Chapter 216 Overflowing Killing Intent

When Long Chen returned to the place he had marked, his expression changed. He rushed forward and saw that it was a complete mess. An area of hundreds of meters had been completely leveled.

Ditches and scars were dug into the ground. Some of the ditches were even a mile long. 

“There was definitely a large battle here.” Tang Wan-er was startled as she examined the area.

Long Chen’s expression sank. “It seems Little Snow was attacked by people.”

He rubbed a part of the ground that was dark red. Clearly, that place had been corroded by blood. Long Chen could smell Little Snow’s scent from that blood.

“From these scars, it seems that some were made by Sword Qi and not a Magical Beast. But who would attack Little Snow?” puzzled Tang Wan-er.

This place wasn’t even technically in the monastery’s land, and so none of the monastery’s experts would come here. And if it wasn’t the monastery’s people, then it had to be outsiders.

But there were no settlements within tens of thousands of miles of the Xuantian Monastery. There wouldn’t be any foreign experts coming here.

Furthermore, the Scarlet Flame Snow Wolf was an overlord amongst third rank Magical Beasts. Although Little Snow was only at the early third rank, an ordinary Tendon Transformation expert wouldn’t dare rashly attack him. Anyone who dared to attack Little Snow had to at least be at the mid Tendon Transformation realm.

Long Chen darkly walked forward a couple of steps and saw more blood as well as a few footprints.

“It wasn’t one person who attacked Little Snow, but three.” Long Chen clenched his teeth looking at those footprints.

He was now incredibly worried. Little Snow wouldn’t take the initiative to attack others, so most likely he had now fallen into danger.

Suddenly, Long Chen rushed forward a mile and saw a huge hole here. Within the hole were many marks of wolf claws.

“Little Snow was captured here. They most likely used a net to hobble him here.” Long Chen took a deep breath, trying to maintain his cool. But he was simply unable to do that. His voice began to tremble and his killing intent involuntarily began to rise.

Tang Wan-er comforted, “They caught Little Snow alive, meaning Little Snow’s life won’t be in danger for now. They probably want Little Snow as a mount, so we still have time.”

Long Chen nodded and carefully examined the markings. “This occurred two days ago. Let’s search around and see if we can find any more clues.”

Tang Wan-er nodded. The two of them split up to search for any clues left behind.

After the time it took for an incense stick to burn, the two of them had already searched an area of five miles. Tang Wan-er shook her head, as she had found nothing.

After those people had captured Little Snow, they had used some sort of unknown tool to bring him away. There were no trails left behind.

“Did you find anything?” asked Tang Wan-er.

Long Chen beckoned with his hand, showing her a piece of clothing. “It was done by people from the monastery. This is from a law enforcer.”

Tang Wan-er was startled. Carefully examining that cloth, she saw it was the torn cuff of a sleeve which still had part of the law enforcement’s insignia.

“Let’s go. I want to see just who had the nerve to do this.” 

Killing intent soared from Long Chen. This time, he was truly infuriated. For them to scheme against Little Snow made him angrier than being stabbed himself.

Once he returned to the monastery, he directly returned to his immortal cave and summoned all the disciples who were cultivating.

He asked them all about what they had heard or seen. Quite a few of them had left the monastery in the past few days and might have seen some odd movements.

He also told Ye Zhiqiu, Song Mingyuan, Li Qi, and Luo Cang to tell their people to investigate.

Perhaps their disciples who were outside completing missions might have seen something. That was especially true of those disciples who were completing patrol missions on the borders of the monastery.

Ever since Little Snow had been the size of a palm, he had always been with him. He was like his own child, and he was unable to accept anything happening to him.

“Senior brother Long Chen, there’s someone outside looking for you.” Suddenly, a disciple ran over frantically.

Long Chen was delighted, thinking it was news of Little Snow. He was about to say something when a familiar voice rang out:

“Why are you guys so annoying? I want to see my brother Long, so don’t block me.”

Although that person wasn’t purposely shouting, his voice was like a loud bell, shaking people’s eardrums.

Hearing that familiar voice, Long Chen was overjoyed and hastily rushed out of his immortal cave. He saw over a dozen disciples attempting to block one person.

That person was already over three meters tall, and huge muscles bulged all over his body, making him seem like an iron tower. At the same time, he was also like a volcano, filled with explosive strength.

On his back was a spiked club[1]. The handle part of it was as thick as a person’s thigh while the head was the same width as a barrel.

Standing there, he looked like some terrible fiend with his incredible imposingness. Although there were over a dozen disciples facing him, their faces were all pale with terror.

Tang Wan-er was also frightened. This was the first time she had ever seen such a terrifying-looking person. He was at least a head taller than even Lei Qianshang, his arms as thick as barrels. His qi surged out shockingly, seems like some kind of monstrous beast.


Long Chen looked at that giant with disbelief. He and Wilde had been separated for so long now.

Long Chen’s call immediately caused Wilde to turn to see him. Wilde roared happily and charged over at him.

This time, everyone really was scared witless, thinking Long Chen might be crushed. But Long Chen was also wild with joy as he rushed over to Wilde as well.

