Chapter 215 Embryonic Thunderforce Rune

Tang Wan-er worriedly watched Long Chen. That thunderforce had almost erupted several times, causing her heart to pound.

But as time passed, the thunderforce’s rebellious will was gradually eroded by Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength.

Unfortunately, Long Chen wasn’t much better off. Suppressing that much thunderforce at one time nearly exhausted him to death.

After a prolonged battle, the deadlock was finally broken. Long Chen’s advantage was that his Spiritual Strength slowly recovered with time.

But this thunderforce was without any further reinforcement. After three whole days, Long Chen finally taught Tang Wan-er a lesson: perseverance always wins.

In those three days, Long Chen had finally eroded the berserk will within the thunderforce so that it no longer resisted him. But Long Chen was already completely exhausted and didn’t have the energy to refine it at this time.

He rested a whole day before recovering and beginning to refine the thunderforce.

Because there was no further resistance, it was like a group of wolves had transformed into sheep. Now Long Chen used his previous thunderforce to easily devour this new thunderforce, increasing his own thunderforce.

Long Chen immediately gained control of over ten times his previous thunderforce.

He was also pleasantly surprised to see that the golden particles in his blood had increased. There were also faint runes that had appeared in his blood.

Those runes were extremely minute and very weak, but they were definitely a kind of rune.

Connecting to those runes in his blood, his face immediately erupted into ecstasy.

“What happened?!” When Tang Wan-er saw Long Chen finally open his eyes, she was given a fright.

“Hahaha, I’ve really struck gold!” 

Long Chen hugged Tang Wan-er and crazily spun around, unable to control his own excitement.

“Aiya! Scoundrel, it hurts! Let me go!”

Tang Wan-er’s heart pounded as she was hugged by Long Chen. Her red face almost seemed like blood would drip off of it. She felt warm, bashful, as well as a bit angry.

Long Chen let her go and awkwardly apologized, “Sorry, I forgot myself.”

Tang Wan-er’s face was completely red, and she didn’t dare look at him. It wasn’t as if she could say—it was alright, as wouldn’t that encourage him to do it a second time?

“What’s going on? Why are you so excited?” Tang Wan-er forced herself to be calm, pretending to be tranquil.

“Hehe, let me show you something good.”


Long Chen opened his hand and a spear of thunderforce appeared. Lightning covered it along with faint runes, and it looked just like a real, solid spear.

Rumbling sound came from the spear, and a terrifying destructive will accompanied it, causing Tang Wan-er to fearfully take a step back.

Her shy expression became shock as she stared at that thunderforce spear in Long Chen’s hand.

“This… this thunderforce is…”

Long Chen laughed, “Yes, this is the natural thunderforce I snatched. This time, I really did profit. I don’t know why, but the thunderforce’s rune automatically condenses within my blood now. In the future, I’ll have my own thunderforce seed, hahaha…!”

“Long Chen, you really are amazing!” Tang Wan-er was truly in awe of him. She actually took the initiative to hug Long Chen in her excitement.

“Aiya, it hurts! Let me go!” Long Chen imitated Tang Wan-er’s previous tone and expression.

“Scoundrel, you really don’t know how to talk properly!” Tang Wan-er was immediately enraged and let go of Long Chen. She gave him a kick.

Long Chen laughed and dodged her kick. “It was just a joke; don’t be so angry. This thunderforce will be one of my killing moves in the future.”

His excitement had still not faded. Now that he could control his own thunderforce, he could use thunderforce to temper his body.

However, at this time, the runes in his body were still in an embryonic state. If he wanted it to progress faster, he would need to snatch even more thunderforce.

In this manner, he would have a much greater guarantee against future heavenly punishments. Furthermore, his thunderforce would even be able to increase his own cultivation base and would be a powerful attacking force. It really was like hitting three birds with one stone.

With the presence of those runes in his blood, it meant he could transform his own spiritual qi into thunderforce.

So now Long Chen had his flame blade, a thunder blade, Split the Heavens, and his FengFu Battle Armor as powerful attacks.

The last two were especially shocking. But they also were greatly exhausting. His FengFu Star was not really enough.

Now he understood why the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art involved forming nine stars. That was because, without such an ample reserve of energy, it was impossible to keep up with that terrifying consumption rate.

“Wan-er, let’s go do some missions and get some points,” said Long Chen.

Now they had nothing more to do. It would be best for him to do some missions and gather enough points for the Alioth Pill’s ingredients as soon as possible. He hoped to form the second star as quickly as he could.

Otherwise, if he could be temporarily powerful with his trump cards but had no way to maintain it, it would be completely useless. So at this time, he needed to increase his ability to fight longer.

“Hmph, if I waited for you to think of such a thing, it really would have been late. I’ve long since made the arrangements,” snorted Tang Wan-er, wrinkling her nose at him.

She had already sent people to complete the monastery’s missions while he had been in his unconscious state.

Although the Heaven Earth Faction was ranked number one this time, there was no way they could monopolize every single mission. They took around twenty percent of the missions.

But to take one-fifth of the missions amongst seventeen factions was definitely a large proportion.

Furthermore, there were only a dozen second level missions available. The rest were all just third level or even fourth level missions. 

