Chapter 2192 Crazy Advancements

“What is it?” asked the old man and the others.

“The Dragonblood Legion’s warriors have raised their cultivation bases very high. The majority have even reached the fifth or sixth Heavenstage. They only have a limited amount of room to grow, while many of the disciples in the other powers are still in the first Heavenstage. When everyone has reached the ninth Heavenstage, there will be a large gap between them,” said Qu Jianying.

The old man nodded. This truly was a problem, but at this time, there was no way to change anything.

At first, no one had known when the qi flow eruption would occur. Was it really possible to not cultivate all that time? What if the eruption didn’t occur for a hundred years? Were they supposed to wait a century?

Everyone had only stopped cultivating when the phenomenon indicating that the qi flow eruption was coming had occurred. However, many of the Martial Heaven Continent’s experts had reached the fourth or fifth Heavenstage before that. Some people had even reached the eighth. Who were those people supposed to complain to?

Every advancement you made within the qi flow stream would give you a huge boost in power. It would strengthen your manifestation and astral space. If one person made one advancement and another person made eight advancements, a huge power gap would appear between them. That was what Qu Jianying was worried about.

In the current battle, the Dragonblood warriors had an advantage with their cultivation bases. But once everyone’s cultivation bases rose in the qi flow stream, that advantage would become a disadvantage.

“Don’t worry, this is a problem Long Chen has definitely thought of. He has all kinds of crazy ideas,” said the old man.

All the experts in the qi flow streams were doing their best to blast through the Heavenstages. They were like people about to die of thirst, a thirst that could only be quenched by absorbing the qi flow.

“Dongfang Yuyang has reached the fifth Heavenstage! He’s so fast!” exclaimed someone from the Martial Heaven Alliance.

To go from the first Heavenstage to the fifth Heavenstage, Dongfang Yuyang had only used half an incense stick’s worth of time.

“Long Chen had also reached the fourth Heavenstage. But will he really be alright?” Qu Jianying’s voice shuddered.

In the distance, Long Chen was stuffing medicinal pills into his mouth with both hands. Sometimes he would choke and need a mouthful of wine to stuff the pills down.

Even someone with as much experience as Qu Jianying shivered. The power of top grade eleventh tier pills was not to be underestimated. Not even the body of a Xuan Beast would be able to endure so many.

Long Chen hadn’t stopped stuffing his face since the start. That appearance was too shocking.

“Where did he get so many medicinal pills from?!” People were both shocked and envious. All those medicinal pills had been used up by Long Chen. For others, a top grade eleventh tier pill would be a priceless treasure. Some people had prepared one or two of those pills and had yet to consume them because they were saving them for the final breakthrough to the ninth Heavenstage.

On the other hand, Long Chen was consuming such treasures like they were food. People guessed that it was due to the support of the Huayun Sect.

In the distance, the Huayun Sect’s disciples were spread out, standing within the unremarkable small streams of qi flow. Without paying attention, they almost seemed invisible.

The Huayun Sect didn’t wish to fight. They had brought hundreds of thousands of disciples, all very low key. They were quietly absorbing the qi flow from the outer streams.

“Fuck, how can they be so fast?!” Long Chen was raging inside as he crazily consumed pills. His cultivation base had reached the fifth Heavenstage, but Dongfang Yuyang and the others had reached the seventh.

He was already going as fast as he could. The Swallow the Heavens, Devour the Earth divine ability that Evilmoon had given him was at max power.

The pills he was consuming were all top grade tribulation pills. If it was anyone else, consuming ten at the same time would make them explode from the energy inside.

Those pills were being sucked into his body like a flood. His 108,000 astral spaces grew larger and larger, but even like this, he wasn’t able to keep up with Dongfang Yuyang and the others.

This was Long Chen’s fastest advancement throughout history. With his divine ring behind him, the qi flow was rapidly being absorbed. Although he couldn’t sense the blessing of the heavens, he could feel the energy of the qi flow mixing with the medicinal energy, multiplying his speed.

“Faster, faster, faster…”

Long Chen was starting to panic. If the qi flow eruption came to an end, he would not get a chance to advance so quickly anymore.

In that case, Dongfang Yuyang and the others would have reached the Netherpassage realm, while he would be stuck in the Life Star realm.

“I have to go all-out!”

Long Chen suddenly took out a barrel that was filled with Life Star Pills, all top grade. Others almost ran over to snatch that barrel from his hands when they saw those pills.

After that, Long Chen poured all those pills into his mouth.

“Does he want to die?!” cried one of the Elders of the Martial Heaven Alliance.

