Chapters 2183 Eight Forms Into One

The Corrupt God Ancient Tower was forced into its original giant size. A black pillar of light shot out of its roof.

All of a sudden, the sky turned dark. Black qi filled the world, and a sinister howl grew louder.

Black qi continued to spurt out of the Corrupt God Ancient Tower. Meanwhile, Long Chen kept a tight hold on Evilmoon even as it stabbed into the bone tower. It was like it had taken root.

“It’s easier to invite the devil in than to kick the devil away. Do you think that I, Long Chen, am someone you can suck in and expel as you please?”

The two black dragons binding the bone tower grew larger with the bone tower. Their immense power was crushing it.

“Hehe, my luck really is good. I get such a feast as soon as I wake up. Long Chen, you have some skill.” Evilmoon chortled delightedly.

Countless black roots shot out of Evilmoon, spreading throughout the bone tower, crazily absorbing the bone tower’s energy.

The Corrupt God Ancient Tower was a corrupt weapon used for slaughter. It was quite similar to Evilmoon. Although their power didn’t come from the same source, Evilmoon was able to transform that energy. To it, this energy was a mouth-watering piece of meat.

As soon as the Corrupt God Ancient Tower had appeared, Evilmoon had asked Long Chen to think of a way to enter. As a result, they really had easily entered.

“No!” Tian Xiezi’s expression changed. He could sense Evilmoon absorbing the Corrupt God Ancient Tower’s essence. He would never have dreamed that Long Chen was capable of such a thing. Tian Xiezi roared, “Get out!”

Tian Xiezi’s manifestation appeared behind him, and a figure manifested within it. It was like a god, bringing with it a god’s pressure. Tian Xiezi had summoned his own heavens’ soul manifestation.

That huge figure was just as tall as the bone tower. It stretched out its arms and rested its hands on the tower. The bone tower rumbled, and the two dragon figures binding it exploded.

“Damn, what powerful god energy! No, I want to eat more!” shouted Evilmoon.

Ten thousand black chains shot out of Evilmoon, piercing through all the levels and absorbing energy.

Long Chen’s hold on Evilmoon was starting to grow tumultuous, but he still refused to let go.

Xie Wentian took action. A black hand flew into Tian Xiezi’s manifestation. He was sending his own power to Tian Xiezi.

“Attack together!” However, Tian Xiezi found that even so, he was unable to force Long Chen out.

Hundreds of thousands of Corrupt experts gathered their energy and sent it into the Corrupt God Ancient Tower. They prostrated themselves, chanting something.

With the full support of the Corrupt path, the Corrupt God Ancient Tower lit up. Evilmoon was no longer able to endure it and was sent shooting out.

Evilmoon and Long Chen shot out the roof. The chains that had shot out of Evilmoon now had fragments of the bone tower stuck to them like roots with soil still stuck to them.

“Has there been some mistake? Even like this, you can’t kill it?” raged Long Chen. He had thought that Evilmoon would be able to directly destroy the Corrupt God Ancient Tower, but now he found that it was just bragging once more. As always, Evilmoon was not dependable.

“Are you joking? I’ve been refined into a weapon. My power depends on your power. If I still had my physical body, these ants would have been devoured by one gulp from me. But you refuse to use your full power, so just relying on myself, being able to do so much is not bad. Hehe, don’t get mad. Let me tell you, that Corrupt God Ancient Tower really was something good. I got away with almost half its core energy and I feel even stronger. It won’t be able to pose any threat to you any longer,” laughed Evilmoon.

As they flew through the air, the chains vanished, sucked into Evilmoon. Long Chen raised it. “Split the Heavens 8!”


The giant bone tower was badly damaged by this attack from Long Chen. Having had its energy sucked away, its defensive power had dropped dramatically. Countless bits and pieces of it flew through the air.

The Corrupt God Ancient Tower shrank back down and flew into Tian Xiezi’s palm. There was a long scar on it now. Tian Xiezi let out a heaven-shaking roar, “Long Chen, you deserve ten thousand deaths!”

Tian Xiezi put the bone tower away. It was temporarily unable to fight. Its injury was an insult to the entire Corrupt path.

Tian Xiezi took out a soul summoning banner. Black arrows shot out of it. Every arrow had sinister runes within it howling like devils.

Long Chen slashed Evilmoon again, blowing apart the arrows. But those runes within them continued to fly toward him like spider webs.

“This is the Corrupt God’s curse!” Several of the senior Righteous experts recognized those runes. They had once encountered such curse runes when fighting the Corrupt path. Once those runes infected your body, then it didn’t matter what your cultivation base was, you would feel like insects were devouring your Yuan Spirit. The pain was indescribable.

