Chapter 2185 Cloud Against Huang Feiyan

“Do you hate me? I can see hatred in your eyes.” The Pill Fairy’s eyes flickered as she looked at Long Chen.

“Yes, I’ve begun to hate you. You shouldn’t have brought Wan Qing into this. You’ve lost your kindness. You shouldn’t make everyone as cold as you,” said Long Chen. Long Chen was angry that Wan Qing had been made to weep. Her pain, her helplessness, they stabbed deeply into his heart.

“People can prevent feeling lost and in pain by following the direction of the god. It’s better for her to feel some pain now than feel pain forever. Everything will get back on track after that pain…”

“Bullshit,” sneered Long Chen. “Brahma and Fallen Daynight are two idiots. Just from the fact that they could become gods, I can tell that the so-called gods are just dog shit. There is no absolute right or wrong in this world that can be used to judge things. The only thing you can use to judge right and wrong is your own heart.”

“Blasphemers of the gods must die.”

The Pill Fairy’s flames exploded out of her, filling the air with such heat that it felt like the void would combust. After that, the Brahma Divine Diagram appeared, covering up the sky.

“It’s bigoted, ignorant people like you that must die.” Evilmoon appeared in Long Chen’s hands.

“Brahma’s Will, Divine Diagram Destroys the Heavens!”

The Pill Fairy formed hand seals that caused divine light to shine down from the Brahma Divine Diagram, enveloping Long Chen and the Pill Fairy. The two of them became translucent, as if the two of them were in a different world. Others could see them, but they couldn’t sense their auras.


Within the world of the Brahma Divine Diagram, Long Chen slashed his saber. A white sword had appeared in the Pill Fairy’s hands, and she blocked Long Chen’s attack. Water droplets flew on impact. Those droplets then exploded, transforming into thousands of ripples.

Every ripple contained terrifying power, but within this special space, they didn’t cause any damage.

The two of them repeatedly clashed, and flames exploded against each other. A flame dragon roared behind Long Chen, while a flame phoenix let out a brilliant cry behind the Pill Fairy.

One dragon and one phoenix repeatedly clashed, unleashing endless flames. The flame that the two of them controlled was identical. The two of them didn’t even need to move as their flames clashed. After just a moment, it was no longer possible to see the two of them in the midst of the flames.


As the Pill Fairy and Long Chen fought within the Brahma Divine Diagram, Dongfang Yuyang was the first to break the silence. The other experts attacked alongside him.

Just as Dongfang Yuyang attacked, a whip composed of thousands of thin willow branches attacked him. They were a mix of black and white, looking extremely strange.

Dongfang Yuyang’s expression changed as soon as he sensed that whip. He raised the shield in his left hand.

With a loud boom, Dongfang Yuyang was sent flying, his arm shaking and blood leaking out of his mouth. He felt like his organs had flipped inside him.

Dongfang Yuyang was extremely shocked. That whip had contained death energy capable of invading his body through his shield.

Suddenly, the void exploded and a towering willow appeared, spreading from the earth to high in the sky. Countless leaves stabbed toward Dongfang Yuyang.

Dongfang Yuyang hastily summoned his manifestation. His spear danced in the air, blasting apart the branches. However, their immense power still made his arm numb.

“An Undying Willow!” Dongfang Yuyang was truly worthy of being a disciple of an everlasting family. He instantly recognized Liu Ruyan’s origins. But after recognizing it, he was even more shocked.

An endless torrent of willow leaves followed Dongfang Yuyang into the midst of the Dongfang family’s disciples, injuring everyone struck. They furiously counterattacked.

“Retreat! Don’t block them!” shouted Dongfang Yuyang.

However, it was too late. Thousands of the Dongfang family’s disciples had started fighting against the Undying Willow’s leaves. However, they quickly realized something was wrong.

The people beside them were starting to rapidly age. Some were already turning white-haired, wrinkles covering their face.

“Its attacks contain death energy! Without a heavens’ soul manifestation, your lifespan will be stolen! Dodge!” shouted Dongfang Yuyang. His shield suddenly grew much larger, and he smashed it into Liu Ruyan.


Liu Ruyan’s giant body shook from the impact of the shield, and the Dongfang family’s disciples fled rapidly. As a result of this short fight, their mighty army looked like it was one foot in the grave. It had all happened in the blink of an eye.

