Chapter 2125 Think it Over

Everyone’s gazes were drawn over to the old man once he spoke. In truth, just now, quite a few people had been secretly observing and estimating him.

The reason he drew so much attention was that he was clearly only a third step Netherpassage expert but was able to fight against the Stone race’s leader. Furthermore, seeing the dozens of cuts on the Stone race’s leader’s body, they were even more suspicious about his identity.

“Is your distinguished self the master of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect?” asked the Dongfang family’s head.

“Yes, it’s me. Someone bullied my family’s children, and I came out to support them.” The old man coldly said, “I don’t like wasting words. No one in this world is qualified to judge us men. If you don’t like it, then let’s fight.”

The old man didn’t like this leader of the Dongfang family. Without distinguishing between right and wrong, he had first raised criticisms of Long Chen, irritating the old man.

In the old man’s eyes, none of Long Chen’s actions were wrong. In fact, when he saw Long Chen actually choose to not wipe away the Mechanism Sect’s women and children, even sparing some of their experts, he felt greater admiration for Long Chen’s daring. The reason people exterminated their enemies down to the roots was because they were afraid, afraid of those people seeking vengeance later. But true experts weren’t afraid of that.

At that time, if Long Chen had killed those people or even just stood by as he allowed it to happen, the old man would have felt a bit disappointed. So Long Chen’s actions were particularly to the old man’s liking. For someone to criticize Long Chen’s actions immediately provoked him.

“Everyone, everyone, let me first say something. Now really isn’t the time for internal strife. Fighting amongst ourselves will only weaken the Martial Heaven Continent’s power. Every bit of power is precious. Every bit we lose means more danger. If you have the power, then why not unite against outsiders?” advised the middle-aged man from the Nangong family.

“Senior, these people are different from normal people. They think that they’re the smartest, that they’re the most important to the continent, as if the continent won’t be able to survive without them. Thinking me weak, some of them wanted to kill me. Today, I destroyed the Mechanism Sect and came for vengeance against the Stone race to show the other dog-eyed people that I, Long Chen, am not a weakling. If they want to come to me, then we’ll see just who should be afraid of the other. I don’t have much, but I have a group of fearless, hot-blooded brothers who will accompany me and anyone else who wants to fight to the death,” said Long Chen coldly.

Long Chen had observed that the people who had come here were people of great status from the supreme powers that had flowed down from the ancient era.

Many of them were definitely looking down on him. His words were precisely for those people.

It wasn’t important if they wanted to look down on him. But if they provoked him, then they couldn’t blame him for being vicious. If he couldn’t establish his own reputation and prestige here, he would only find greater troubles awaiting him in the future. He would never get the time to properly cultivate and upgrade himself.

Although he was just a Life Star disciple, his words were powerful. Even in the face of so many powerful and ancient experts, he was still domineering and mighty.

Beitang Rushuang sighed inside. Long Chen had more sides to him than the scoundrel she had taken him for at the beginning. However, compared to this domineering Long Chen, she preferred the teasing, slippery fellow she knew. That Long Chen felt more relaxed and real.

“This little fellow’s very good. Girl, you should think it over.” The old woman beside Beitang Rushuang smiled as she looked at Long Chen, whispering to Beitang Rushuang.

“Grandma, you’ve been fooled by him. This fellow is a shameless scoundrel…,” said Beitang Rushuang.

“Nonsense, these old eyes of mine have seen the whole world. When have I ever been fooled? With just a glance, I can tell he cares deeply about relationships. He’s someone worthy of others entrusting their lives to,” said the old woman.

This old woman was the current head of the Beitang family and could be considered an ancient monster from head to toe. Even though Beitang Rushuang was a supreme genius who had been sealed for thousands of years, she still called her grandma.

“Since you know he cares about relationships, why ask me to consider anything? He already has women in his home, to the point that his home is almost bursting. What would I go over for?” said Beitang Rushuang irritably.

“Foolish girl, even if he already has many women, isn’t there still a difference between them?” The old woman smiled.

“Grandma, stop, or I’ll get angry!” 

“It’s very normal for men to have wives and concubines. As long as two people get along, why bother so much? Let me tell you, don’t think that just because you have a nice face and a good body that you’ll be set. This temper of yours isn’t attractive. Be careful of having that girl from the Nangong family getting ahead of you here.”

“Tch, who cares? If she wants him, she can have him,” Beitang Rushuang scoffed.

