Chapter 2200 Helpers Take Action

Dong Mingyu looked to be thirteen or fourteen years old. Her pretty face still had a trace of youth’s tenderness. She looked like a beautiful sprite, which made people instinctively feel an urge to protect her.

However, this seemingly innocent-looking girl was actually the Bloodkill Hall’s most terrifying assassin, the divine daughter Dong Mingyu. People were simply dumbfounded, not daring to believe their eyes.

Furthermore, Dong Mingyu said that the person that had given her her life was Long Chen. Although people had started to have suspicions a bit before, hearing this from her was shocking.

This change was shockingly sudden. The Bloodkill Hall’s divine daughter had actually betrayed the Bloodkill Hall and taken action at this critical juncture.

Dong Mingyu cut her dagger across the Pill Fairy’s forehead. Startled cries rang out as people thought that Dong Mingyu was going to kill the Pill Fairy.

However, Dong Mingyu’s dagger merely cut the Pill Fairy’s skin without going deeper. A black rune appeared on the Pill Fairy’s forehead and instantly spread throughout her face.

“I’ve sealed your Yuan Spirit. I won’t kill you because he also has never truly tried to kill you. I’ll spare your life, but if you try to use the power of your Yuan Spirit, my Killing God Divine Seal will shatter your Yuan Spirit. At that time, you can’t blame me.” After placing her seal, Dong Mingyu slowly retracted her dagger.

The Pill Fairy glared at Dong Mingyu. “You betrayed your god. Do you know the consequences?”

Dong Mingyu had taken a few steps away from her, but she suddenly turned back and smiled at the Pill Fairy. “Of course I know. Back in the day, he took a poison arrow to the heart and still didn’t kill me. From that time, my life was no longer my own. I’m willing to accept all my sins for him.”

Dong Mingyu took another step and vanished. When she reappeared, she was in front of the Blood Emperor. The figure of the Killing God appeared within her manifestation, and her dagger blocked the Blood Emperor’s attacks.

“Big brother Long Chen, do you still remember me?” Dong Mingyu looked at Long Chen with her innocent eyes, full of warmth.

“You…?” Long Chen didn’t even notice what had been happening outside his battle with the Emperors. He had been completely focused, otherwise, he would have died. Hence, for a girl to suddenly charge over and block the Blood Emperor made him jump.

Examining her closely, he was lost. He didn’t know this person, but there was something familiar about this girl’s eyes.

“Big brother, have you forgotten? In the Eastern Wasteland’s Qingzhou City, there was a bloody battle fought in the streets. There was a girl holding a doll crying…,” said Dong Mingyu.

“It’s you! But no, how could you have grown so much?” Long Chen immediately thought of that moment. At that time, he had known that the girl had been part of the assassins but hadn’t killed her. He had allowed her concealed weapon to stab into his heart and let her go.

Zi Yan had been present at that time, and it was precisely because of that act of mercy that she had started feeling well toward him.

However, Dong Mingyu’s age didn’t match the time that had passed. She should be around the same age as Long Chen’s little sister, Long Xiaoyu. She should be ten years old.

“I was rewarded for injuring you at that time. I underwent the divine ceremony, and my life completely changed. I was chosen by the god to become his divine daughter. After that, I entered the Killing God’s space. Ten years passed inside, but only one year passed in the outside world. I was four when I entered the Killing God’s space, and I was fourteen years old when I exited. Ever since I left, my life, my face, my body, they’ve been frozen forever. After that, I did my best to cultivate so that I could help you. Big brother Long Chen, I’m very happy today.” Dong Mingyu smiled at Long Chen. That smile was very naive and brilliant.


Without even turning away from him, Dong Mingyu’s dagger stabbed behind her. The image of the Killing God within her manifestation exploded, and a wave of divine light blew away the Blood Emperor’s attacks.

With her god energy, Dong Mingyu was actually able to block the Blood Emperor’s attacks. Long Chen was filled with various emotions. He hadn’t expected that little bit of kindness from back then to save him now.

“Big brother Long Chen, I’ll block the Blood Emperor. You and the others can handle the Stone Emperor. I have the Killing God’s energy protecting me, which is also a form of faith energy. The Blood Emperor can’t do anything to me,” said Dong Mingyu.

Long Chen nodded. “Alright. Be careful.”

At this time, there was no need to say thanks. Wielding Evilmoon, Long Chen shot toward the Stone Emperor.

Wilde and Mo Nian were covered in blood, while Guo Ran was constantly coughing up blood inside his armor. After blocking so many attacks, the runes carved into his armor were starting to break, causing his defensive power to drop.

Wilde was charging in front of Mo Nian over and over again to take the attacks. He looked terrible. Mo Nian was also in a wretched state, and his manifestation was starting to dim. The Stone Emperor’s heroic spirit was just too terrifying.

When Long Chen joined them, he took the vanguard position, giving the other three some time to breathe.

“Fuck, why hasn’t this heroic spirit dissipated yet?!” cursed Guo Ran.

