Chapter 218 I’ll Bring You to Kill People

Space seemed to almost break apart as Wilde’s huge spiked club smashed at Gu Yang. Gu Yang hastily went to block.

But what was shocking to everyone was that when that club smashed onto Gu Yang’s two arms, a loud explosion rang out mixed with the sound of bones breaking.

Gu Yang let out a miserable scream as he shot back like a cannonball, smashing into the immortal cave and causing half of it to collapse.

These immortal caves were made of special rock and were incomparably hard. But even so, half of it had collapsed.

The only person who wasn’t shocked was Long Chen. He had examined Wilde’s physical body earlier and knew that his strength had already surpassed everyone’s imaginations.

Wilde’s strength had always been terrifying. But now that thirty percent of his cells had been activated and those strange runes had appeared in his blood, his strength had already reached a completely abnormal level.

Then adding on his huge club, the fact he hadn’t crushed Gu Yang to pulp already proved how powerful Gu Yang was.

While everyone was still filled with shock, Long Chen’s bone blade reached Qi Xin’s body. Qi Xin frantically summoned his water shield to protect himself.

But his water shield was like paper in front of Long Chen’s bone blade and immediately collapsed.

Long Chen’s bone blade smashed into his stomach, and a huge force sent him flying. The sound of bones breaking rang out, and he vomited blood.

Qi Xin was horrified that his own cultivation base had been suppressed in front of Long Chen’s terrifying killing intent.

In front of that killing intent, his will was greatly affected, and he was unable to release even eighty percent of his strength.

Lei Qianshang was also completely horrified. The current Long Chen really was like a death god. He was so horrified that he couldn’t even bring himself to think about resisting.

But he instinctively released his own thunderforce when he saw Qi Xin be so heavily injured in one blow. He slashed down at Long Chen with a lightning blade.

Long Chen coldly snorted. Sticking his bone blade into the ground, his right hand formed a fist covered with thunderforce.


Lei Qianshang’s lightning blade burst apart when it collided with Long Chen’s fist. 

The most shocking thing was that after destroying the thunderblade, the power behind Long Chen’s fist hadn’t diminished in the slightest, and it directly smashed into his stomach.

With more sounds of bones breaking, Lei Qianshang vomited blood and looked at Long Chen with complete shock and horror.

“Impossible, absolutely impossible! How can you control such a terrifying thunderforce?!” Lei Qianshang miserably slammed into the wall of the immortal cave, vomiting more blood.

But it was like he couldn’t even feel his own injuries as he stared at Long Chen. As a lightning cultivator, he naturally knew that Long Chen had used thunderforce just now.

All cultivators with attributes like lightning were all born with a natural bloodline. But Long Chen had no such bloodline inheritance.

The most shocking thing to Lei Qianshang was that Long Chen’s thunderforce was even more powerful and destructive than his own.

In front of that terrifying thunderforce, his own thunderforce was like a little puppy that had met a lion. It was completely unable to resist.

He could accept not being a match for Long Chen. But he was unable to accept that Long Chen could control thunderforce and that his thunderforce was actually thousands of times stronger than his own. That was the greatest insult to him.

Someone without any bloodline inheritance had somehow managed to control thunderforce? That filled him with shock as well as a profound feeling of powerlessness.

When he had been miserably defeated by Long Chen, his confidence had been given a great blow. But he still had his own pride. As the number one junior generation of his family, he believed that as long as he could activate his ancestral mark and use his powerful thunderforce, he would be able to eventually defeat Long Chen one day.

But now Long Chen had displayed such terrifying thunderforce of his own. That had immediately turned any of his hopes to ashes.

In front of that terrifying thunderforce, his own power was far from lacking enough to resist.

He had no idea that Long Chen’s thunderforce had come from heaven and earth. It was the most violent and berserk thunderforce, and in terms of quality, it possessed a definite superiority over Lei Qianshang’s thunderforce.

Long Chen had used his full strength and effort to devour that natural thunderforce. And back then, that natural thunderforce had swallowed the thunderforce left behind by Lei Qianshang in his body in just one gulp. It was obvious that the two were not even in the same class.

Those surrounding disciples were completely dumbfounded. Three core disciples had all been defeated in just one move. And amongst them was even Gu Yang.

Right now, Gu Yang’s arms had already become deformed. But it went without saying that his body was still powerful.

Even after smashing into the immortal cave and causing half of it to collapse, he had yet to faint and was staring at Wilde with shock.

Lei Qianshang was also leaning against the wall, his face white as paper. He looked expressionlessly up at the sky, not knowing what to think.

“Lei Qianshang, you might have a violent nature and be extremely arrogant, but your inferior, corrupt side still isn’t that bad. Today, I’ll let you off once. As for what choice you make in the future, that will be up to you.”

Long Chen didn’t actually feel that much hate for Lei Qianshang. In his eyes, Lei Qianshang was just an arrogant child. He still didn’t have much understanding of right and wrong.

The reason Lei Qianshang had done all of these was mostly at the urging of Qi Xin. And so, Long Chen decided to let him off this time, hoping he would be smarter than before.

