Chapter 217 Furious Wilde

“Senior brother Long Chen, three days ago, one of senior brother Song Mingyuan’s people was working when he saw three law enforcers carrying a large object back to the monastery,” reported that disciple.

“Could he tell that it was Little Snow?” asked Long Chen frantically.

He shook his head. “That disciple said it was covered in layers of cloth and he was unable to see what was inside. But based on the shape, it was similar to the body of Little Snow that you described.

“Furthermore, that disciple said those three law enforcers were somewhat out of sorts. There were even bloodstains on them. They should have just experienced a great fight.”

Long Chen’s heart pounded. Then that really was likely to be Little Snow. But he still didn’t know just who had done it.

The monastery had over a hundred law enforcers covering a dozen areas. They weren’t always in the same place. He would need to investigate this more.

“What happened to Little Snow?” asked Wilde.

“He was captured by others.” Long Chen ground his teeth.

“Who dared bully Little Snow! Wilde will crush them with a single club!” Wilde was furious.

At this time, Ling Hao walked in. Ling Hao was the only male amongst the Heaven Earth Faction’s inner disciples[1], and his cultivation base was pretty good.

“Senior brother Long,  there is a disciple outside requesting to see you. He says he has something important to report.” Ling Hao saluted.

“Let him in,” said Long Chen hastily.

At this time, a somewhat thin man walked in. When Long Chen saw that man he did feel he was a bit familiar, but he didn’t recognize him.

“Zhao Qian greets senior brother Long Chen.” He directly cupped his fists to him. “Many thanks for senior brother Long Chen’s life-saving help back then.”

Long Chen was confused for a moment, then he thought of it. “You are…”

“Yes, it’s me. If it weren’t for brother Long helping, Zhao Qian would already be sleeping with the fishes[1] ,” said Zhao Qian gratefully.

Long Chen finally remembered this person from back in the trial region. There had been a fierce river that had blocked their path.

Ye Zhiqiu had used her ice energy to cross over gracefully like a fairy.

One person had tried borrowing her leftover ice to cross as well, but that ice energy hadn’t lasted for long before dropping him into the river, causing the Tigermouth Fish to attack him.

Back then, Long Chen had thrown out a stick to pull him back, saving his life.

“Senior brother Long Chen, a couple of days ago I joined Qi Xin’s faction. I had to secretly come here,” said Zhao Qian.

When Long Chen had defeated Gu Yang, he had also beaten Lei Qianshang and Qi Xin black and blue. Later, they were then almost beaten to death by the crowd.

After recovering, Qi Xin returned to his faction and his temper exploded on his people. That flagbearer disciple was directly beaten unconscious by him.

Qi Xin had then cursed everyone, and quite a few people had been expelled from his faction. Zhao Qian had borrowed that opportunity to join his faction.

“Senior brother Long Chen, I, Zhao Qian, owe you my life. My coming here is tantamount to betraying them, so I also won’t return to Qi Xin’s faction.

“I came here to tell you that four nights ago, Qi Xin got completely drunk and said he would get revenge, letting you taste pain.

“I heard the next day he personally went to find some law enforcers. I don’t know whether that has anything to do with your mount,” explained Zhao Qian.

Everyone in the monastery already knew that amongst the new disciples, Long Chen was the only one with a third rank mount.

Before the trial had even begun, Qi Xin had wanted to humiliate Long Chen but had been defeated by Little Snow. And now Long Chen learned that Qi Xin had raved about getting revenge and had gone to see the law enforcers.

The very next day, Little Snow had disappeared. Everything pointed to Qi Xin.

“Senior brother Long Chen, I only know so much. Junior will take his leave now.” Zhao Qian cupped his fists and prepared to leave.

“Don’t go back. In the future, you’ll be a member of our Heaven Earth Faction.” Long Chen patted Zhao Qian’s shoulder.

Zhao Qian was startled, looking at him with disbelief. “Senior brother Long Chen, didn’t you say you hated traitors the most? I…”

“First, you must distinguish between right and wrong, remembering kindness and enmity. If you know you made a wrong choice, don’t stupidly stay on that rotten path forever. You aren’t a traitor. Ling Hao, set Zhao Qian up. He’ll be one of our brothers from now on.” Long Chen turned to Ling Hao.

Ling Hao nodded and also patted Zhao Qian’s shoulder, smiling, “Brother, let’s go. I’ll go get you a dwelling.”

Zhao Qian was incredibly moved, never imagining Long Chen would take him in. Warm tears appeared in his eyes. “I…”

Ling Hao cut him off. “Come on, don’t be like a woman…”

But as soon as he said that, his expression changed. He turned to see Tang Wan-er and Qing Yu staring at him expressionlessly.

Ling Hao knew he had misspoken. Sweat rolled down his face, but he also had no explanation. He hastily pulled Zhao Qian out.

“Long Chen, what should we do?” asked Tang Wan-er.

“What possible choices are there? If they want to scheme against me, that’s fine, but if they dare scheme against my friends, I definitely won’t let them off.” Long Chen’s gaze was as sharp as a sword.

