Chapter 2193 Twelfth Heavenstage of Life Star (Teaser)


Shi Lingfeng laughed wildly as a giant figure stood behind him. That was an expert of the stone race covered in crystals. There was a third eye on his forehead. His gaze was icy, and a terrifying pressure came from him.

“The three-eyed Stone Emperor, Shi Changsheng.”

The senior generation cried out as they recognized the person within Shi Lingfeng’s manifestation. That was Shi Changsheng.

“Stone Forest Manifests Long Life!”

Shi Lingfeng shouted. His manifestation rumbled as immense power shot out of it. Mountains collapsed, and even the qi flow stream he was in twisted.

When Shi Lingfeng shouted the name of his manifestation, the wind and clouds flickered. A sacred energy came from Shi Lingfeng.

At this time, Long Chen wasn’t paying attention to anything outside himself. He was still crazily consuming pills. Another explosion came from his body, and his flesh split open.

“The eleventh Heavenstage! Good! I hope I...

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