Chapter 2182 Bone Tower Prison

“The Corrupt God Ancient Tower!”

Qu Jianying’s expression changed. That was a famous weapon of the Corrupt path. She was worried Long Chen would not be able to hold out against it.

“No need to worry. That Evilmoon in Long Chen’s hands is very powerful as well,” said the old man.

When the Corrupt God Ancient Tower appeared, the hearts of the Martial Heaven Alliance’s experts clenched. They also felt endless hatred.

Who knew just how many of the heroic spirits of the Righteous path had been sucked into the Corrupt God Ancient Tower over all these years? Those heroic spirits had been their ancestors. Their souls had been sucked away and were now used like slaves. This was the corrupt weapon that the Righteous path hated the most.

Even Xue Luocha was caught in the range of the Corrupt God Ancient Tower. However, the only one it locked onto was Long Chen.

Light enveloped Long Chen, sealing the space around him and separating it from the rest of the world. Xue Luocha immediately exited that light, leaving only Long Chen within it.

“Be suppressed!”

Tian Xiezi let out a shout. The Corrupt God Ancient Tower crashed down on Long Chen. Long Chen’s movements were ten thousand times slower than normal within this light. He was unable to escape it.

“Get in!” Everything went very smoothly, but Tian Xiezi didn’t overthink it. After all, this was the weapon of the first generation Corrupt God. Once Long Chen was sucked in, the only way he would be leaving was as a puppet.

Light flashed. Suddenly, Long Chen’s figure appeared within the bone tower. 

Qu Jianying cried out, “Quick, the Martial Heaven Virtue Tablet-!”

“It’s too late. But don’t worry, don’t you see how calm Long Chen is?” The old man stopped Qu Jianying.

Only then did Qu Jianying notice that Long Chen didn’t appear nervous at all within the Corrupt God Ancient Tower. “He… he did it on purpose?!”

“It seems so.” The old man also wasn’t sure. Long Chen’s guts were too big.

The Corrupt God Ancient Tower repeatedly flashed. Long Chen was originally on the bottom level, but after several flashes, he appeared on the top level.

When he appeared on the top level, the Corrupt God Ancient Tower compressed, and people were able to see that it was imprisoning Long Chen on it.

Everyone’s gazes were focused on Long Chen. The Martial Heaven Alliance’s people were worried, while the neutral experts only felt pity. The Corrupt God Ancient Tower was famous. Anyone who entered wouldn’t be able to leave alive. No one throughout all its history had escaped from it.

Only the people who wished to see Long Chen die cheered, as if Long Chen’s death was a blessing to them.

The sad thing was that the people cheering weren’t from the Corrupt path. They weren’t from the Xuan Beasts or the ancient races either. Instead, they were coming from the Righteous experts who had betrayed the Martial Heaven Alliance.

Long Chen smiled. From the Corrupt God Ancient Tower, he saw those people cheering. “You cheering fellows, just how many of you truly want me to die?”

Those people instantly fell silent. They couldn’t look at Long Chen. His contributions toward the Righteous path were clear. Others could cheer, but they couldn’t.

Long Chen indifferently smiled. “You don’t actually want me to die. You just want to express your loyalty to Pill valley. To tell the truth, I don’t hate you. I feel like you’re very pitiable. You don’t even know why you cultivate. You've not only lost a cultivator’s dignity, but you’ve lost what it takes to be human. However, just because you’re pitiable doesn’t mean I can forgive betrayal. This is my last time advising you to use your heads. Think about why you want to live and why you cultivate-”

“Shut up!” Tian Xiezi cut him off. “You’re already facing death, but you’re still in the mood to advise others? Long Chen, to tell the truth, you’re too stupid. The Corrupt God Ancient Tower was personally created by the first generation Corrupt God with his own bones. There are millions and millions of souls imprisoned inside. Now it’s even stronger than during the era of the first generation Corrupt God. No matter what trump cards you have, they’ll all be useless. You will die, your soul will be refined, and all your power will be absorbed by the Corrupt God Ancient Tower!”

