Chapter 2129 Pill Valley’s Sinister Scheme

Seeing that Flow character, Long Chen truly jumped. Just how had the High Priest figured out the location of the qi flow eruption?

Wasn’t it said that the qi flow eruption’s time and place were up to the heavens? That no one could know before it happened?

That was why the entire continent was silent, with no one daring to make a move despite knowing that the qi flow eruption was imminent. 

Long Chen continued staring at the map, and then his expression changed. Why would it be there?

The Flow character was precisely where the entrance to the Yin Yang World was.

“How is this possible? If the qi flow eruption occurs there, if all that energy gathered and burst forth there, wouldn’t the seal also be broken? If that happened, the Yin Yang World’s Blood race would be able to charge into the continent!”

Long Chen was grave. Although the Sovereigns were supreme existences, their seals had been worn down by the passing of countless years. It was difficult to say whether this seal would be able to endure such a blow.

Long Chen carefully looked at the Flow character. Suddenly, the Flow character floated off the map, transforming into an image. Strands of Blood Qi gathered from the image into a neat chain that tore through the earth before vanishing.

Following that, the earth shook, and the sun and moon went under the shadow. The entire world transformed into primal chaos.

The image vanished. The map in Long Chen’s hand ignited into a burst of flames, turning into nothingness as if it had never existed.

“The gathering of Blood Qi like the gathering of qi flow… could it be…”

Long Chen’s eyes flickered. He suddenly thought of the strange energy that had tried to extract a trace of his blood when he had left the Brahma secret realm.

When Long Chen had sensed it, he had rejected it. At that time, he had been curious about it but didn’t know what it was.

This message from the High Priest made him think of that energy that had tried to extract a trace of blood from every person leaving.

There had been a million geniuses to enter the Brahma secret realm. They represented practically the entire continent’s qi flow.

Extracting a trace of blood from every one of those people… Long Chen thought of a possibility. Had Pill Valley used the Brahma secret realm to extract their blood in order to make the qi flow eruption occur ahead of time, and even at a certain location?

What was their goal in controlling the time and location? Long Chen shivered. Pill Valley seemed to be up to something exceedingly dangerous.

With a thought, Long Chen looked into the spatial ring that Tu Qianshang had given him. Within the mass of wine jugs, he saw three smaller jugs that were only the size of a fist.

Long Chen took out those jugs and saw that they were also filled with wine. He drank a gulp.

“The three moon jasper flower wine?”

The jasper flower bloomed in the third month, and after being gathered, it needed to be dried for three months before being used in winemaking. It then required to be brewed for three months to be fully merged into the wine.

Due to that, it was called the three moon jasper flower wine. Amongst wines, very few had such a name.

“Is this an indication that the qi flow eruption will occur three months from now?” Long Chen guessed what the High Priest was trying to subtly indicate to him.

The qi flow eruption was related to the future of the world. Even the High Priest could only give him the vaguest of warnings to avoid karma.

“Just what is Pill Valley doing?” Long Chen sighed. Perhaps the High Priest had sensed something, but this matter was too important for him to say directly. He could only hope Long Chen could see through his clues.

Long Chen needed to quickly raise his power. He then took a deep breath. He had to be properly prepared before the qi flow eruption.

“Boss, you called me?” Gu Yang asked.

“Yes. Tell everyone to stop cultivating and focus on stabilizing their current realm. Since the qi flow eruption is about to come, we should prepare to advance then,” said Long Chen.

In the Dongfang family, Nangong Zuiyue had stealthily told Long Chen that it was best to stop raising his cultivation base at this time. By advancing during the qi flow eruption, it would make his realm much more stable and strengthen him further.

Since Long Chen hadn’t known when the qi flow eruption would occur, he hadn’t allowed the Dragonblood warriors to stop advancing. But now that he knew the date, he could let everyone take a pause there and focus on stabilizing their current realm.

At this time, Long Chen realized why all the supreme geniuses he had encountered during the gathering were at the first Heavenstage of Life Star. They were all waiting for the qi flow eruption.

All the Dragonblood warriors had now consumed their Hundred Flower Dao Resonation Pills. They were in the midst of awakening their manifestations, so he didn’t disturb them. He simply told Gu Yang not to let his guard down and beware of a sneak attack.

