Chapter 2197 Stone Emperor, Blood Emperor

Shi Lingfeng was besieged by the sea demons, and he was infuriated that they were attacking him.

He furiously exchanged a head-on clash with one of the sea demons’ five top experts who had awakened heavens’ soul manifestations. The result was that they both retreated.

“Watch out!” warned Kun Pengzi. He had noticed Long Chen silently appear behind Shi Lingfeng. He wanted to go help, but he was blocked by the sea demons.

He didn’t really care about Shi Lingfeng. They were simply joining hands against a common enemy. But since the enemy of my enemy is my friend, he worried about how to handle Long Chen without Shi Lingfeng in the picture.

Shi Lingfeng turned around thanks to Kun Pengzi’s warning. He only managed to see Long Chen smile coldly at him and slash Evilmoon down.

Shi Lingfeng went all-out defending, only to have both arms break from Long Chen’s saber. At the same time, Long Chen stamped his foot into Shi Lingfeng’s chest and brought him flying through the air, blasting through any sea demons in their way.

Shi Lingfeng roared, trying to struggle. But Long Chen’s foot was in his chest and he had no arms to fight with. 

Long Chen was bringing Shi Lingfeng outside the army of sea demons, causing Kun Pengzi and the others’ expressions to completely change. They immediately tried to go save him. Facing Long Chen alone, Shi Lingfeng would probably only be able to last a few exchanges.

Lightning wings appeared on Long Chen’s back, increasing his speed. He quickly charged out of the sea demons and slammed Shi Lingfeng into the ground.

Upon contact with the ground, his arms quickly regrew. However, just at that moment, Evilmoon slashed through his neck, sending his head flying.

Long Chen caught Shi Lingfeng’s head. For a moment, everyone was simply stunned. The Stone race’s experts paused midway before rushing over.

Power gathered in Long Chen’s palm. That explosive power would make Shi Lingfeng’s head explode with just a thought.

“Long Chen, don’t!”

Beitang Rushuang and Nangong Zuiyue cried out at almost the same time. Qu Jianying’s expression was also nervous. She wanted to say something, but the old man shook his head, not letting her waste the effort.

“Long Chen, I don’t believe you dare to kill me.” Even with just his head, with his life in Long Chen’s hands, Shi Lingfeng was curiously confident.

“Oh?” Long Chen raised Shi Lingfeng’s head to eye level.

“If you kill me, my Stone race’s ancestral heroic spirit, Shi Changsheng, will appear. I’ve awakened a heavens’ soul manifestation and have linked up with his ancestral spirit. If I die, he will manifest here and slaughter all of you. None of you can stop him. Hehe, that’s why I can kill you, but you can’t kill me. Are you angry? Depressed? Hahahaha!” Shi Lingfeng laughed.

“Long Chen, he’s telling the truth. If you kill him, Shi Changsheng’s heroic spirit will appear. No one is capable of stopping him. But even though you can’t kill him, you can imprison him,” said Beitang Rushuang.

Long Chen smiled to Beitang Rushuang in thanks. Beitang Rushuang relaxed, only for her heart to turn cold in the next instant.

Long Chen said, “I don’t know if you’ve heard this but… in this world, there is nothing that I, Long Chen, do not dare do.”

Long Chen squeezed his hand, and Shi Lingfeng’s head exploded. Everything went deathly silent. Even the army of sea demons stopped and rushed over to the side of the Six Horn Sea Serpent man.

“Count yourself vicious. Little fellow, if you don’t die today, we’ll settle this debt in the future.” The Six Horn Sea Serpent man was also seemingly affected and brought the sea demon army running away.

“This bastard really caused a calamity! Who can stop the Stone Emperor’s heroic spirit?!” Qu Jianying began to panic. 

At the spot where Shi Lingfeng’s head was, a golden rune floated. That golden rune began to tremble with a terrifying might.

“It’s over. Long Chen has gone crazy. No one can save him.” Beitang Rushuang held her head helplessly.

Long Chen suddenly vanished. A moment later, a black bolt of lightning slashed down on a distant battlefield.

“What?! He wants to kill Xue Luocha as well?!”

Xue Luocha and Mo Nian were in an intense fight when Long Chen suddenly arrived. Her expression completely changed. She had seen what he had just done and knew he was crazy. Having killed Shi Lingfeng, he would have no misgivings about killing her. Hence, her manifestation trembled, and the meteor hammer suddenly whipped through the air at him.


Long Chen’s saber slashed onto the meteor hammer, causing sparks to fly. But Xue Luocha’s giant figure had vanished.

