Chapter 213 Lightning Refinement

Long Chen and Tang Wan-er requested a leave of absence from the monastery. They then left from the monastery’s gate and began walking northwards.

Disciples had to request for leave of absence from an Elder if they wished to go outside the monastery. Furthermore, they were not allowed to leave for too long. The two of them had put in seven days’ time.

“Long Chen, where are you bringing me?” Tang Wan-er was still in the dark.

“Didn’t I tell you? We’re doing something fun,” laughed Long Chen.

“If you won’t be serious with me, I won’t bother with you any longer,” sniffed Tang Wan-er somewhat angrily.

“Haha, don’t get mad. I need you to help me out a bit for a certain something. But before that, I still need to go find Little Snow,” explained Long Chen.

“Little Snow? You mean your Scarlet Flame Snow Wolf? Didn’t you tell your family’s people to bring him back?” asked Tang Wan-er.

Long Chen smiled bitterly, “I came by myself. I didn’t have anyone from my family present.”

Only then did Tang Wan-er remember how Long Chen had traveled on his own. She awkwardly asked, “Then where is Little Snow?”

Long Chen looked around. “This is where we agreed to meet. Look, there’s Little Snow’s footprints. He should be around here somewhere.”

Suddenly, Long Chen let out a long roar that shook the sky. His majestic roar immediately spread hundreds of miles.

That roar echoed out for the time it took for an incense stick to burn before finally fading away. Long Chen was a bit baffled.

“Maybe Little Snow is hunting…,” he guessed.

“Then what do you want to do? You want us to wait?” asked Tang Wan-er.

“No need. I’ll tie one of my clothes onto a tree. He should be able to figure out that I came here to find him. Once he sees my clothing, he’ll know to wait for me.” Long Chen took off his outer shirt and tied it to a large tree.

Little Snow’s sensitive nose could easily find it. Once he did, he’d definitely know Long Chen had come by and he would wait here for him.

Tang Wan-er asked, “Then what do you want to do now?”

“Haha, I’m bringing you to do something fun. You’ll definitely like it.” Long Chen directly rushed off.

“Scoundrel, hurry up and tell me!” Tang Wan-er followed behind him angrily. This fellow really did like to act all mysterious.

The two of them rushed over a thousand miles north, arriving at the top of a huge mountain. This mountain was extremely high, and above the peak were rolling black clouds. Flickers of lightning appeared every now and then.

Looking at those black clouds above, Tang Wan-er suddenly recalled something and her eyes widened. “Long Chen, don’t tell me you came here to be struck by lightning.”

“Hehe, you really are smart. Yup, you guessed right,” laughed Long Chen.

On his journey back from the rubble wasteland, he had passed by this region and seen that this place was a bit strange. The mountain peak would always be covered by black clouds with lightning within them.

This entire mountain peak was completely bare. It was definitely a good place to gather lightning.

He had once refined Lei Qianshang’s thunderforce seed, so his body already had a certain resistance to thunder and lightning. Furthermore, his meridians were able to contain thunderforce.

He hoped that if he could obtain a stronger thunderforce, it might be possible for him to nourish and use that thunderforce like his beast flame.

Most importantly, having advanced to the tenth Heavenstage, Long Chen was very worried about his experience in advancing from the Qi Condensation realm. He had to be cautious. Once he reached the thirteenth Heavenstage, he would be struck by that heavenly punishment.

The previous heavenly punishment had almost killed him. If it hadn’t been for the Spirit World’s expert giving him a warning, he wouldn’t have been able to resist his terror and would have already died from that tribulation.

Furthermore, she had told him that the first tribulation was only a test of his willpower.

If that was true, then when he advanced to Tendon Transformation, it would definitely be even more terrifying. Just a test of willpower had almost turned him to ashes. If it was a test of his physical body, wouldn’t he have been directly killed?

Although his physical body was much more powerful now, he was still filled with fear and caution towards that heavenly punishment.

The first time was already that terrifying; just how horrifying would the second time be? He naturally didn’t want to die under heavenly punishment, and so he had to make himself even stronger.

Previously, he had refined Lei Qianshang’s thunderseed, and so he had gained control over some thunderforce. So while coming here was still a risk, it was worth it.

If he could absorb the thunder and lightning from the sky, he might be able to borrow that thunderforce to temper his body, giving him greater resistance to lightning in the future.

Even a slightly greater resistance would give him a higher chance of surviving the next heavenly punishment.

Long Chen took out a large kite twenty-one meters wide from his spatial ring. The frame was made from Magical Beast bone and then normal beast hide was added as cloth, making it very sturdy.

“You’ve flown a kite before, right?” asked Long Chen.

“I’ve flown a kite, but not a man-kite. You can’t really be serious.”

