and formed a powerful armor around him.

Like iron striking iron, sparks exploded when those wind blades sliced against his armor. Many thin openings appeared in his body.

The Stone race’s leader was horrified by this. It was his strongest defensive state. In that state, he was unafraid of any weapons.

When he had fought with the old man, the Heaven Splitting Blade had been able to cause some minor damage to his body. But now, these wind blades had sliced him up badly.

He turned and saw a white-robed woman standing in the sky. Endless wind blades spun behind her, unleashing a spatial-tearing sound.

This woman was Tang Wan-er who had immediately used one of her strongest attacks. The first wind blade was just bait, while the aftermath was the true killing blow. She had yet to fully master this technique, so she couldn’t lock down her targets. If she couldn’t bait someone into striking it head-on, it would be useless.

Seeing that such a powerful move was unable to cause any real injury to the Stone race’s leader, Tang Wan-er didn’t seem sad at all. She spread her hands, a wind blade condensing in each hand.

These wind blades were different from before. The two ends curved in opposite directions like an ‘S’. They began to spin, and the wind blades behind her were sucked in like whales sucking in water.

Cracks appeared in the space around the wind blades. The very laws of the world were being sliced apart. Tang Wan-er suddenly pressed the wind blades together, forming a ‘卍’ shape.

A black hole suddenly appeared in the air. Astral winds raged throughout the sky.

The Stone race’s leader’s expression completely changed. He didn’t know what level of magical art this technique was, but he knew that if he was struck by it, he might lose his life.

With a cold snort, he retreated, not wanting to face her directly.

However, at that moment, he was shocked to find that he was bound by willow branches from above and golden wooden stakes from below.

“Windmoon Slash!”

Just at this moment, Tang Wan-er’s terrifying attack left her hands and slashed straight at the Stone race’s leader.

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