Although they had just destroyed the Mechanism Sect and that should intimidate their enemies, it was best to be careful with the complicated and twisted relationships between the ancient sects.

Long Chen sat on a transportation formation and went to the Huayun Sect’s headquarters.

“Brother Long, congratulations on being the brightest star in the sky,” congratulated Zheng Wenlong when Long Chen walked in.

“Who’s the brightest star? And why bother congratulating them?” said Long Chen with a smile.

Zheng Wenlong was startled and then shook his head. “Brother Long is still the same as ever.”

Long Chen laughed. “I won’t waste your time. Is there any progress on the things I asked you to gather?”

“The things you wanted are too rare. I’ve investigated all the millions of storehouses of the Huayun Sect and only found seven of them. As for the Heavenly Underworld Vermillion Fruit that you wanted top priority on, there’s no information on it. I’m truly sorry,” said Zheng Wenlong.

Long Chen had given Zheng Wenlong a list of medicinal ingredients that he wanted, with the Heavenly Underworld Vermillion Fruit being the most important. However, the Huayun Sect was unable to find it. In fact, they didn’t even have a record of it.

“Seven is not bad. Don’t mind it.” Long Chen was disappointed, but he didn’t let it show.

He knew Zheng Wenlong was very meticulous, especially when it came to business. If he couldn’t find it, then there was nothing that could be done. 

Looking at the seven ingredients that Zheng Wenlong had found, he was surprised. Three of them were the main ingredients in other pills. He now had three new eleventh tier pills he could refine.

“Brother Zheng, is there something weighing on your heart?” asked Long Chen upon examining Zheng Wenlong closely.

“The Huayun Sect has encountered a competitor,” sighed Zheng Wenlong.

“You refer to the Dongfang family?” asked Long Chen.

“Yes. They’ve already established five auction houses throughout the Central Plains, one in each region. All their wares are top treasures of shocking value, and they even use underworld spirit beads as the currency. Many of our high-end clients have been drawn over to them. It’s a grievous blow to us. Although we also have some precious treasures to take out, if we don’t take in any new stock, we won’t be able to keep it up. Furthermore, Pill Valley has started selling a limited number of top grade eleventh tier pills. They’re selling them in contractual groups.”

“Contractual groups? What is that supposed to mean?”

“If you want to buy an eleventh tier pill, you have to buy a certain number of their other pills,” said Zheng Wenlong.

“Isn’t that basically bullying? Before buying the honey, you have to buy some crap first?” Long Chen’s jaw dropped. Pill Valley was even more shameless than he had thought. Just how had they managed that?

“Although that truly is the case, they have the power to do it. They also have an option where you don’t need to buy the pills immediately, but you must sign a long-term contract with Pill Valley to only buy pills from them. Those sects are bound to Pill Valley in the future. Many of the sects doing business with us are starting to waver. Although Pill Valley’s actions are overbearing, the attraction of eleventh tier pills is too great. It is said that after the Brahma secret realm, Pill Valley obtained many secret formulas for eleventh tier pills, and they even say they will have an unending supply of them in the future. That’s why the Huayun Sect is in trouble right now. They have the eleventh tier pills. It won’t be long before all our clients will be taken by Pill Valley.” Zheng Wenlong sighed helplessly.

“You want eleventh tier pill formulas? I have some,” said Long Chen.

Zheng Wenlong fell from his chair. Staring in shock at Long Chen, he stuttered. “Brother Long… you… are you sure… you’re not joking?”

“Why would I lie? You forget, I also entered the Brahma secret realm. I also have some of Pill Valley’s eleventh tier pills. It might not be all of them, but it should be enough for you. Here, I’ll write them down.”

Long Chen took out some writing utensils and quickly filled up several pages of pill formulas. He wrote down hundreds of them.

“Heavens, so many! Long Chen, I… I really don’t know how to thank you.” Zheng Wenlong didn’t understand these pill formulas, but he knew that Long Chen had just given him something that would drive other alchemists crazy. He didn’t know what to say.

“You’re too courteous. Helping you is helping me. If Pill Valley gets stronger, it won’t be good for me,” said Long Chen with a smile.

“Long Chen, sit for a while. I have to alert the sect master.” Zheng Wenlong vanished.

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