Although they had fought before, Long Chen had also gained a benefit from that. If it hadn’t been for Lei Qianshang’s thunderforce seed, he still wouldn’t be able to control his own thunderforce.

And without that thunderforce, he wouldn’t have been able to scheme against Gui Sha and would have definitely died in that cave. 

If it hadn’t been for Lei Qianshang’s thunderforce as a foundation, he also wouldn’t have been able to control his current natural thunderforce.

Although he knew Lei Qianshang had originally had some malicious intentions against him, Long Chen had definitely benefited from it in the end. As someone who remembered favors, he gave Lei Qianshang one chance. As for what he would choose, it would be up to him.

Of the three attacks launched against the three of them, the attack against Qi Xin had been the lightest. However, he was the most heavily injured of the three. That was because he didn’t possess as powerful a physical body as the other two.

Long Chen’s bone blade had smashed his bones to pieces, and he felt as if his body was about to completely collapse. Even his aura was scattered, unable to recondense.

Placing his bone blade on his shoulder, Long Chen slowly walked over to Qi Xin “Tell me where Little Snow was taken.”

Qi Xin had been gasping for breath, but when he heard Long Chen’s question, he began to crazily laugh. “Hahaha, so you already knew? Hehe, unfortunately, I won’t tell you, so what are you going to do? If you want to know, kneel down and beg me!”

Qi Xin laughed just like a madman. His eyes were completely crazy, and his expression was extremely sinister. He looked just like a wounded beast.

Long Chen grabbed Qi Xin’s collar and threw him outside. Qi Xin muffled a shout. Being so injured, that toss caused his bones to shift, an unbearable pain piercing his entire body.

But he was also a vicious person. Even though the pain made him sweat, he still wouldn’t relent. He sneered, “I know who has your wolf. If you go now, maybe you’ll be able to see it. But if you’re too late, all you’ll be able to see is wolf meat. Hahaha, do you want to know its whereabouts? Then kneel down and beg me!”

Qi Xin’s crazy laugh caused everyone to shiver. This Qi Xin really was a madman. To provoke Long Chen like this, wasn’t he just begging to die?

Those underlings of his were all terrified. This was the first time they saw how terrifying a madman could be.

Normally, when they followed beside Qi Xin, he was always so intellectual and resourceful.

But ever since he had met Long Chen, he had gradually been left behind. Jealousy gave birth to hate, and he lost all his smarts.

Ever since the first moment he had plotted to plant traitors in Long Chen’s faction, a sinister seed had been buried in his heart.

That seed was nourished by his jealousy and hatred, crazily growing until Qi Xin’s heart had become completely twisted.

From the words of the two of them, everyone had already realized what was going on. Qi Xin had once more plotted against Long Chen behind his back.

Not only were people terrified, but they also began to think about leaving him. If they followed such a madman, they might also end up becoming like him.

“I’ll smash you to death!”

Wilde was completely infuriated and raised his wolf tooth club.

Having fought against Magical Beasts all day every day, he had already long since forgotten how weak the human body was. If his club fell, Qi Xin would be turned to paste.

Long Chen hastily stopped him. “Don’t kill him for now.”

“I’ll listen to you brother Long. I wasn’t going to kill him, just give him a bit of pain so he’d tell us the truth,” explained Wilde.

Everyone else rolled their eyes. That club of his had already beaten someone like Gu Yang into such a state. If Qi Xin was hit, he would never feel that pain.

“Leave this to me.” Long Chen also felt a bit helpless. Wilde’s strength had grown, but his intelligence had not matured at all it seemed.

Looking at the crazy Qi Xin, Long Chen icily smiled. He walked up to him and stamped his foot four times.

Crack, crack, crack, crack…

The sounds of bones breaking continuously rang out, causing people to shiver. Everyone felt sharp pains throughout their own bodies as if they were the one being crushed.

Qi Xin immediately let out a miserable shriek. The places that Long Chen was stamping on were the places with the most concentrated nerves of pain.

After stepping on those places, Long Chen took out a medicinal pill and forced it into Qi Xin’s mouth.

Qi Xin had no idea what it was and refused to swallow it. But after Long Chen gave him a slap in the face, all his teeth directly fell out.

Holding open his mouth with one hand, all the spit he had been planning on spitting at him reversed and flowed back down his throat, bringing the medicinal pill with it.

That medicinal pill wasn’t a poison pill, but a Spirit Sensitivity Pill. It could allow one to sense one’s body better and absorb spiritual qi easier.

Such a medicinal pill was thousands of times more frightening than some poison pill for Qi Xin. His senses were immediately improved by dozens of times, meaning he immediately felt dozens of times more pain.

Even his eyes were popping out from the pain. But he was also unable to faint. That was a torment that was unexplainable with just words.

“Let me go, I’ll tell, I’ll tell you…” In just three breaths, Qi Xin was unable to endure. He surrendered in the face of that terrifying torment.

Long Chen touched part of Qi Xin’s body, temporarily blocking his sense of pain. “Speak.”

“Your mount is in Wu Qi’s hands!” 

Long Chen’s expression sunk, and his killing intent soared. So his enemies had conspired together against him!

“Let’s go, Wilde. Your brother will bring you to kill people.”

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