“Is Long Chen really in trouble?” asked one of the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrows. They were all getting uneasy with how confident Tian Xiezi was.

“What a joke. Who do you think my boss is? This bone tower can’t imprison him.” Guo Ran was even more confident than Tian Xiezi though. In his heart, Long Chen was unrivaled. Not even a god could defeat him.

Just as everyone was looking at him, Long Chen said, “It looks like we’re both very confident. Then let’s see whose confidence is more correct.”

Long Chen stabbed Evilmoon down into the bone tower, causing it to shudder.

“No need. You’ll definitely be the one to die. Corrupt God Summons, Ten Thousand Ghosts Come to Life!” Tian Xiezi formed hand seals, causing the bone tower to activate. One giant skull after another appeared, ghost fire burning within them. They flew at Long Chen from every level. Their wails were like needles stabbing into people’s ears.

“This a spiritual attack, the Life Seizing Ghost Wail. It’s one of the Corrupt path’s paragon arts that directly attack people’s Yuan Spirits,” shouted one of the Righteous path’s elders through the wailing. 

Most terrifying of all was the thought that the wailing was coming from inside the tower. Long Chen had to be facing ten times what they were. Even a third step Netherpassage expert would have their Yuan Spirit crumble in the face of that.

It was no wonder Tian Xiezi was so confident. The wailing continued endlessly.

The skulls wailed as they charged at Long Chen. When they got close, they exploded, unleashing immense power.

“What explosive power. It’s almost equivalent to a full-strength attack from a third step Netherpassage expert.”

“The physical body is being attacked along with the soul. That’s a death sentence.”

Everyone was personally witnessing the power of the divine item created by the first generation Corrupt God. No wonder no one had survived it.

“Long Chen, show me how long you can last!” sneered Tian Xiezi.

Long Chen was surrounded by lighting. His saber was still stabbed into the floor below him. He was like a boulder, unmoving in the face of the wailing and explosions of the skulls. Everyone saw that Long Chen was managing to endure, but no matter what, his power was limited. There was no way he could compare to the vast stores of energy that the Corrupt God Ancient Tower had accumulated over countless years.

“How long can I last? I suppose two or three years should be no problem,” said Long Chen lazily, his voice passing through the wailing.

“Hmph, your mouth’s still tough. First, try to last more than an incense stick’s worth of time,” said Tian Xiezi, completely confident. The Corrupt God Ancient Tower began to unleash more skulls, their auras even stronger than before.

The people outside were no longer able to endure it. They activated the defenses of their divine items. Some people even set up formations to isolate themselves.

“I already told you, two or three years would be no problem. But my time is precious, so I don’t want to waste so much of it. Be careful. I’m going to break your tower.” Long Chen’s voice once more rang out.


The bone tower suddenly shook, and a majestic dragon cry rang out. Two black dragons appeared around the bone tower, binding it.

Those two black dragons emitted an evil aura. They clenched the bone tower so hard that it creaked.

“Is that… the dark evil dragon of the era of legends?!” 

“The most sinister of all the evil dragon races, the dark evil dragon race that lives to slaughter and consume lives!”

Some people recognized the two dragons from ancient carvings of times long passed. Thinking of those legends, they were shocked. How could something from the era of legends appear now?

“No, it’s not a true physical body! It’s condensed from Spiritual Strength!” cried someone. There was no bloodline pressure present with those two dragons.

“Tian Xiezi, release Long Chen! He definitely has some sinister move up his sleeve!” Xie Wentian’s expression suddenly changed.

Tian Xiezi was also getting a bad feeling. He formed hand seals, trying to expel Long Chen, only to find that he couldn’t with the two black dragons binding the bone tower.


The bone tower suddenly returned to its giant form. From within, Long Chen’s laughter rang out.

“I was waiting just for this. Evilmoon, it’s up to you.”

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