No matter what, the monastery wouldn’t allow a single faction to immediately swallow all the points available. After all, everyone needed to struggle and compete with each other. There had to be at least something left for the bottom ranking factions.

Tang Wan-er had told him that if the first rank faction completed all the missions they could, they would bring in two hundred and seventy thousand points.

Even Long Chen had been startled by that. Those points were essentially free since the missions weren’t difficult at all. They were more than capable of completing them all.

Missions didn’t need that many people to accomplish and so, Tang Wan-er had already arranged everything.

“Wan-er, I feel like Song Mingyuan, Li Qi, and Luo Cang are trustworthy people. I’m thinking of having them join us,” said Long Chen.

Even after Long Chen had been exiled, the three of them had never abandoned them, even despite ranking at the bottom because of it. That was enough to win over Long Chen’s trust.

“I don’t really get what you mean,” said Tang Wan-er. Weren’t they all already allied?

“I mean we should place everyone’s earnings together. We’ll raise all our power equally,” proposed Long Chen.

Tang Wan-er was startled. “That’s a bit too sloppy. There’s no problem with sister Zhiqiu’s side, but if all five of our factions formed a total alliance like that, something bad can happen all too easily.”

The more people there were, the more difficult it would be to stay as one family. If one side became dissatisfied, if there was criticism or discrimination, or any injustices at all, it could have a huge impact on their alliance as a whole.

If there was even the slightest mistake, they would collapse from the inside-out. There was too high of a chance of their alliance crumbling if they did that. Tang Wan-er felt that the benefits did not warrant the risk.

“I understand what you’re thinking. But I believe with their abilities, they are able to control their subordinates. Conflict will only arise because of irreconcilable differences of opinions. But if everyone saw their power crazily rise every day, what differences would ever occur?” smiled Long Chen.

“What do you mean?”

“I have the ability to let everyone’s cultivation bases crazily soar. As long as they trust me and let me use their points, I can let their faction grow to an unprecedented level of power,” said Long Chen confidently.

Tang Wan-er immediately realized Long Chen was going to rely on his amazing alchemy skills to increase everyone’s power.

Although the monastery’s medicinal pills were very expensive, the medicinal ingredients themselves were much cheaper. With Long Chen’s abnormal refining success rate, they would be able to greatly save everyone’s points.

“Furthermore, I know the pill formulas for every single medicinal pill in the monastery, as well as pill formulas they don’t even know.” Long Chen smiled.

Within his Pill Sovereign memories were countless pill formulas. As long as he had enough medicinal ingredients, what medicinal pill couldn’t he refine?

With enough medicinal ingredients, increasing everyone’s cultivation bases was simple.

Song Mingyuan and the others had stood by the Heaven Earth Faction even in such difficult times. That was enough to show that they were straightforward and upright people.

Long Chen didn’t like to owe anyone, and since they considered him their brother, he would definitely not abuse their trust.

Since everyone had decided to trust their backs to each other, they should trust each other completely through thick and thin.

“Ok, you can decide that. There’s no problem on sister Zhiqiu’s side, but you’ll have to go to Song Mingyuan and the others to propose this.” Tang Wan-er nodded. Since Long Chen had already decided, she wouldn’t oppose him.

She actually greatly admired this kind of action by Long Chen. Men should be like that, straightforward and upright, knowing when to repay kindness and enmity.

Compared to Long Chen, the others like Gu Yang, Lei Qianshang, and Qi Xin were absolute trash. Such fellows didn’t even deserve to be called men.

“How’s your condition? Do you need to rest more?” Tang Wan-er worriedly asked when she saw how exhausted he was.

“It’s nothing big. Let’s go; Little Snow should have returned. I’ve already opened a spiritual space, and so I can properly bring him with me. Furthermore, we’ll have another powerful helper in the next competition. I want to see if that baldy Gu Yang can still be so arrogant then,” said Long Chen with high spirits.

Tang Wan-er laughed, “Why do you sound so excited? Lei Qianshang and Qi Xin were beaten into dogs by you, and you even defeated Gu Yang. Are you still not satisfied?”

“Tch, I’m not that nice. They made you cry from grief and broke Guo Ran’s bones; how could I let it go like that?

“I have never claimed to be some good person. If someone hurts my friends, I will make them pay such a bitter price that anyone watching won’t dare get any further ideas,” said Long Chen.

Tang Wan-er’s heart warmed when she heard that. She had definitely been part of the reason why he had been exiled. The feeling of being protected was definitely a good one.

“Let’s go back.” Long Chen walked back in the direction of the monastery. He couldn’t absorb more thunderforce without some rest first.

Tang Wan-er quickly followed after him, curiously asking, “Long Chen, can you tell me about what happened to you during your exile?”

“There’s nothing good to tell.”

“No, you definitely have to tell me!”

“Aiya, it was nothing. Everyday it was just hunting, eating meat, and drinking blood. It was really bloody, and there was nothing of interest. Let’s just hurry up and not let Little Snow wait.”

Long Chen didn’t want to think about those things and he also didn’t feel like there was anything to talk about. Just like that, he brought Tang Wan-er away from the mountain peak.

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