Chapter 2188 Sea Demon Race

The roaring of giant dragons resounded through the air. The manifestations of over twelve thousand Dragonblood warriors resonated with each other.

Upon unleashing a stroke of their swords, a wave of Sword Qi slashed through their enemies. Having summoned their Dragon Blood Battle Armor, the Dragonblood warriors were terrifyingly powerful.

The first wave of incoming experts was the strongest. Some of them were able to endure the wave of Sword Qi. Some were not and were blown away.

As a result, when the second wave struck, without those top experts taking it, the people behind them turned green. Some of them didn’t even have a chance to run and were directly killed by the second wave of Sword qi. The rest were still reeling from the first attack and didn’t manage to recover in time for the second.

However, when the third wave came, their expressions changed.

“Fuck, it’s that technique that Long Chen just used!”

Those experts thought of how Long Chen had combined the power of the first eight forms of Split the Heavens until he managed to send the Dongfang family’s precious treasure flying.

Now they saw that the Dragonblood warriors’ attacks were the same. Every wave was more terrifying than the last. The third wave was the strongest.

Ten thousand streaks of Sword Qi merged into one, becoming a powerful wave that made the experts at the front regret charging forward. Now they didn’t even have a chance to run. They could only go all-out.

With the Dragonblood Legion at the center, a circular wave of Sword Qi annihilated tens of thousands of experts.

Within the attack range, only a few hundred isolated experts had been able to survive. Those were powerful supreme geniuses of the ancient era, but now they were horrified. The power of the Dragonblood Legion had surpassed their expectations.

They saw the problem now. The Dragonblood Legion’s manifestations were linked, allowing them to merge their power. In their wave attacks, although the power looked to be evenly distributed, many of the Dragonblood warriors actually focused on them. If these attacks continued, they would be doomed. 

When the power of over ten thousand Dragonblood warriors gathered together, it was truly terrifying. For a moment, those supreme geniuses didn’t dare to advance. They were afraid of death. But they also didn’t dare to retreat because they would be laughed at. They just stood there, not knowing what to do.

The ground was dyed red by the fresh blood of these powerful experts. Those were no ordinary people but Empyreans with awakened manifestations.

The leaders of the various powers were infuriated at this sight. Every powerful Empyrean cost a huge amount of resources to raise. 

“What do we do? With how powerful the Dragonblood Legion is, if we just charge in, there will be massive casualties. It’s not worth it,” said Long Juncang, the leader of the ancient races.

No one had expected over ten thousand people to awaken identical manifestations. Their power linked them into a killing formation with immense power.

“Palace master Zhong, isn’t it time for your Bloodkill Hall’s disciples to make their move?” demanded Xie Wentian.

The Bloodkill Hall had naturally come. There were over three thousand elders standing there. Amongst all the factions that had come, they numbered the fewest.

However, the Bloodkill Hall did not win through numbers. The intimidation factor of so many assassins was extremely great. These elders were all Netherpassage experts, and they were wearing cloaks that covered their faces.

The Bloodkill Hall’s master, Zhong Ziyang, indifferently said, “The Bloodkill Hall’s disciples will only make their move at the optimal time. Before that time, they won’t. This is the iron law of assassins.”

Xie Wentian snorted. “Are you saying that we acted rashly resulting in our losses?”

Xie Wentian’s voice clearly contained a provoking tone. He was very dissatisfied with Zhong Ziyang’s actions.

“I didn’t say that. It seems that master Xie is too sensitive.” Zhong Ziyang shook his head.

“Don’t act so indifferent as if this isn’t your fault. You still haven’t given an explanation as to why the Bloodkill Hall’s people never showed up last time! Now that everyone else is attacking, not one of the Bloodkill Hall’s disciples has appeared. Are you planning on hiding forever?!” shouted Xie Wentian.

Xie Wentian was the most furious of these leaders. His original plan was for Tian Xiezi to put on a powerful show and kill Long Chen, destroying the Righteous path’s morale.

