Chapter 214 Crazy Method

Tang Wan-er was relieved to see that Long Chen was alright and slowly released some of the string, letting the kite rise step by step.

By the time the huge kite was almost a thousand meters into the air, it was nothing more than a palm-sized dot in the sky.

Tang Wan-er’s heart was pounding. If Long Chen fell from that height onto the rock mountain, even his powerful physical body would be crushed flat.

Suddenly, a bolt of lightning struck Long Chen directly again. A powerful thunderforce also flowed down the string.

She immediately felt her body go numb. Having lost sensation in her hand for a moment, the string began to quickly fly out, frightening her out of her mind. She quickly grabbed it again.

Even from so far away, the thunderforce was still so strong. She was horrified when she thought about how powerful it must be at Long Chen’s position.

“Long Chen, are you alright?!” she shouted. That was because she couldn’t see how he was on the top side of the kite.

“Still… still fine.”

Long Chen’s body was quivering. That wasn’t from fear, but from the thunderforce that was wildly wreaking havoc in his body. He was shaking as if he was having a seizure.

This time the thunderforce was even more berserk. If it had been someone else, they would have directly been charred to ash.

He was glad he had gathered those Magical Beast bones and hides for this kite. The thunderforce wouldn’t affect them much and so, he would be able to stay up here for longer without any worries.

Long Chen stayed up there for a quarter hour before finally refining that thunderforce, increasing the amount of thunderforce in his body.

“Bring me up a bit higher!” As the kite gradually went higher, Long Chen’s chance of being struck increased. On average, it was around an incense stick’s amount of time between lightning strikes.

The terrain was extremely special here. Black thunder clouds gathered here and would never scatter. Whenever the thunderforce accumulated to a certain level, it would crash down upon the ground.

That was why the mountain peak was completely bare. It had already been struck by lightning countless times. Since Long Chen was intentionally drawing the lightning towards him, it was naturally easy for him to be struck.

On the ground, Tang Wan-er saw Long Chen get struck several times. His hair stood on end like a hedgehog, but he wasn’t suffering any injuries.

Only then did she relax slightly. Inside, she sighed that Long Chen really was a monster, but he was also a madman. He could think of all sorts of crazy ideas. Even crazier was that he would actually follow through on those crazy ideas.

She had already smartly figured out how to avoid being impacted by the lightning herself. 

The instant the light appeared over Long Chen’s head, she would let go of the string. Once that lightning fell, she could grab it again less than a couple of seconds later. 

Natural thunderforce came quickly, but it also went quickly. This way Tang Wan-er didn’t need to suffer being impacted by the thunderforce as well.

Although the thunderforce that was transmitted down was much weaker, it would have still been something extremely difficult for her to bear with her weaker body.

Now that she had figured out the rhythm, it was much easier for her to avoid the lightning strikes.

Up in the air, Long Chen was constantly absorbing the thunderforce. He could sense his body gradually growing stronger due to the thunderforce’s tempering.

Each cell in his body was growing stronger. The slight impurities in his body were being forced out by the power of the thunderforce.

“Thunderforce can actually strengthen the physical body?” That discovery delighted Long Chen. Then wouldn’t he gradually be able to make his own body stronger and stronger?

His original goal had only been to increase the lightning resistance of his body for the future heavenly punishment. But he hadn’t expected to make other gains as well.

At the same time, he also noticed that the golden color in his blood was gradually growing under the thunderforce’s strengthening.

That particular discovery had almost made him jump up in joy. He had accidentally discovered a new way to increase his cultivation base.

The golden particles had appeared in his blood once he had advanced to the tenth Heavenstage of Blood Condensation.

Those golden particles were extremely sparse, but Long Chen could sense that those particles contained a terrifying energy.

Now with the assistance of the thunderforce, those golden particles were gradually increasing.

Long Chen’s heart jumped with joy. Now he could quickly cultivate even without absorbing Magical Beast essence blood.

Third rank Magical Beast essence blood was now already almost useless to Long Chen. His cultivation speed with it was miniscule.

Now seeing the golden particles in his blood increase, Long Chen suddenly stood up and grandly roared, “Give me more lightning-!”

RUMBLE! Suddenly, the huge black clouds in the sky condensed into a whirlpool and dozens of thunderbolts crashed down on Long Chen.

“Careful, Long Chen!” Tang Wan-er turned pale. At some point, Long Chen had already floated up right next to the thunder clouds.

Long Chen’s appearance immediately attracted all the surrounding thunderforce.


Long Chen’s kite turned to ashes, while Tang Wan-er was sent flying by the terrifying thunderforce.

“Long Chen!” Tang Wan-er let out a startled cry, looking up into the sky fearfully. The kite had already been turned to ashes, and Long Chen was tumbling down like a falling star.

