Chapter 220 Killing Intent Dashes Against the Heavens

When Long Chen appeared, everyone saw how dark his expression was. With his bone blade resting against his shoulder, his right hand was holding a person’s hair, and he was dragging him like he was a dead dog.

Behind Long Chen was the giant Wilde who wielded a five-meter-long spiked club. The pressure he gave off was like he was some humongous divinity, making it hard for them to breathe.

Most shocking of all was that the person Long Chen was dragging was completely deformed. His limbs were bent and broken in many places.

“Qi Xin, it’s Qi Xin!” Some people finally let out startled cries when they recognized the person he was dragging. It was the core disciple Qi Xin!

Seeing Qi Xin like this, people gasped. A core disciple, an existence that most of them could only look up to, had been turned into this state.

Ignoring the bystanders, he walked in front of everyone and threw Qi Xin to the ground. He said to his people:

“Today, I have something to ask of my brothers. But this matter could affect your position within the monastery, and you might even be expelled-” started Long Chen gravely.

“Long Chen, there’s no need to say so much. Since you’ve called us brothers, your issues are our issues. Tell us what you need. Even if you want us to cut down this statue, we’ll do it for you.” Luo Cang cut him off.

Although Luo Cang’s words were a bit direct, they represented everyone’s thoughts. In their hearts, Long Chen was a true hero, straightforward, just, and upright.

In order to help his brothers avoid humiliation, he had still challenged the authority of the monastery and directly killed five traitors.

Then after being exiled to a land of certain death, he had somehow walked out alive.

And the first thing he had done when he had gotten back was to lead everyone and return the humiliation they had suffered to their oppressors. That kind of boldness had completely won their hearts.

Long Chen was an idol, a goal, someone they would follow into  death. Even if they were to be expelled or killed, they would still follow this heroic figure.

“Good, then I won’t argue. Let’s go all out.”

Long Chen stamped his foot onto Qi Xin’s stomach, and he was immediately awoken from his unconscious state.

As soon as he woke up, his body began to shake and he let out a heart-rending shriek like a dying pig.

“Speak. Where is Wu Qi?” asked Long Chen icily.

“He’s at… Oddpeak Pavilion… station….” Qi Xin stuttered out.

It was simply too painful. That medicinal pill Long Chen had given him had caused his pain to multiply by dozens of times. He was completely unable to endure it and didn’t dare resist Long Chen anymore.

Long Chen kicked him in the stomach again, directly making him faint. Once he fainted, the world went silent again. But his mournful shriek of a pig about to be slaughtered still echoed in everyone’s ears.

“Come with me.”

Long Chen dragged Qi Xin towards the eastern part of the monastery. That was the location of Oddpeak Pavilion, and there was a station where Wu Qi was working.

The bystanders were shocked at first, but they then quickly realized that Long Chen had gathered everyone not to go fight with Gu Yang, but to attack the law enforcers!

They were shaken, but they were also excited. Probably only Long Chen would dare to think of committing such a provocation.

Ever since meeting Long Chen, they had never seen him act according to common sense. There were few who could guess what Long Chen was thinking.

Seeing Song Mingyuan and the others excitedly following behind Long Chen, Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu exchanged a glance, smiling bitterly.

Men really did forever like to fight. It seemed Long Chen had stirred up their instincts, and even those outer disciples’ eyes were shining brightly. Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu really were speechless in front of that.

Looking forward at Long Chen’s figure, Tang Wan-er didn’t know why, but she felt her blood racing hotly.

That was the kind of stimulation that had occurred when she was a child and excitedly done naughty things.

Long Chen really was a typical scoundrel, forever not being an obedient child. All bindings and rules were useless to him, existing in name only. 

He was like a Great Peng spreading its wings to fly, trying to shake off the bindings of heaven and earth, shattering all restrictions to be completely free.

Long Chen led his alliance straight towards Oddpeak Pavilion. On the way, they just happened to encounter some more people.

“It’s Lei Qianshang and Gu Yang!”

“Heavens, they’re all wounded! Who did that?”

Everyone saw the two of them walking over and let out startled cries. The two of them were pale and their auras were chaotic. From the blood covering their bodies, it was obvious they had just experienced a great battle.

That was especially true of Gu Yang. Both his arms were bent at odd angles and were clearly broken. As for Lei Qianshang, his abdomen was clearly caved in. Both their injuries were severe.

There was immediately someone who ran over to them. That person was one of the core disciples in Gu Yang’s alliance.

“Brother Gu, brother Lei, you guys-”

“Don’t ask for now. Let’s just go watch the excitement.” Gu Yang cut him off and just followed behind Long Chen.

That person immediately followed behind him. At this time, quite a few people thought of a certain possibility and gasped.

Within their new generation, there was only one disciple who could injure Gu Yang like this!

