Chapter 2198 The Martial Heaven Virtue Tablet

“The glow of a firefly dares to compete with the moon?”

Shi Changsheng sneered and collapsed his hands together. A light-sword shot out of his forehead, and at that moment, both Long Chen and Mo Nian felt an intense feeling of mortal danger.


The silver drake roared and clawed the light-sword, but its claw exploded, not even close to matching it. The light-sword continued toward Long Chen and Mo Nian.

Long Chen had no other choice but to block with Evilmoon. However, when the light-sword slammed into Evilmoon, he felt like his body was about to be torn apart. Some kind of energy invaded his body, and his arms almost exploded, turning into lumps of flesh.

“What kind of power is this?!” Long Chen cried out.

“This is the power of the heroic spirit. It is similar to the faith energy of gods. After being worshipped by the Stone race for so long, it has formed a kind of mental energy… watch out!” Mo Nian suddenly shot out golden arrows. The Blood Emperor had also attacked, waving his hand. Divine swords rained down on the two of them.

Mo Nian’s arrows might be able to suppress Xue Luocha, but now his attacks seemed incredibly weak in front of the Blood Emperor. Long Chen knew that Mo Nian’s physical body wasn’t strong, so he immediately stood in front of him. Long Chen began to slash the divine swords coming at him, but after just a dozen, he felt his arms growing numb. The energy within the light-swords was just too powerful.

“Split the Heavens 8!” Long Chen finally had a chance to attack and sent Evilmoon slashing toward the Blood Emperor.

A giant saber-image tore through the Blood Emperor, delighting Long Chen. But his smile quickly vanished. After the saber-image passed through the Blood Emperor, the Blood Emperor was completely unharmed.

“No need to waste the effort. They are ancient heroic spirits, not true bodies. They can’t be injured unless you also have a divine item containing faith energy. My Five Element Sun Hunting Bow possesses faith energy, but they aren’t giving me a chance to attack!” shouted Mo Nian. He was constantly shooting. Suddenly, his bow grew and the bowstring blocked the Stone Emperor’s attack. Although the Stone Emperor’s attack bounced off, Mo Nian almost died from the impact.

“Long Chen, thanks for letting me man up. Sorry for implicating you,” sighed Mo Nian.

“What are you saying? Even if you didn’t kill Xue Luocha, would you watch as I was killed by the Stone Emperor? Stop talking and focus on holding on!” said Long Chen angrily.

Under the torrent of attacks from two Emperors, every breath felt as long as a year. They were barely hanging on.

At this moment, Wilde charged toward the Stone Emperor, smashing his club at the Stone Emperor’s head. However, Wilde passed straight through his body, unable to injure him.

“Wilde, it’s useless!” shouted Long Chen.

“Then I can help you block.” Wilde actually appeared in front of a light-sword slashing toward Long Chen. He used his own body to take it.

“Don’t!” shouted Long Chen, but it was too late.

The light-sword pierced through Wilde’s chest. Even Wilde’s powerful body was unable to resist an Emperor’s attack.

“Brother Long, Wilde is too dumb to do anything else. But taking a sword for you is very easy.” Wilde still smiled foolishly even with blood dyeing his body. He seemed particularly happy to have helped Long Chen.

“Boss, I’m here too.” Guo Ran shot over, his golden sabers slashing onto one of the Blood Emperor’s attacks. As a result, he was smacked straight into the ground.

However, Guo Ran flew back quickly and continued to block some attacks for Long Chen. He was also unable to threaten an Emperor in the slightest, but his goal was the same as Wilde.

On the surface, Guo Ran seemed fine in his armor, but in reality, his armor was unable to fully insulate him from the power of these Emperors. Inside his armor, he was bleeding from his seven orifices but was still bitterly enduring.

Suddenly, a beautiful streak of Sword Qi soared into the sky and slashed toward the Blood Emperor. The Blood Emperor had been ignoring everyone’s attacks, but when Yue Zifeng’s sword slashed toward him, he actually dodged it.

“He’s afraid of Yue Zifeng’s Sword Qi!” exclaimed Long Chen. “Wilde, Guo Ran, work together to support Zifeng! Mo Nian, get ready to shoot.”

Long Chen pressed a palm against Mo Nian’s back, sending his spiritual yuan gushing into Mo Nian’s body. Mo Nian immediately understood. Yue Zifeng’s Sword Dao lay above the laws of this world and was able to threaten the Blood Emperor. This was their best chance to counterattack.

However, Yue Zifeng was a sword cultivator, and his physical body was weak. He definitely couldn’t endure an attack from the Blood Emperor.

Within Mo Nian’s manifestation, the two figures pressed a hand against Mo Nian’s back. The Five Element Sun Hunting Bow blazed with light. Space twisted, and murmuring began to resound throughout the air.

This murmuring included prayers, blessings, longing, reverence, and gratitude. This was the mental energy accumulated by Mo Gate’s worship toward their ancestors. Mo Nian was using his ancestral power.

An arrow left his bow. It was like a bolt of lightning, streaking toward the Blood Emperor.

