Chapter 219 Heaven Earth Alliance Gathers

Long Chen slapped Qi Xin unconscious with a single palm. With his bone blade on his shoulder, he then dragged Qi Xin by his hair down the mountain.

Wilde put his club back on his back and followed closely behind him. That huge club didn’t seem heavy at all to him.

Even once the two of them had left, everyone was still speechless. Although they hadn’t known Long Chen for long, it seemed he had completely changed after returning from his exile.

He was now like a rust-covered blade that had been unsheathed and polished, revealing its domineering sharp side.

And those ruthless killing blows of his gave them such a sense of pressure that they were completely intimidated. They didn’t even have a desire to fight back.

One hand holding his bone blade, one hand dragging the unconscious Qi Xin; Long Chen’s domineering image would forever be imprinted in their memories.

Today, Qi Xin had invited Gu Yang and Lei Qianshang over to drink and had told the two of them what he had secretly done.

From the patrolling disciples that had gone outside, he had learned that Little Snow’s tracks had been found outside the monastery. But Little Snow only roamed around randomly and didn’t fight with anyone. There was also no one brazen enough to go provoke Little Snow.

Although they had advanced to the Tendon Transformation realm, Little Snow was a Scarlet Flame Snow Wolf which was an overlord amongst third rank Magical Beasts. They were still not brave enough to go provoke him.

He had learned about his existence while Long Chen had been exiled, but he hadn’t done anything due to his own lack of strength. But this time, Long Chen had returned and miserably defeated them, causing them to lose face. Qi Xin had immediately thought of Little Snow.

They might not be able to defeat Little Snow, but others could. And so Qi Xin had thought about Wu Qi who had fought with Long Chen.

He had secretly told Wu Qi that Long Chen had a third rank Scarlet Flame Snow Wolf as a mount that was staying on the outer border of the monastery.

Wu Qi had immediately gathered two of his fellow senior disciples and gone to capture Little Snow. But he had clearly underestimated Little Snow and the three of them had ended up a bit injured.

In any case, Qi Xin’s sinister scheme had succeeded. He had been hoping to have Long Chen fight against Wu Qi when he went to get Little Snow.

Qi Xin had heard that Long Chen had mobilized his entire alliance to go look for Little Snow today, and so he had invited the other two to watch him fight Wu Qi.

But the three of them had only just gathered when Long Chen had come for him. And the result was that he didn’t get to watch any good show and was instead beaten into his miserable state.

The entire crowd was silent as they looked at each other. No one had any idea what they should do. Should they stay, should they leave?

Gu Yang slowly struggled up. It went without saying that his body really was incredibly powerful for him to still be able to stand.

“You guys go back for now,” he told everyone. Only then did they return to their own immortal caves. Some people already began to gather their luggage.

That was because they had realized that they no longer wished to remain here. Their leader had been dragged away like a dead dog. The entire faction had lost all its face.

Furthermore, they had all seen Qi Xin go crazy just now, causing them to shudder. If this continued, Long Chen and Qi Xin would forever be arch-enemies.

The two of them had reached a state where neither would rest before the other was dead. But when comparing the two, everyone believed Long Chen would be the last one standing.

What kind of joke had Qi Xin been trying to play? Long Chen was someone who had walked out of the graveyard of the exiled, the first one ever! He actually wanted to scheme against such a person? Wasn’t that just asking for death?

The current Long Chen was like a rising star. With the Heaven Earth Faction at the head of the five-faction Heaven Earth Alliance, not a single power could shake him.

Even a blind person would have been able to see this situation. But Qi Xin was blinded by his own jealousy and had actually done something like this. There was no medicine in the world that could save him now.

Of the three alliances, the Heaven Earth Alliance was clearly the strongest. The second strongest was them for now. But they were mortal enemies with Long Chen.

With Long Chen present, they couldn’t even think about rising again. And as for Guan Wennan’s side, they had always maintained their neutrality. As long as they weren’t idiots, there was no way they would help them out.

Then the future was already completely clear. The Heaven Earth Alliance’s five factions would monopolize the top five ranks, and the rest would be left for Guan Wennan’s alliance. As for them, well, as long as Long Chen was still alive, they shouldn’t even have any hopes of growing.

Since there was no way they could rise as they were, they might as well leave their faction. Even if they weren’t disciples of a faction, they could still complete a couple of missions. Although it wouldn’t be as much as in a faction, it was at least better than being enemies with Long Chen.

Being enemies with someone like Long Chen who was like a death god required more than just courage. Furthermore, they didn’t even have any courage for that at all.

Seeing everyone scatter, Gu Yang swallowed a medicinal pill, suppressing his wounds. He sighed.

Just Long Chen was already so frightening, but now a monster even more frightening than Long Chen had appeared. They really were without the slightest bit of hope anymore.

Gu Yang couldn’t help but feel some regret. Back then, he really had been too arrogant to want to rely on his martial might to forcibly subdue Tang Wan-er and her people.

Originally, he had disdained doing something like putting traitors inside their factions, but after Qi Xin’s urging, he had agreed to it in the end.

But now because of Qi Xin, both sides had ended up becoming mortal enemies. Long Chen’s sudden rise had caused their future prospects to become dark and dismal.