“Want to run? Keep dreaming.” Mo Nian sneered and suddenly raised his bow. His bow began to grow larger and larger until it entered his manifestation. The two people in his manifestation worked together, one holding the bow and one pulling back the string.

An arrow flew out, crashing through the void. As a result, a large figure appeared out of the collapsed space. She was covered in blood, her hair disheveled. She had summoned a blood shield just now, but it had been broken by Mo Nian’s arrow.

Xue Luocha’s figure had only just appeared when Long Chen sent Evilmoon slashing toward her head.

Her head flew into the air. Mo Nian’s bow was drawn, but he hesitated.

“Mo Nian, as a man, you have to settle debts of gratitude and enmity. Don’t forget why you cultivate,” shouted Long Chen.

He knew that Mo Nian had misgivings about the Blood Emperor appearing. That would also further implicate Long Chen, but Long Chen wasn’t worried about this.

Mo Nian took a deep breath and unleashed his arrow.


Xue Luocha’s head exploded. The daughter of the Blood Emperor was dead, and a rune appeared where her head had been.

The two runes rumbled. A frightening killing intent burst out of them.

All the experts present suddenly felt a divine pressure on them, one that made them feel an urge to prostrate themselves.

Two figures appeared at almost the same time. The Stone race’s and the Xue family’s experts all kowtowed toward them.

“Stone Emperor!”

“Blood Emperor!”

They piously kowtowed, not daring to raise their heads.

The Stone Emperor was a giant. The Blood Emperor wore a golden crown. Both of them emitted a terrifying pressure, the pressure of Emperors. They were identical to the figures within Shi Lingfeng and Xue Luocha’s manifestations.

The two of them did not possess physical bodies. They were simply ancient heroic spirits who had been prayed to and offered sacrifices by their people, allowing them to maintain the slightest bit of their soul essence to maintain their descendant’s karmic luck.

However, when their heirs died, their soul essence appeared. After awakening heavens’ soul manifestations, their soul essence had become linked to their descendants, and as a result, after their descendants died, their soul essence would also quickly dissipate.

Before all their soul essence was gone, they would have a chance to unleash their power in a furious reprisal for the deaths of their descendants.

“You dared to kill my descendant. You have some guts. I will kill you today, using your blood and soul to curse everyone related to you.” Shi Changsheng reached out a giant hand at Long Chen. He clearly knew who had killed Shi Lingfeng.

“My guts have always been big. As for killing me, does a trace of soul essence really dare to say such big words?” Long Chen sneered, and a giant lightning portal appeared behind him. Lightning gushed out of it, and the drake king appeared.

“Long Chen, you’ve gotten stronger once more. The spatial channel is finally stable enough for my true body to appear. That arrogant little bastard from last time, I’ll kill him with one swat!” The drake king began to roar, his voice resounded through the air like thunder.

“That little bastard is nothing. He’s just a small fish now. The big fish is right there. Can you kill him?” Long Chen pointed to Shi Changsheng.

Shi Changsheng looked at the silver drake king and disdainfully said, “Nothing more than a spirit of a paragon art. I’ll erase you from this world.” He spread his hands, and divine light shone down, eclipsing the sun. 

“You dare to look down on me?!” The drake king roared and sent his tail whipping toward him.


Shi Changsheng’s hand slammed into the drake king’s tail. Lighting crashed in every direction. Long Chen was shocked to see the drake king’s tail explode upon contact with Shi Changsheng’s palm.


On the other side, Mo Nian had used some secret art to retreat from the Blood Emperor, but he was coughing up blood.

“Mo Nian, get over here!” Long Chen sent a lightning chain that pulled Mo Nian into the sea of lightning. The lighting could exhaust the power of these ancestral spirits rapidly, making them dissipate sooner.

He had no intention of defeating these two Emperor spirits. Those were existences that had challenged the Sovereigns. Long Chen wasn’t so conceited. He just wanted to exhaust their energy and have them naturally dissipate, so his only goal was stalling.

“Drake king, I’ll give you all my thunderforce. You have to stall them!” Long Chen transmitted Lei Long’s divine lightning energy to the silver drake king.

“Alright!” The drake king was quite loyal, and even facing two terrifying Emperor spirits, it didn’t retreat. With the support of Lei Long’s energy, it began to grow and grow. At the same time, more lightning drakes came flying out of the channel.

“Using my status as ruler of the lightning domain, I’ll have a fight with you two!”

The drake king roared, bringing forth all the lightning domain’s power to the Martial Heaven Continent.

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