Chapter 2128 The High Priest’s Letter (Teaser)

The outside world was still turbulent due to the news that the Mechanism Sect had been destroyed by Long Chen. As for the survivors, they were being hunted down, becoming a popular discussion point.

Some people thought that this was too cruel. Killing their experts was one thing, but they weren’t even letting off the women and children.

There were also others who thought that the Mechanism Sect was evil to the core, and everyone related to them should be killed.

Certain experts with deep enmity for the Mechanism Sect didn’t even care about the questions of the rest of the world and swore to kill everyone from the Mechanism Sect no matter what.

It was at this point that Long Chen finally said something. Evil did not pass through blood. Only evil convictions were passed down. Evil was evil, and there was no need to give evil a high-sounding cover.

With just this, the sects crazily hunting down the Mechanism Sect’s families came to a stop....

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