“How are you?” Gu Yang pulled up Lei Qianshang.

“I’ve received a backlash from thunderforce. I’ll probably need to recuperate for quite a while,” said Lei Qianshang gravely.

“How is that possible?” Gu Yang was shocked. He knew that while Lei Qianshang wasn’t as strong as him, he was definitely extremely formidable and tough.

But most shocking of all was that he had been struck by a thunderforce backlash. That was practically unbelievable, as he was a lightning cultivator.

Lei Qianshang smiled bitterly, “It’s true. I don’t know how Long Chen did it, but his thunderforce is incomparably violent. That punch of his not only broke apart my lightning blade, but it also caused my own thunderforce in my body to go berserk, giving me a backlash.”

Long Chen’s punch had broken Lei Qianshang’s arrogance. This was the first time he felt himself to be completely insignificant.

“Since there’s nothing else we can do, eat a medicinal pill to temporarily suppress your injuries. Let’s go take a look. I think Long Chen won’t leave this matter as is. He’ll very likely go find those law enforcers for trouble.”

Gu Yang sighed. His arms were both broken. He should have directly gone to the Healing Hall, but he didn’t want to miss seeing Long Chen’s vengeance.

He had sensed that Long Chen’s killing intent this time was even more terrifying than last time. His intuition told him something major was about to happen.

Lei Qianshang nodded and consumed a medicinal pill, suppressing his injuries. Together, he and Gu Yang walked in the direction Long Chen had gone.

Within the Xuantian plaza, the Heaven Earth Alliance’s five factions had all gathered. Everyone’s nerves were stretched taut, but there was also an indescribable excitement.

Previously, Long Chen had led them to completely defeat Gu Yang’s alliance, allowing them to release a great deal of their suppressed anger. That kind of comfortable feeling was something hard to put into words.

Now that they heard that Qi Xin had begun to plot behind their backs. Everyone was preparing themselves to fight Qi Xin’s side.

“Wan-er, did Long Chen really say not to go over there? Qi Xin has so many people under him. I’m worried Long Chen won’t be able to handle them all,” said Ye Zhiqiu.

After all, Long Chen was just one person. One person in front of one hundred experts would definitely be at a disadvantage.

“Long Chen didn’t go alone. He also has his brother.” Tang Wan-er shook her head when she remembered Wilde’s giant figure.

Although Wilde didn’t say much, that powerful pressure from his body was something that even made a powerful expert like her have difficulty breathing

It was obvious to her that Wilde was a truly terrifying expert. With him by Long Chen’s side, there was no need to worry. The only thing to worry about was whether or not Qi Xin had already been killed by Long Chen.

“That Qi Xin really is trash. During the first battle, he set up traitors, a completely shameless despicable action.

“Then, even though his side was clearly stronger and had already snatched all the flags, he actually broke the bones of all our disciples, completely insulting us.

“Now that Long Chen has returned, he paid them back tooth for a tooth, eye for an eye, defeating them openly. But then they actually made such a plot. If I was Long Chen, I would definitely kill him with a single slap,” said Luo Cang angrily.

When he finished speaking, he sensed the atmosphere had turned strange. He turned to see Song Mingyuan, Li Qi, Ye Zhiqiu, and Tang Wan-er all staring at him.

“Did I say something wrong?” asked Luo Cang at a loss.

Song Mingyuan shook his head, worriedly saying, “If even you want to kill Qi Xin like that, then I really don’t know if Long Chen will be able to restrain himself.”

Only then did Luo Cang realize the real problem. “Aiya, that’s true! With Long Chen’s temperament, he’ll probably directly cut off his head. No, we have to hurry up and go stop him.”

Tang Wan-er shook her head. “It’s useless. Long Chen’s already been gone for a quarter hour. Even if we went now, it’d be too late.”

They descended into silence. Last time, Long Chen had killed five outer disciples and been exiled to the rubble wasteland.

If Long Chen really did kill a core disciple, then that would be much more troublesome. Everyone was filled with hatred.

Qi Xin really was a piece of dogshit. If you didn’t step on him, then he’d constantly release his stink. But if you did step on him, crap would splatter across you. You couldn’t avoid it, but you also couldn’t kick it away.

“People are coming!”

Suddenly, a disciple cried out. There were quite a few disciples rushing over to the Xuantian plaza.

Amongst them were several core disciples. People saw Guan Wennan and his people. They clearly had been disturbed and come to watch the action.

As time passed, more and more people gathered. The originally empty plaza became incredibly lively.

There were also several people from Gu Yang’s alliance who had come. Seeing that the Heaven Earth Alliance had all gathered here, they were startled and immediately realized something was wrong.

There were over a thousand disciples standing in the distance, quietly guessing what was going on. All they knew was that the Heaven Earth Alliance had gathered here. Those disciples had yet to hear anything else.

But it wasn’t that difficult to guess why the Heaven Earth Alliance had made such a large movement. As everyone was guessing, they saw two figures walking over.

When everyone saw who they were, whether it was people from the Heaven Earth Alliance or other factions, whether it was core disciples or outer disciples, they were all completely shocked and awed, their eyes almost popping out of their sockets.

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