“Die!” Facing such a setback right at the start, Dongfang Yuyang furiously summoned the Astral Ancient Castle, smashing it into Liu Ruyan.

“Undying, Inextinguishable, Heavenly Dao of Sublime Life.”

Liu Ruyan’s emotionless voice rang out. As soon as it did, the giant branches transformed into a huge net that blocked the ancient castle. Even that giant castle wasn’t strong enough in front of Liu Ruyan.

The ancient castle rapidly spun, blasting apart the branches. But more branches grew rapidly to block it.

“Let’s see how long you can last!” shouted Dongfang Yuyang, wanting to exhaust Liu Ruyan.

Through the willow branches, Liu Ruyan’s true body sneered. Her roots were in the ground, constantly replenishing energy. Even her leaves were absorbing energy from the air. Here, in the location of the qi flow eruption, there was plenty of energy to absorb.

As long as the qi flow eruption continued, she had limitless power. She could last as long as she wanted. But she wasn’t fond of speaking, so she didn’t say anything.

Long Chen had only asked her to stop Dongfang Yuyang. As for the rest, she didn’t need to bother with anything. She had now easily done so.

Liu Ruyan had stopped Dongfang Yuyang, and the others were also clashing. Yue Zifeng faced Kun Pengzi, unleashing rays of beautiful Sword Qi. 

Kun Pengzi’s manifestation was at full power, and he was fighting from a distance with lightning attacks from his halberd.

After slaying Jian Wuchen, Yue Zifeng’s fame had almost surpassed Long Chen’s. He was claimed to be the most terrifying existence within the Dragonblood Legion aside from Long Chen.

Even Kun Pengzi had to be careful against Yue Zifeng. He was afraid of Yue Zifeng finding a single opening and slaying him.

The offensive power of sword cultivators was just too terrifying. Even Kun Pengzi felt that he was in danger of dying if Yue Zifeng had a single opening.

Kun Pengzi was locked down by Yue Zifeng. As for Huang Feiyan, she directly pounced on the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrows. She was planning on slaughtering all of them on the outer edges.

Huang Feiyan summoned her true body, and a Nine Heavens Divine Phoenix appeared. The runes on her feathers lit up, beautiful divine light shining out of them. It was like golden sand was sparkling in the sky.

Spreading her wings, she announced, “Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race, I will exterminate you today!”

“Watch out!” Kun Pengzi suddenly let out a startled cry. A giant figure had silently appeared above Huang Feiyan’s head.

After that, a pair of sharp claws stabbed down into Huang Feiyan’s back. The sneak attacker was Cloud. She had been hidden in the sky thanks to using one of Xia Chen’s formations and was to be used as a trump card.

However, as soon as Huang Feiyan came out, Cloud couldn’t endure it. Thinking of how Huang Feiyan had brought people to kill her fellow Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrows, her killing intent exploded.

Thanks to the formation hiding her, Huang Feiyan sensed her too late. She only looked up when she heard Kun Pengzi’s shout. Before she could even see what it was, intense pain wracked her back.

Cloud’s claws pulled and blood splashed. One of her beautiful wings was torn off.

“Your Nine Heavens Divine Phoenix race should go straight to hell!” Cloud ground her teeth. Huang Feiyan tried to struggle, but Cloud pulled again, and Huang Feiyan’s other wing was torn off.

Huang Feiyan’s miserable cry resounded through the air. 

Kun Pengzi wanted to go save Huang Feiyan, but then a cold ray of Sword Qi brushed right past his neck. The distraction had almost taken his life, covering him in a cold sweat. He knew that Huang Feiyan was doomed now. No one could save her.

Cloud’s claws continued to tear into Huang Feiyan’s back. Her own divine power completely suppressed Huang Feiyan’s. With one claw, she raked away a large chunk of Huang Feiyan’s flesh.

The other Xuan Beasts tried to charge over, but Gu Yang appeared, killing one after another. They were unable to reach Cloud.

“The Dragonblood Legion’s Gu Yang is present. If you have guts, then come!”

Gu Yang shouted, the aura of his dragon blood suddenly erupting out of him. He summoned his Dragon Blood Battle Armor, slaughtering enemies with his blood-colored spear.


Huang Feiyan let out one final cry as Cloud opened her mouth and shot out a black sword that stabbed straight through Huang Feiyan’s head.

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