However, the Corrupt God Ancient Tower had been heavily injured, while Tian Xiezi was blocked by Ye Zhiqiu.

Now, even their combined armies were too frightened to advance in the face of the Dragonblood Legion. Tens of thousands of them were slain in just one attack.

The last time that Xie Wentian was referring to was when the Pill Fairy had taken action to keep Long Chen in the End of the Heavens Valley. According to the agreement, the Bloodkill Hall was supposed to assist and make sure that Long Chen stayed behind.

However, the Bloodkill Hall’s divine daughter, Dong Mingyu, never appeared, and Long Chen ended up escaping.

Now that this matter was brought up once more, everyone’s gaze turned on Zhong Ziyang. He had to give an explanation.

Zhong Ziyang smiled. “The divine daughter is the disciple of the Killing God, while we are just the Killing God’s servants. How could I possibly manage the divine daughter’s affairs? As for why she didn’t attack at that time, I’m not qualified to ask. But I trust that the divine daughter has her own plans. So don’t point your spears at me. We are only collaborating, and we are not required to follow your orders. Also, I don’t like when people act big in front of me.”

“You…” Xie Wentian’s fury rose to an even greater height.

“The two of you, now isn’t the time to argue about that matter. It’s already done, so don’t bring it up again. The two of you are overlords of the Martial Heaven Continent. Don’t you think arguing here will make you laughingstocks? Let’s focus on how to attack,” interjected Yu Xiaoyun. “May I ask if the Dongfang family and the Ximen family have any opinions?”

The Dongfang and Ximen families were not far. They could count as being on their side.

“How could I have any opinions? The Dongfang family has always stood aloof from worldly affairs. We are only forced to take action because Long Chen is attempting to topple the Martial Heaven Continent. As for any plans or schemes, I’m sorry, but I don’t have a mind for such things,” said the Dongfang family’s head.

As for the head of the Ximen family, he didn’t say anything. It seemed that he couldn’t even bother associating with them.

“At this time, we can only ask the Bloodkill Hall’s assassins to cause chaos in their interior and break their formation. That’s the only way for the rest of us to charge in without huge casualties,” said Xie Wentian coldly.

“That’s not certain. If we seniors attack the elders of the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race, do you think the Dragonblood Legion will be content to just sit in there and watch?” said Zhong Ziyang lightly.

Everyone’s eyes brightened. They hadn’t thought of that. Que Yuzhu and the seniors of the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race weren’t far. If these people attacked them, the Dragonblood Legion and the disciples of the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race would definitely come after them.

Just as everyone was delighted by this idea, one person brought up a problem. “If we attack them, won’t the Martial Heaven Alliance also take action? At that time, we still won’t be able to avoid a bloody battle.”

“Hmph, leave it to the Xuan Beasts. Let’s see what reason they have to block us?” Peng Wanli sneered.

If the Xuan Beasts attacked, that would simply be acting on the private enmity between the Xuan Beasts and the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race. The Martial Heaven Alliance was an alliance of humans. They had no right to interfere.

Peng Wanli raised his hand, about to give the order to attack. But before he could, intense rumbling rang out in the distance.

The sound of crashing waves shook the world. Countless powerful auras approached.

Everyone’s expression changed. In the distance, an endless tide of figures surged over.

“That’s… the sea demon race. They really did come.”

“Did they come to fight over the qi flow streams as well?” People’s voices shuddered. They were extremely uneasy at this sight.

The sea demons had mostly transformed into human form. Some of them were in half-human, half-demon forms. Perhaps that was an expression of their status.

Some of them had eight legs, some had pincers for arms, some had huge shells on their backs, and some were covered in sharp thorns.

Behind those figures were giant sea snakes, black tortoises, giant crabs, mythical lobsters, all kinds of sea demons. An early estimate of their numbers put them past ten million.

Their auras were all extremely powerful. All the people fighting paused to look at these newcomers.

One of the sea demons walked out and examined the surroundings. “We won’t make things hard on you. Get out of the strongest qi flow stream or face the consequences.”

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