Rumbling rang out within Long Chen’s body. The clothes on his upper body exploded, revealing his seemingly thin but extremely powerful body. His blood vessels began to bulge visibly under his skin. It was even possible to see his blood flowing rapidly within him. The sound of his blood was like ten thousand horses stampeding.

“Hmph, using external force is just a crooked cheat. He’ll be the one to suffer in the end,” sneered someone. Throughout all of history, no one had dared to consume so many pills at the same time.

Perhaps Long Chen did have some secret art to absorb those pills, but using external force to explosively grow one’s power like this was not in accordance with the Heavenly Daos. There would definitely be some issues in the future.

The Dragonblood warriors quickly reached the ninth Heavenstage. At that point, they could no longer continue advancing.

Upon reaching the ninth Heavenstage, it was time to attempt breaking through to Netherpassage. Before that though, they needed some time to comprehend life and death energy.

If they went straight to the full circle of Life Star, they wouldn’t be leaving themselves enough time for that comprehension. Their cultivation base would then surpass their mental realm. That was a great taboo of cultivation.

The Dragonblood warriors opened their eyes and felt their new power coursing through their veins. In particular, their astral spaces were many times larger than before.

The Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race’s disciples had also advanced. Contrary to humans, the Xuan Beasts’ advancements mostly focused on their physical body and purifying their bloodlines. The higher their cultivation bases grew, the purer their bloodlines became.

The stronger they were, the stronger their descendants would be. Many of their powerful divine abilities could be transmitted through their bloodlines, which could benefit their descendants.

Amongst the Dragonblood Legion, there was one person that was particularly special. From the start, he had just been sitting there, his head drooping. At this time, there was a sonorous snoring sound coming from him.

“Even at this time, he can sleep. Wilde’s really innocent.” Guo Ran felt a bit of envy. Wilde didn’t feel the slightest nervousness about sleeping here. Perhaps he was the one with the happiest life.

After eating his fill, Wilde usually fell asleep. When he woke, he usually ate. Due to a lack of battles, he had managed to save up plenty of rations. He was now in a cycle of eating and sleeping, sleeping and eating. During this process, his body continued to get stronger.

Even sitting, he was almost as tall as everyone standing. His aura only continued to grow more terrifying. Everyone in the Dragonblood Legion envied him. All Wilde had to do was eat and sleep while they cultivated as if their lives depended on it.

Long Chen continued taking out more and more barrels of medicinal pills, making people crazy. They suspected that they were in a dream. Since when did the Martial Heaven Continent have so many top grade eleventh tier pills?

Every barrel had to contain several hundred thousand top grade pills. Most rank nine Celestials didn’t even have one such pill. Only Empyreans with awakened manifestations were qualified to possess one or two such pills.

Most of those pills had been purchased from Pill Valley and the Huayun Sect at a high price. They had been prepared specifically for the qi flow eruption.

Long Chen’s cultivation base soared. He went straight to the sixth, seventh, eighth, and then ninth Heavenstage.

At the ninth Heavenstage, blood began to leak out of his skin. This crazy advancement was too much for his body.

Ignoring that, he continued consuming pills. His eyes were scarlet, looking like he had gone insane. This was a sign of pill toxins overwhelming him.

It was sometimes said that top grade pills didn’t have pill toxins and could be consumed without worry.

However, in reality, every pill was part medicine and part poison. Even top grade pills were not an exception. It was just that their toxic effect was so small that it was usually irrelevant.

Eating one could be ignored. But eating hundreds of thousands all at once made it significant. As those pills’ toxins accumulated, they only grew worse.

However, Long Chen had no time to expel those toxins. Others were done upon reaching the ninth Heavenstage, but he wasn’t. The final three Heavenstages of the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art were the ones that required the most energy. 

He continued taking out barrels. Suddenly, an explosion came from his body, and his skin split open. Blood covered his body.

Upon reaching the tenth Heavenstage, his body immediately began to fall apart. But he didn’t stop.

“Long Chen, have you gone crazy?! You have to stop!” shouted Qu Jianying.

Long Chen indicated to her not to worry and continued stuffing himself with pills. At this time, several terrifying auras rose. Dongfang Yuyang and the others had advanced to the ninth Heavenstage of Life Star.

Dongfang Yuyang, Ximen Tianxiong, Kun Pengzi, Tian Xiezi, Shi Lingfeng, Xue Luocha, Nangong Zuiyue, Beitang Rushuang, all the experts on that level had advanced. Mo Nian had as well.

However, compared to other people, their advancements were a bit different. Their manifestations began to transform.

Their manifestations became full of life and color.

“Spirit Blood activates, talent awakens, manifestation achieves spirituality…”

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