Just as Wilde, Guo Ran, and Yue Zifeng drew the Blood Emperor’s attention, this arrow arrived in front of him. The Blood Emperor smashed a fist forward, and a brilliant explosion lit up the sky. However, Long Chen and Mo Nian’s hearts turned cold. The Blood Emperor still remained.

“How could this be?” Mo Nian’s expression was incredibly ugly.

“It’s fine. Even if we didn’t kill him, we have to have exhausted his mental energy. We still have a chance,” said Long Chen. “Zifeng, get out of here. We’ll be enough.”

Although Yue Zifeng was the only one here capable of threatening the two Emperors, the two Emperors had sensed his existence and would not allow him to get close. If he tried to force it, he might be instantly killed.

Just as Long Chen and the others were in a bitter battle, there was an even more terrifying battle in the distance. A giant stone tablet appeared in the sky. The stone tablet was so huge that the top of it seemed to be resting amongst the stars.

This giant tablet was the Martial Heaven Alliance’s greatest trump card: the Martial Heaven Virtue Tablet.

This was the divine item created on the day of the Martial Heaven Alliance’s founding. It was where the Martial Heaven Alliance’s faith gathered, the divine item that terrified the Corrupt path the most.

This divine item was full of energy and was covered in names, which represented some supreme experts of the Martial Heaven Alliance. They had died in battles against the Corrupt path and had had their names recorded here so that their descendants would remember their accomplishments.

However, not every name carved into the tablet died in battle. Some of them had carved their names into the tablet just before they died, leaving all the energy they had left in the tablet.

After countless years, countless experts had poured their life’s power into the tablet. As for how much power had been accumulated, no one knew. All people knew was that this was the most terrifying divine item of the Martial Heaven Alliance, the supreme martial weapon that intimidated the Corrupt path.

When Qu Jianying had seen Long Chen in danger, she had stopped caring about anything else. Along with the four Grand Elders, she had summoned the Martial Heaven Virtue Tablet.

Even Qu Jianying did not have absolute authority over this divine item. It also required the approval of the four Grand Elders.

Unless things reached a point where there was absolutely no other choice, the Martial Heaven Virtue Tablet could not be used. That was a rule created with its creation and the founding of the alliance. The energy accumulated within the tablet could only be used at a critical juncture dictating the survival of the very Righteous path.

Every bit of energy stored inside this divine item could only be used once. Every bit that was used up would be gone forever. That energy was the result of countless ancestors pouring their remaining life into it before their deaths. Their ancestors had entrusted this to them, so they couldn’t use it randomly.

Although this was not truly a time where the Righteous path was about to be destroyed, Long Chen was the greatest hope of the Righteous path. If he died, it would be a huge blow to the Righteous path. Using the Martial Heaven Virtue Tablet now was definitely correct.

As soon as the Martial Heaven Virtue Tablet appeared, Xie Wentian called back the Corrupt God Ancient Tower, sending it toward the tablet. “You think you can save Long Chen? Keep dreaming!”

The Corrupt path’s experts knelt and began to chant piously, causing the Corrupt God Ancient Tower to blaze with an evil light. That evil light stretched toward the Martial Heaven Virtue Tablet.


That evil light exploded on contact with the Martial Heaven Virtue Tablet. It was unable to shake it in the slightest.

At this moment, a golden furnace appeared, and a majestic aura burst out of it. Yu Xiaoyun had taken out the Daynight Furnace.

The Xuan Beasts’ Peng Wanli, the ancient family alliance’s Di Long, the ancient races’ Long Juncang, and the Bloodkill Hall’s Zhong Ziyang also took out their own divine items.

The Dongfang family’s head shouted, “Long Chen colluded with the original devil race and guided the qi flow stream here to interfere with the Sovereign seal, throwing the entire Martial Heaven Continent into danger. He must be executed. The Martial Heaven Alliance refuses to see the truth, so don’t blame us for being ruthless.”

A tiny golden bell appeared in his hand. It rapidly grew larger, and as it did, divine music rang out.

“The center of the bell is actually the Heavenly Music Stone!” exclaimed the experts that had attended the gathering of past and present heroes.

“This is another priceless treasure of the Dongfang family, the Heavenly Soul Bell! It’s said its power is even above the Astral Ancient Castle!” 

Qu Jianying was fully infuriated. “Fuck your dogshit excuses. Everyone can clearly see what kind of person Long Chen is! Even if you have to slander him, can’t you think of a better excuse? How does destroying the Martial Heaven Continent benefit him? Since you’ve shown your true shameless faces, let’s just fight to the end!”

Even the Dongfang family’s people had thrown their support to Pill Valley’s story about Long Chen being an irredeemable villain. There was no need for any further explanations then. People faking sleep could never be awoken no matter how you shouted into their ears.

The Martial Heaven Virtue Tablet unleashed a wave of divine light. Countless different auras existed within it, and they ignited, unleashing a wave of power that smashed against the many divine items on the other side. Rumbling shook the world, and the entire Martial Heaven Continent shook.

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