Chapter 2132 Exploring the Wilds (Teaser)

“Long Chen… we can’t…”

Yue Xiaoqian suddenly pushed Long Chen away because his hands had started to wander. Yue Xiaoqian was red in the face, but she did her best to stay cool-headed, pulling away from Long Chen’s devil claws.

“Ah… I lost control a bit…” Long Chen was also a bit red. It was only supposed to be a hug and kiss, but then his hands had started moving.

Yue Xiaoqian was as red as an apple. She looked down, tidying her clothes. Stealthily looking up and seeing Long Chen’s embarrassed expression, she quietly said, “Big sisters Meng Qi and Chu Yao knew you first. I… I can’t…” 

Yue Xiaoqian meant that she couldn’t let Long Chen touch her like that, or she would be letting down her big sisters. Although they were all cultivators, and having multiple women sharing a husband wasn’t rare, the cultivation world did care about the matter of bigger or smaller. If Yue Xiaoqian did do something secretly...

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