It was said that this technique contained the Corrupt God’s resentment. It contained a god’s will, so it wasn’t something a mortal could block.

Once their will was suppressed, the curse would erupt. It was said that every one of these curse runes was refined from the soul essence of an expert. They were tortured before death, and their hatred and resentment were contained within the runes.

“Curses? Children’s play.” Lightning exploded out of Long Chen’s body, containing immense destructive power. His divine lightning made those curses vanish silently.

“This is heavenly punishment lightning. Long Chen is actually able to control tribulation lightning? Furthermore, its aura is the same as the dragonization tribulation he had to go through. Could it be…” 

Last time, Long Chen had gone through his tribulation at Heavenly Fate Island. His terrifying dragonization tribulation had left a deep impression on people. It was called history’s strongest heavenly tribulation.

People instantly thought of the dragonization tribulation when they sensed this lightning. People had already guessed that Long Chen possessed the heaven-defying ability to absorb heavenly tribulation lightning for his own use.

Heavenly tribulation was condensed from the will of the Heavenly Daos. It represented the highest law of the world. As for some curse runes? They were nothing.

Seeing that Tian Xiezi was suppressed by Long Chen, Dongfang Yuyang shot over, stabbing his spear through Long Chen’s lightning domain.

The silver shield in Dongfang Yuyang’s left hand unleashed a wave of silver that forced back Long Chen’s lightning.

Long Chen blocked Dongfang Yuyang with his saber. Hence, the two of their weapons locked together. They were only a few feet from each other.

“Why not use your true ability? Are you afraid of exposing your status?” Long Chen’s gaze was as sharp as a falcon.

“That would depend on whether you have the ability.” Dongfang Yuyang didn’t speak, instantly transmitting a spiritual message. The shield in his left hand bashed toward Long Chen’s head.

“Alright, then I’ll beat out your true self.” Long Chen snorted and pushed Evilmoon, dodging Dongfang Yuyang’s shield attack. He then attacked once more, not giving Dongfang Yuyang any breathing room.

Dongfang Yuyang retreated and Long Chen advanced. Long Chen slashed his saber once more. This time, his attack contained the leftover power of his previous strike, increasing its power. Dongfang Yuyang was forced back again.

Dongfang Yuyang suddenly had a bad feeling. Long Chen was using a chain technique, with each attack adding the power of the previous attacks. His attack was growing stronger.

Dongfang Yuyang wanted to interrupt the chain, but Long Chen didn’t give him the chance. His saber came slashing toward Dongfang Yuyang again.

“This is…”

Bao Buping and the others saw it clearly. This chain attack was clearly Split the Heavens. The first form, the second form, the third form…”

“Hahaha, this little fellow is a genius madman. He doesn’t just dare to think of crazy things, he also dares to do them!” laughed the old man.

“Old man, can his body endure that kind of energy superposition?” asked Boss Bao.

This kind of technique was definitely crazy. The cultivation world did have techniques that allowed one’s power to superimpose like this, but the maximum was three layers. Any more was meaningless.

Three was the peak. If it was possible to add power beyond that, then it would mean that the first attack was so weak that it was meaningless.

Reaching the peak in three blows perfectly accorded with the tempo of the Heavenly Daos, but even then, that was only suited to certain magical arts and Battle Skills. It did not suit the nine forms of Split the Heavens. 

The nine forms of Split the Heavens required activating certain acupuncture points. The first form required nine acupuncture points, while the second form required eighteen. That meant reactivating the first nine acupuncture points. The first nine acupuncture points would already be full of spiritual yuan before the second attack came, so there was no way people could survive the superimposition of all the nine forms. The acupuncture points would explode.

A three-layer superimposition was impossible. But Long Chen had already reached his fifth attack, and the power was continuing to overlay.

Although others might not be able to tell, those familiar with the nine forms of Split the Heavens like the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s disciples could tell just how crazy Long Chen’s current actions were.

The old man said, “Actually, the ninth form of Split the Heavens involves combining the nine forms into one.”

“Impossible! Isn't that suicide?!” exclaimed Boss Bao.

“That’s why we need the assistance of the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet. Without it, the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect is like a toothless, clawless tiger,” said the old man, becoming gloomy. The Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet had yet to recover.

Just at this moment, a giant saber-image appeared in the sky. Even the qi flow in the sky was blasted away. It was possible to see the stars in the sky quivering.

“He… he actually did it.” Boss Bao and the others’ jaws dropped.

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