As the two of them stealthily conversed, the middle-aged man from the Nangong family said, “This matter was just a misunderstanding from start to end. At the very start, the Mechanism Sect’s disciples misjudged brother Long and were disrespectful to him, causing him to kill them in his anger. There’s nothing to say about that. It was Zhao Wuji who was petty, and adding on the Mechanism Sect’s unreasonable nature, which I’m sure everyone knows about, this matter can’t be completely blamed on Long Chen. As for the Stone race, their enmity with Long Chen just stemmed from some friendship between certain sides and isn’t so deep. Part of the Heavenly Daos is a natural competition, and it’s difficult to avoid all conflicts. The Stone race sent people to assist the Mechanism Sect’s sneak attack on the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race, and Long Chen counterattacked. There’s really no way to say who was right or wrong in this matter.”

“Bullshit, Long Chen took one of my eyes and has yet to return it! That is an insult to the Stone race! He started it!” raged Shi Lingfeng.

The middle-aged man from the Nangong family frowned irritably. He was the younger brother of the current family head of the Nangong family, and his status was actually no different than the family head. For Shi Lingfeng to shout at him like this was irritating.

“Lingfeng, don’t be rude to your seniors. Hurry and apologize!” shouted the golden leader of the Stone race.

Although the Stone race was tyrannical, that middle-aged man was from the everlasting families. They couldn’t randomly offend him. Furthermore, the experts that had rushed over here were from the human race. The Stone race already had quite some enmity between them and the human race.

If they offended all the people here, that definitely wouldn’t be a good thing for the Stone race.

The Stone race had originally thought that the great era meant that it was finally their time to shine, but Long Chen’s arrival had caused that confidence of theirs to shatter. Just that small force he had brought had made them powerless to resist.

If Nangong Zuiyue hadn’t interfered at the last moment, Shi Lingfeng would have been killed.

The only way the race leader could have saved Shi Lingfeng was if he used that final trump card, but now wasn’t the time to do that. If they did, the Stone race would lose their chance to truly rise to prominence. So even though so many powerful experts had come to the Stone race, the race leader was still enduring.

“My apologies.” Shi Lingfeng made his apology very unwillingly.

“It’s fine. We’re just talking, so let’s not bring emotions into it. We came here not to watch, but to resolve any conflicts that exist. If your Stone race thinks that my words are biased toward any side, then I won’t bother wasting the effort,” said the middle-aged man.

“Senior, I wasn’t trying to be disrespectful to you, but… Long Chen went too far. How can I simply endure the enmity of having my eye stolen?” demanded Shi Lingfeng.

“Now you think of that enmity? When you provoked and insulted me during the auction, weren’t you feeling happy about it? Then you suddenly sneak attacked me during my battle against Zhao Wuji. Weren’t you happy then too? What, after I took your eye you no longer felt happy? There’s no way for me to talk sense with an idiot like you. We can pick up fighting right now if you want,” sneered Long Chen.

This stone idiot only remembered that Long Chen took his eye but completely forgot about all the things he had done to provoke that action.

During the auction, he had insulted Nangong Zuiyue, but she possessed great self-restraint and ignored him, causing him to then directly provoke Long Chen. Those matters had long since been forgotten by him, so all he remembered was that Long Chen had taken his eye and deserved death.

At this time, the old woman from the Beitang family finally spoke, “To build up favors and grudges is to cultivate. The cycle of karma is never-ending. As for your personal enmities, none of us want to interfere with them because we don’t wish to waste the effort on something impossible. Rather than asking you to resolve your enmities, I would ask if it’s possible for you to push back settling those enmities until after the dark era. Every expert’s power will be necessary to face the dark era. Is this proposal of mine acceptable? Naturally, you can refuse, and we won’t force it. We’ll just watch as you fight to the death.”

“Family head Beitang is correct, our Nangong family believes the same thing. I trust that the Dongfang family is the same?” The middle-aged man turned to the Dongfang family’s head.

The Dongfang family’s head smiled lightly. “Of course. We hope that the Martial Heaven Continent can be peaceful, even if it’s just temporary. When it comes to conflict, why isn’t it possible to endure it a bit? We’re all lifeforms of the Martial Heaven Continent and should care for the continent’s survival.”

Although his words were rather neutral, Long Chen heard a different tone within them, one that seemed to be saying Long Chen was intentionally causing trouble.

Long Chen looked at him curiously. Hadn’t this old man acted like a good person last time? Why was he targeting him now?

Long Chen looked from the Dongfang family to the Nangong family and the Beitang family and seemed to have grasped something.

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