“But we have no proof.” Tang Wan-er knew that they couldn’t go to the upper levels of the monastery with just Zhao Qian’s little testimony and some coincidences.

“Looking for proof isn’t my style. Let’s go visit that mountain.” Long Chen’s expression was icily sinister.

When Tang Wan-er and Qing Yu heard him say that, their scalps turned numb.

“Hmph, who dares bully Little Snow! Brother Long, we’ll definitely beat the crap out of them!” Wilde followed Long Chen outside.

Tang Wan-er and Qing Yu hastily chased after them. Tang Wan-er pulled on Long Chen, “Should we gather our people?”

She had an understanding of Long Chen after all this time. Now that Long Chen’s fury was practically steaming out of his head, something major was very likely to happen.

“You go and gather everyone. Wait for me in the Xuantian plaza. I’m going to visit that mountain with Wilde,” nodded Long Chen.

He then brought Wilde down the mountain. Tang Wan-er and Qing Yu glanced at each other, both seeing the other’s worry and helplessness.

Long Chen was one of those people who would rather die than surrender or compromise. And they had long since heard that the emotional connection between him and Little Snow was incomparably profound.

Little Snow had now been captured, and that unconcealable killing intent soaring off Long Chen was already proof enough to confirm Long Chen had reached his breaking point.

“Something big is about to happen,” sighed Qing Yu. But they both knew they couldn’t stop it. They split up to alert Song Mingyuan and the others.

If they were going to make a ruckus, they might as well make it a bit bigger. With many people supporting him, the worst that could happen was that he would be exiled again. But having returned once, they were confident he could do it again.

When Song Mingyuan and the others heard that it was actually Qi Xin pulling the strings, they were all infuriated. They wanted to charge over to help.

But Tang Wan-er stopped them. Long Chen had told them to gather at the Xuantian plaza, so he must have some kind of plan. They could only suppress their fury and go wait for him.

For five great factions to gather in the Xuantian plaza, all the other disciples were alarmed. They had no idea what was going on.

Why were the five factions releasing such a murderous intent? The disciples that saw that scene all returned to report to their bosses.

Even an idiot would realize something big was going on. There was no one who wasn’t curious. After sending a report, everyone prepared to watch what was about to unfold.

When Long Chen and Wilde reached Qi Xin’s faction, they were immediately blocked at the mountain path. But Long Chen seemed to not see those people in his way and just walked up normally.

“Stop! Don’t force us!” One of the disciples fiercely spoke out.

But all of them were already terrified of Long Chen after that last Faction Competition. Unfortunately, as a member of this faction, they had no choice but to at least act their part.

Following that person’s shout, more and more disciples rushed over. Seeing Long Chen with that fiend-like Wilde, sweat poured down their backs.

Long Chen’s sinister expression was completely terrifying. Even in the last fight, his expression had been completely calm.

But now, that dense killing intent pouring out of him made them tremble. They felt as if a sharp blade was pressed right up against their throats. It was as if a single thought from Long Chen would be enough to kill them.

Long Chen didn’t pay the slightest bit of attention to these disciples. He and Wilde continued forward, and those disciples immediately made way for him.

Wilde icily glanced at them. The current Wilde was not the same as he had been back in the capital. He was filled with wild nature as if he were a monstrous beast.

Then adding on his frightening stature, he really was an absolute freak. That massive spiked club also made it hard to breathe.

Wilde followed behind Long Chen. The disciples in front of them continuously retreated nervously.

That continued all the way until they reached the immortal cave at the peak. All the factions’ mountains were essentially the same structure. This was the residence of their core disciple.

“Qi Xin, get the fuck out here!”

Long Chen’s sudden cold shout shook the heavens, rumbling through the mountains. Countless echos reflected off those stone walls.

“Get the fuck out…”

“Fuck out…”



Wave after wave of echoes rang throughout the mountains, like replies to his furious killing intent.

Suddenly, three people charged out of the immortal cave. Gu Yang, Lei Qianshang, and Qi Xin were all unexpectedly present.

Qi Xin’s expression changed when he saw Long Chen. He quickly suppressed a frantic expression.

“Long Chen, you really are too brazen! How dare you come to my territory and behave so rudely!”

But Long Chen could hear the trembling in his voice. That proved he was nervous. However, within that nervousness, there was also a trace of excitement. All of those proved that everything had been Qi Xin’s contemptible scheme.

“Fucking die!” Long Chen couldn’t hold back anymore and roared. His bone blade appeared in his hand and he charged at Qi Xin.

Gu Yang roared and the runes on his body lit up, his battle power soaring to his peak instantly.

“Long Chen, this time I’ll force you back!” Gu Yang sent a punch straight at Long Chen.

However, he had forgotten one thing. With his focus on Long Chen, he had completely ignored Wilde.

“How dare you attack my brother Long? Go to hell!”

Space trembled, almost seeming as if it would explode, as a huge spiked club swung at Gu Yang.

[1] Ling Hao appeared back in chapter 165. It’s also stated in chapter 165 that Qing Yu was the only female amongst the three inner disciples in Tang Wan-er’s faction. Of course, not all people are cisgender and so I applaud the author being so inclusive for that third inner disciple. *clap clap*

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