Although Long Chen could control a bit of thunderforce, that had just come from a person. It was not at all the same as natural thunderforce. Natural thunderforce was at least thousands of times stronger. A mistake meant death!

Gathering natural thunderforce to use as his own was definitely a crazy idea. She had never even heard of anyone attempting such a thing. She had no confidence in this at all, but seeing how Long Chen was so prepared, it seemed he wasn’t joking around.

In Tang Wan-er’s eyes, Long Chen had never done anything normally. He always treated abnormal things as his normal.

Long Chen took out a string made of black silk. Tying it securely to his kite, he tested it a couple of times before being reassured. After all, this matter definitely could end up killing him if he wasn’t overly cautious.

The string was over three thousand meters long. Although it was only the thickness of a single finger, it would definitely not break.

He then tied the other end of the string to a huge boulder. “I’ll get on top of the kite and tie myself onto it securely so I won’t fall off. You let me fly into the sky, but always pay attention. When I’m about to be struck by the lightning, let go of the string. Although it doesn’t conduct electricity, it’s not an absolute insulator. If I end up passing out or something, you need to be ready to save me.”

Tang Wan-er solemnly stared at Long Chen, her heart pounding out of her control. “This is way too terrifying. You really shouldn’t do this. To be honest, I’m terrified for you.”

Long Chen laughed, “Don’t worry, I’m not scared that you’re terrified. This is extremely important to me, so please lend me your assistance.”

Tang Wan-er helplessly shook her head. She wondered to herself if she would also become crazy if she stayed with Long Chen for too long.

“I’ll run with the kite, get lift off, and then jump on top of it. The rest will be up to you. Just treat it as having fun.” Long Chen tried to ease her nervousness.

Tang Wan-er glared at him. What about this was fun? If she made a mistake, he could die!

Long Chen raised the large kite and began to run down the mountain. After a few hundred meters, he had generated enough inertia and lift to finally slowly float upwards. Currently, he was still extremely stable and secure.

When Long Chen flipped to get on top of the kite, Tang Wan-er nervously pulled on the string. Her kite flying skills were definitely supreme, as with just a few tugs, the kite soared into the sky, flying levelly. 

Standing atop the kite, Long Chen gave Tang Wan-er a thumbs-up. “You really are an awesome beauty Wan-er.”

“Careful!” Tang Wan-er suddenly let out a startled cry as a bolt of lightning directly crashed down on Long Chen.


Long Chen’s clothings burst apart. But he had already been prepared for that, and he was still wearing the Golden Horned Python’s leather skin so at least he wasn’t naked.

Currently, the kite was still only one hundred and fifty meters from the ground. He hadn’t expected to already be struck by lightning while he was still so far from the clouds.

The kite trembled, but the string Long Chen had tied to his waist hadn’t broken.

He coughed up some smoke and felt all his hair stand on end. Countless strands of lightning crawled over his body. He quickly attempted using his thunderforce to absorb them.

But the result was not as he had expected. Those lightning strands and his own thunderforce repelled each other much harder than he had ever imagined, and they began to go berserk inside his body.

“How is it Long Chen?” Tang Wan-er cried out when she saw Long Chen was completely motionless atop the kite.

“I’m fine. Just maintain this height and let me get used to it!” shouted back Long Chen.

He then continued attempting to refine the power of the lightning, but no matter how he tried, he was unable to refine it at all.

It was as if Long Chen’s original thunderforce was water while this natural thunderforce was oil. The two of them refused to mix.

He tried a dozen times without succeeding. Then gritting his teeth, he directly gave up on his original thunderforce and began to try connecting to the natural thunderforce.

That thunderforce had no will, but it was exceptionally berserk like lava. As Long Chen attempted to refine it, it wildly attacked Long Chen’s spirit.

“Damn this thing!”

He had tried refining it and had failed. Now he tried connecting to it and failed. Long Chen now directly used the most berserk method, using his Spiritual Strength to wildly attack that thunderforce.

Long Chen’s thunderforce crazily attacked those strands of natural thunderforce. Although that natural thunderforce resisted crazily, it had no further source of power and was unable to continue fighting against Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength that continuously surged out.

Finally, Long Chen suppressed its berserk nature. After subduing it, he could control it as well as his old thunderforce. He used this new natural thunderforce to refine the thunderforce he had originally gotten from Lei Qianshang.

What pleasantly surprised Long Chen was that while his thunderforce had previously been like a sheep trying to devour a wolf, it had completely reversed now and this new thunderforce easily devoured his old thunderforce, refining it anew.

This new thunderforce rushed around Long Chen’s body. Although it wasn’t his core thunderforce, it was like a tamed Magical Beast inside him that he could control as he wished.

This new discovery delighted him, and he shouted to Tang Wan-er:

“Let’s start! Let the lightning be a bit more intense.”

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