Chapter 2137 Tidying Up (Teaser)

The seven blood-colored winged devils were destroyed by Yue Xiaoqian’s sword. After being turned to stone, they were brittle and easily destroyed.

Yue Xiaoqian waved her hand, gathering the seven devil cores. She then flew over to the mother, looking at her worshipfully. “Mom, you’re so powerful!”

“After cultivating for a few thousand years, I finally have a chance to slay some devils. I suppose I’ve finally won some face for our ancestors.” Yue Xihan smiled, gratified. The original devil race existed to slay devils, and now she had finally done that.

They had inherited the devil-slaying arts for countless years but hadn’t had any targets to use them on. Today, they could finally feel some pride in being members of the original devil race.

After those seven blood-colored winged devils were killed, the other winged devils panicked and began to flee for the exit.

“My blood leads the way, my soul...

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