Then remembering how Long Chen had dragged over Qi Xin, everyone’s hearts turned cold. Was he still human? He was more like a monster! One against three, he had defeated and caused them such severe injuries.

Seeing Gu Yang follow Long Chen, the crowd also followed. They wanted to see what Long Chen was planning by going to Oddpeak Pavilion.

From Long Chen’s words, it seemed he was going to find trouble with Wu Qi. They wondered just how Wu Qi had offended Long Chen for him to gather all five of his factions.

“It might have something to do with Long Chen’s mount,” guessed one person.

After all, as soon as Long Chen had returned this time, he had commenced a large scale investigation of Little Snow’s whereabouts. They hadn’t particularly cared about keeping that secret, and so everyone heard of it.

Although they didn’t know the exact details, from hearing Luo Cang curse Qi Xin, Long Chen’s appearance, and Qi Xin bringing up Wu Qi, they all realized this matter must have involved Qi Xin.

Since they didn’t know the specifics, no one bothered guessing. They’d find out eventually by following Long Chen.

Oddpeak Pavilion was located in a rather remote location on the eastern side of the Xuantian Monastery. 

It was the station for law enforcers, similar to how each faction had their mountains. Other than when they did their patrols, the law enforcers could normally be found there cultivating.

The monastery had a total of seven such places. Each station had over ten law enforcers.

They were the bottom of the previous generation of disciples. By staying, they were essentially half working and half cultivating. The resources the monastery gave them had to be earned through law enforcer missions.

Oddpeak Pavilion was halfway up a mountain. There were over ten immortal caves there for the senior apprentice-brothers.

But those law enforcers all had to take turns patrolling. There were only three of them resting here at the moment. In front of the station was a large wolf tightly bound by ropes, its body covered with wounds.

That was Little Snow who was now crisscrossed with countless scars. His blood dyed the earth red.

Little Snow was angrily glaring at the person in front of him. That person held a long whip in his hand.

That whip was lined with countless iron barbs that were all stained red now.

The whip once more thrashed down on Little Snow’s body, causing him to roar. But his voice was rough now, weak without any strength.

“Senior apprentice-brother Wu, why don’t we just give this up? It’s already been three days and you still can’t make it surrender. Just let it die and we’ll have a good meal,” suggested one of the law enforcers.

They had wasted a great deal of effort to bring this Scarlet Flame Snow Wolf back with them. That was because they had noticed that it didn’t have a spiritual imprint. In other words, if they could subdue it, they could place their own spiritual imprint on it and make it a mount for one of them.

“Fuck, this beast is just like that bastard Long Chen! He’s like a hard, loathsome turd. This Scorpion Hook Whip has nerve toxins that will cause incomparable pain. Not even peak third rank Magical Beasts can resist it! But this brute at the initial third rank still refuses to submit to me even after this long! It really infuriates me!”

Wu Qi angrily thrashed his whip onto Little Snow again. “I’ll make you submit! If you don’t submit, then I’ll just whip you to death!”

Little Snow’s body had split open in several places with ghastly wounds. Blood slowly flowed out of his exposed wounds.

“Senior apprentice-brother Wu, if you keep that up, you’ll really kill it,” warned another law enforcer.

Even a third rank Magical Beast would die after being beaten for three days like this.

This Scarlet Flame Snow Wolf was already starting to lose consciousness. That meant its core energy was almost exhausted. Once that core energy was exhausted, it would automatically die.

“This is fucking infuriating! How could that bastard Long Chen manage to force it to surrender? He didn’t even use a spiritual imprint! But it still unswervingly follows him. I’m countless times stronger than that bastard Long Chen, so why does he get to have such a powerful mount?!”

Wu Qi became more inflamed as he raged. The Scarlet Flame Snow Wolf was an overlord amongst third rank Magical Beasts. Once it advanced to the peak of the third rank, it would be an unmatched existence among third rank Magical Beasts.

The three of them were all mid Tendon Transformation experts, but they had wasted a great deal of energy to capture Little Snow. One of them had even been struck back by Little Snow in a final desperation attack and had received heavy internal injuries.

So, they could all see how terrifying Little Snow’s power was. But such a powerful Magical Beast had actually decided to follow a rookie like Long Chen.

And that rookie was the one who he hated the most, causing him even more fury and enough jealousy to drive him crazy.

“Since you refuse to submit, then don’t blame me for being vicious! If it’s something I, Wu Qi, cannot obtain, then that Long Chen better not even think about getting it!”

Wu Qi ground his teeth as he looked at Little Snow who was still glaring back at him. Fury exploded within him, and he threw away his whip, taking out a sword.

The moment he raised his sword, he suddenly felt a chilling killing intent, a will that seemed to come straight from a death god, and a murderous bone blade slashed down on him.

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