The two of them tightly embraced. Wilde even began to cry. “Brother Long, I’ve finally found you again!”

“Good brother, don’t cry. Didn’t we already say that no matter how much blood we bleed, we’ll never cry?” Although that was what he said, Long Chen was also almost choked with tears.

Wilde was like his real brother. Within the monastery where he had no family at all, finding Wilde was even more emotional.

Wilde hastily wiped away his tears and simple-mindedly said, “Ok, Wilde will listen to you.”

Even after being separated for several months, Wilde was still as simple and straightforward as ever. Long Chen patted him on his thick arm a couple of times with some shock.

The current Wilde had thickened everywhere. His muscles almost looked like they might burst. His qi and blood seemed like they might be even more terrifying than a third rank Magical Beast.

“Don’t be worried everyone. Wilde is my brother. Everyone can go back to what you were doing.” Long Chen brought Wilde back to his immortal cave.

He introduced Wilde to Tang Wan-er and Qing Yu. The two of them were extremely out of sorts. Wilde looked too terrifying, like a giant giving off a powerful pressure.

They felt as if just a wave of his hand would crush them. But then seeing how simple and honest he was, they gradually calmed down.

“How have you been recently, Wilde?” asked Long Chen.

When he had arrived at the monastery, Long Chen had asked Tu Fang about Wilde. At that time, Tu Fang had only said Wilde had gone out with someone else. But he had always refused to tell him where he had gone.

“I’m really good. Following that old man, each day I can eat until I’m very full.” Wilde scratched his head very contentedly.

“Who is ‘that old man’?” asked Long Chen.

“Aiya, I think I remember he told me he was called something, but I don’t remember what. He just told me to call him master.” Wilde shook his head.

“You’ve formally gotten a master?” Long Chen was happy for him. If an Elder was his master, that would definitely be a blessing for Wilde.

With the special nurturing of a powerful Elder, it was no wonder he was so strong now. It really was a case of a fool’s luck.

Tang Wan-er and Qing Yu were both startled. The monastery’s rules were strict, and an ordinary Elder was not allowed to accept disciples. That would break the impartiality of the disciples’ competition.

If an Elder wanted to accept a disciple, it required the approval of the sect leader. Those that had been accepted by an Elder were not allowed to participate in the competitions and would be supported solely by that Elder.

But this fellow didn’t even remember what his master’s name was. He really was a marvel. Both Tang Wan-er and Qing Yu’s expressions became a bit strange.

“Yup, the old man said he has accepted me formally as his disciple and that he’ll never let me go hungry again! He really does treat me well. Each day I get to eat until I’m super full.” Wilde nodded.

Tang Wan-er couldn’t hold back from cutting in. “Are your dreams that simple? Just eating until you’re full is enough?”

“Of course! I was always afraid of starving when I was younger. If it hadn’t been for brother Long taking me in back then, I would have starved to death. As long I have enough to eat now, I’m satisfied,” Wilde laughed naively.

Long Chen smiled. Tang Wan-er was only so surprised because she had no idea just how much Wilde could eat.

“Let me examine your body.” Long Chen placed his hand on Wilde’s shoulder, sending in his Spiritual Strength. He was pleasantly surprised to see that almost thirty percent of his cells had activated at this time.

Furthermore, there were some odd things that had appeared in his blood now. Those things looked like very tiny tadpoles, but no two tadpoles were the same. It looked like a kind of rune.

But those runes were alive within his blood, constantly swimming around.

Long Chen sensed terrifying pressure from those tadpole-shaped runes. It seemed like each rune possessed a power that could destroy the world.

Although this was still just an embryonic form, it still possessed such power. It was just like a lion cub; it might appear like a cute puppy at the moment, but in the future, it would grow into a terrifying lion.

Furthermore, the pressure he sensed from the runes in Wilde’s body was already so terrifying. When they matured, he would definitely be no lion, but a true monster.

Long Chen shook. When Wilde grew up, would he be the same as that ferocious beast?

Long Chen would never be able to forget that dream he had had. In that battle, a single fist shattered the void, and a single roar destroyed stars. That was an apocalyptic power.

If that was true, then just how terrifying was Wilde’s origin?

Long Chen continued asking Wilde how he had been during the past few months. Wilde said he would go hunting and eat meat with the old man every day.

If he could beat the beast, then he would beat it, but if he couldn’t beat it, the old man would help. Every day he would eat until he was full.

“Wilde, how much do you eat a day?” Tang Wan-er finally felt that something was off and asked this crucial question.

“If it’s third rank Magical Beasts, and if they’re a bit bigger, I eat three a day. If it’s a fourth rank Magical Beast, just one is enough,” replied Wilde.

Both Tang Wan-er and Qing Yu covered their mouths in shock. He ate three third rank Magical Beasts a day, and they actually had to have large bodies? And he was actually able to eat fourth rank Magical Beasts!? Just what level had his Elder reached?

“Senior brother Long, we’ve found news of Little Snow!”

Suddenly, a disciple ran in and reported to Long Chen, panting for breath. Long Chen immediately stood up, his killing intent once more overflowing.

[1] Spiked club is more literally a ‘wolf tooth club’. It looks like a cross between a mace and a club.

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