To fall from over three thousand meters onto hard rock, Long Chen would definitely die. Tang Wan-er frantically rushed over, wanting to save him.

But when Long Chen was a couple hundred meters from the ground, he suddenly took out a large umbrella.

Opening the umbrella, Long Chen’s descent immediately slowed, but the huge force caused the umbrella to directly collapse.

Once more falling, when he reached a height of thirty meters, he took out another umbrella, slowing down again.

So in the end, his impact on the ground was the same as if he had only fallen from less than twenty meters.

Tang Wan-er was startled and relieved. She really hadn’t though Long Chen would be that smart and had arranged back up plans.

But to fall from that height could definitely still cause some injury so she hastily ran over to support him.

“Ah!” Tang Wan-er had only just touched him when she immediately received an attack from a terrifying thunderforce.

Only then did she realize with horror that Long Chen was covered in thunderforce. His skin had turned black like coal and occasionally, explosive arcs of electricity would jump out.

“This scoundrel, is he crazy?” Tang Wan-er might not be exactly clear on what Long Chen was doing, but as a monster-class expert, she could sense a terrifying, berserk thunderforce within his body.

She could tell that he was tightly locking that thunderforce inside his body. He was clearly struggling fiercely with it just to keep it in his body.

He was actually using his body as a prison to keep the thunderforce in. That was too crazy.

She also immediately realized when Long Chen had been struck by those dozens of thunderbolts, he hadn’t resisted them at all, intentionally drawing them into his body.

Just thinking about that gave her shivers. Just what kind of monster was Long Chen?

That thunderforce that was running rampant throughout his body would be able to turn a Tendon Transformation expert to ashes. But Long Chen actually wanted to trap and raise it within his body.

Although Long Chen was completely motionless on the ground, Tang Wan-er wasn’t too worried yet. Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength was still fiercely attempting to subdue the thunderforce in his body.

There were a couple of times when that thunderforce almost erupted like a volcano, only to be forced back by Long Chen. Those times gave her quite a worry.

If he wasn’t able to force back that eruption, Long Chen wouldn’t even have a corpse left. He was practically gambling with his life.

And yet she also didn’t dare go help him. There was no way she could do anything for him, and in fact, she might end up disturbing him. She could only watch helplessly.

“Madman, madman, he’s definitely a madman.”

Tang Wan-er angrily repeated that as the thunderforce charred his body black. She was both angry and distressed.

She wondered about his past and sighed. She really couldn’t imagine just what Long Chen had endured for him to cultivate with his life on the line like this.

He was clearly already strong enough. With a Blood Condensation cultivation base, he was able to fight across realms, even able to defeat the strongest one amongst them, Gu Yang. What more did he want?

Suddenly, Long Chen vomited out blood. The thunderforce in his body had become even more berserk, actually injuring him.

“Long Chen, just give it up!” Tang Wan-er couldn’t stop herself. As long as he released the thunderforce out of his body, he would be completely fine.

Long Chen didn’t reply, only shaking his head, his eyes still tightly closed. It had been hard enough to capture so many fat pigs. If he didn’t properly slaughter them, that really would be unworthy of the kite he had painstakingly built.

But this time, there really were too many fat pigs. He couldn’t handle them one by one like he had before. Being swarmed by so many really was taxing for him.

There were several times Long Chen had thought about giving up, but he was still unwilling. How could he allow this pork to just fly away? That definitely wasn’t his style.

But he also couldn’t refine them all at once because this new thunderforce had already surpassed the thunderforce in his body.

A single wolf couldn’t possibly eat a dozen pigs at once. That was especially the case since these pigs also knew how to bite back.

So all Long Chen could do was to use his Spiritual Strength to suppress the crazy thunderforce. But even he wasn’t sure that he would be able to suppress this much thunderforce.

His powerful Spiritual Strength surged out of him, suppressing the thunderforce to the best of its ability. The two began a fierce struggle inside his body.

This method really was crazy. But perhaps the only person in the world who had a chance of pulling off this crazy idea was Long Chen.

It was probably impossible to find another person in this world with such a powerful physical body and such an abnormal soul. Usually, those who had powerful souls had weaker bodies like Tang Wan-er.

As for those who possessed powerful physical bodies, their Spiritual Strength would be lacking greatly. Gu Yang was an excellent example of that. Other than for using a spatial ring, his Spiritual Strength was incapable of accomplishing anything else.

But Long Chen had both qualities. If he still didn’t test it out a bit, he really wouldn’t be Long Chen. In order to get stronger, he would be willing to do anything. Otherwise, how could he find out more about his past? How would he get justice? How would he get revenge?

“Be suppressed!”

Long Chen roared inside. His last Spiritual Strength suppressed the thunderforce with a force of a hundred thousand pounds of pressure.

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