“He needs to burn up all his faith energy to dissipate. But once all his faith energy is exhausted, then the Stone race will forever fall and probably never achieve their past glory. They might even be destroyed from burning up all their karmic luck. That’s why both heroic spirits are trying to kill us using the least amount of power, to conserve their faith energy and karmic luck for their descendants,” said Mo Nian.


Long Chen’s saber slammed into Shi Changsheng’s attack, and he was forced back. Shi Changsheng extended a hand toward him but was blocked by the drake king’s claw.

The drake king’s claw crumbled, but he managed to block it. If it weren’t for the drake king, they would have long since been killed.

The drake king had summoned a giant lightning sea and used all the lightning domain’s power to fight.

The lightning sea inhibited the movements of the two heroic spirits. Within it, their power was lowered. Otherwise, even though the four of them were working together, they wouldn’t be able to hold out against these existences which had shaken the cultivation world before. Even if they were just two heroic spirits, they were incredibly powerful.

“Drake king, are you alright?” asked Long Chen.

“I’m fine, but the bad news is that these constant injuries are rapidly reducing the lightning domain’s energy. I don’t know how much longer I can last,” answered the drake king.

All the lightning drakes within the lightning field had transformed into divine runes supporting the drake king. Despite that, every collision caused its body to explode. Although it could immediately condense a new body, the lightning domain’s energy was not limitless. Once too much of its energy was used up, its combat power would drop.


Just as Qu Jianying was fighting against the leaders of the various large powers, and Long Chen was fighting against the heroic spirits of past Emperors, Tian Xiezi, Kun Pengzi, and Dongfang Yuyang charged toward the Dragonblood Legion.

At the same time, the armies of the Corrupt path, the ancient races, the ancient family alliance, the Stone race, the Xuan Beasts, Pill Valley, and the other powers also attacked, both the members of the current generation and the monsters of the elder generation.

They had all witnessed just how powerful the Dragonblood Legion was. This time, they had to use their full force and bring the Dragonblood Legion down in one thunderous clash. That was the only way to reduce their casualties.

“Are you going?”

Beitang Rushuang looked at the distant Nangong Zuiyue, and for the first time, took the initiative to speak to her spiritually. She wanted to see what Nangong Zuiyue thought.

“Yes. All we need to do is block one, not kill them. The state of the continent is still unclear. We need dependability over all else. I’ll block Dongfang Yuyang, you block Kun Pengzi.”

After receiving Beitang Rushuang’s message, Nangong Zuiyue didn’t hesitate any longer. A water current appeared around her, and she vanished.


The space in front of Dongfang Yuyang suddenly exploded, with Water Qi bursting out. A silver waterfall crashed down from the heavens.

In front of the waterfall was a peerlessly beautiful woman surrounded by mist and flying water droplets.

“Fairy Zuiyue, what do you think you’re doing?!” Dongfang Yuyang’s expression changed.

“Mister Dongfang, the cycle of karma includes all things within this world. For you to target Long Chen like this, are you really not afraid of reaping bad karma?” asked Nangong Zuiyue.

“Fairy Zuiyue, do you wish to help Long Chen?” Dongfang Yuyang’s expression was dark with fury.

He was quite confident in his learning and talent. His cultivation base was also unrivaled. Hence, he was confident in being able to move any woman’s heart. But he had run into a setback when it came to Nangong Zuiyue and Beitang Rushuang.

During the gathering of past and present heroes, Long Chen had just met them and they already began to circle around him. Most hateful of all, the two of them were clearly enemies, but just for Long Chen, they acted fine and at peace.

He was actually full of hatred over that matter inside. Long Chen might not have targeted him specifically, but due to Nangong Zuiyue and Beitang Rushuang, he felt a profound feeling of defeat. Long Chen had beaten him in the area he was most confident in.

For Nangong Zuiyue to actually stand against him now and become enemies with all the various large powers just because of Long Chen, the flames of jealousy were fanned within his heart.

“Since you refuse to differentiate between right and wrong, don’t blame me!” Dongfang Yuyang roared. He directly sent the Astral Ancient Castle smashing toward Nangong Zuiyue.

“Not differentiating between right and wrong is at least better than intentionally inverting right and wrong, right? There’s no need to say any more. I will not be letting you pass.” Nangong Zuiyue formed a hand seal. The waterfall behind her exploded into a giant water dragon.


The water dragon crashed against the castle. Waves of water exploded through the air.

“Four Dragons Converge, Waves Swallow the Heavens.”

Nangong Zuiyue formed more hand seals, and a giant sea condensed in the surrounding space. Four water dragons shot toward Dongfang Yuyang along with giant waves.

At this moment, Beitang Rushuang had also started hunting down Kun Pengzi, her bow blazing with divine light. Moreover, her body was enveloped by divine flames, making her look like a war goddess.

Her bow quivered, and arrows rained down upon Kun Pengzi.

Dongfang Yuyang and Kun Pengzi had been blocked. Meanwhile, Tian Xiezi was flying over with his soul summoning banner when a zither rang through the air, causing his expression to change.

An ancient zither appeared in the sky, along with a woman sitting calmly. Her hands brushed across her zither as she looked at Tian Xiezi.

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