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The void behind them exploded and formed a large black hole that sucked away everything around it. After that, the black hole slowly shrank until it vanished. The mountain range they were in had a hole in it like a giant beast had taken a big bite out of it.

The Dragonblood warriors stood behind Long Chen, watching as it all happened. They all had excited expressions. So what if it was a sect whose roots stretched back into the ancient era? Wasn’t it still destroyed by their Dragonblood Legion?

“Old man, are you alright?” Long Chen looked over at him.

“Ha, that fellow had the realm of the fourth step of Netherpassage, but he lacked the corresponding power. He relied entirely on a tortoise shell to survive, without having any of his own skills. Fighting his heart-devil also consumed most of his power, so killing him was only a matter of time. Although I can’t say it didn’t take any effort, he wasn’t much,” said the old man indifferently.

Long Chen smiled. “Good. Xia Chen, let’s move on to the next.” 

“You’re still planning on fighting?” asked the old man.

Upon coming to the Mechanism Sect, Long Chen had told Xia Chen to create a formation that could link to the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s transportation formation. It was a temporary formation set up to only allow a single person to go through. The old man had been told to be ready to assist, but he didn’t know anything about Long Chen’s plan.

“Hehe, strike while the iron’s hot. The Stone race is so arrogant. By destroying them, we’ll show the alliance head that the Martial Heaven Alliance isn’t as weak as she thinks. That way, she won’t be forced to always give face to others,” said Long Chen.

The old man was reinvigorated. He had always been very dissatisfied with how Qu Jianying acted conservative. To use the old man’s words, women weren’t straightforward enough.

“Let’s go cut down those stone heads.” The old man also had some understanding of the Stone race, and he knew that there was a deep enmity between them and the human race. 

Xia Chen had finished setting up the formation. Everyone stepped into the transportation formation and vanished, reappearing in a desolate world of stone. There wasn’t a single blade of grass growing anywhere in sight.

“Boss, I’ve used up all my materials. This is all I can do,” said Xia Chen.

Xia Chen had calculated his materials very well. As a formation master, he had been allocated a certain amount of resources for various parts, using them to maximum efficiency. His calculations had been so perfect that he had used up exactly everything in this final formation.

“Nice job.” Long Chen praised Xia Chen. After Xia Chen had joined the Dragonblood Legion, this was his first time really showing off his outstanding talent.

He was truly powerful. With his assistance, the Dragonblood Legion was like a tiger with wings. Long Chen was thankful that he had allowed Xia Chen to join back in the day. That had definitely been a wise decision.

From the moment the Mechanism Sect and the Stone race had sneaked their way into the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race’s territory, everything had been within Xia Chen’s control. His enemies had played to the beat of his drum. Perhaps if he had enough materials, Xia Chen would be able to destroy this entire world.

“Based on the runic mark, Shi Lingfeng should be behind this mountain range. There aren’t any formations present. We can enter as we please,” said Xia Chen.

The formation that Xia Chen had set up to bring them here was a special one-time transportation formation. For ordinary transportation formations, there needed to be two nodes for travel between them, but the one that Xia Chen had set up was like shooting an arrow. The point was controlled by Xia Chen. He had perfectly calculated the distance and used up all the resources he had with frightening accuracy.

“Let’s go. With the old man here, we can have plenty of confidence.” Long Chen chortled and walked forward.

“Inferior human race, step into the Stone race’s territory and die!”

After an incense stick’s worth of time, they passed through the mountain range, and a giant stone forest appeared before him. Two of the Stone race’s experts barred their path.

Long Chen swung Evilmoon casually, unleashing a black streak of light that cut off their heads. He then kicked those heads into the depths of the forest. They smashed into the stones and exploded.

“A group of stone brains also dare to insult the human race. Just who gave you that courage?” sneered Long Chen.

Long Chen took eight steps forward, each step causing his aura to rise. Seventy-two acupuncture points inside his body activated at once. His saber slashed.

“Split the Heavens 8!”

Long Chen’s saber was like a celestial blade slicing apart the cosmos. The huge saber-image filled heaven and earth. It was just like the old man’s previous attack.

The old man couldn’t help smiling. Long Chen’s comprehension skills were truly frightening. He had learned to control the essence of his previous move so quickly.

Long Chen’s attack tore through the stone forest. Nothing could stop it. The stone forest was cleanly split in two.

“Courting death!”

A furious cry rang out from the depths of the forest. A giant figure appeared and a terrifying aura rose.

One large figure after another came shooting out of the forest. The one at the head was actually golden.

Beside him were thousands of experts from the Stone race. It took Long Chen a while to find Shi Lingfeng in their midst.

The Stone race’s experts looked very much alike, with similar auras as well. If Shi Lingfeng wasn’t still missing an eye, Long Chen might not have been able to single him out.

“Long Chen!” Shi Lingfeng gnashed his teeth.

“Yes, it’s me. Didn’t you tell me to wait until you destroyed my entire race? I’m rather impatient, so I came to destroy you first,” said Long Chen lazily.

“Destroy my Stone race? Arrogant words from a person that will die here today!” The golden Stone race expert roared and attacked, unleashing a powerful punch. Golden light swirled around his fist, freezing the surrounding space.

In that instant, Long Chen felt a suffocating pressure. It seemed that this golden Stone race expert was not at all weaker than the patriarch of the Mechanism Sect.

They were truly worthy of being a race from the ancient era. This kind of foundation was frightening, but Long Chen had come with his own trump card.

The Heaven Splitting Blade whistled through the air, slicing apart that golden domain. When it met the golden expert’s fist, a powerful explosion shook the land. Golden light exploded.

“Your tone’s pretty arrogant. Let’s see just who dies here today,” sneered the old man. The golden Stone race expert was actually forced back as the old man pressed the Heaven Splitting Blade against him.

The golden expert howled, and golden waves surged out of his body. The crystals covering his body opened up like devil eyes, causing his aura to grow dramatically.


The old man and the golden expert flew back at the same time. They then once more charged at each other, meeting each other in the sky.

The golden expert was like a blazing sun, making it impossible to see how their fight was going. The others could only hear powerful explosions echoing through the clouds.

“The race leader has blocked that old fellow. We can kill them!” shouted Shi Lingfeng.

The golden expert was the Stone race’s leader, an existence that had lived for countless years and possessed a rarely seen gold energy. In Shi Lingfeng’s opinion, it was only a matter of time before he killed the old man.

After giving orders, Shi Lingfeng immediately shot at Long Chen, not holding back at all. All the Stone race’s territory shook along with Shi Lingfeng, and strange fluctuations flowed toward him.

“Here, I am supported by the ancestral lands’ divine energy. Killing you is as easy as killing a chicken! Long Chen, you sent yourself to your own death!” Shi Lingfeng laughed malevolently, all the energy of the earth gathering around him. It was even visible to the naked eye.

Long Chen didn’t tarry. He summoned his divine ring and the Azure Dragon Battle Armor. With a slash of Evilmoon, they clashed and Long Chen was forced back several steps, his arms shaking. Shi Lingfeng’s power had grown much greater since the last time they had clashed.

“Die!” Shi Lingfeng whirled after Long Chen like a gale, his fists smashing toward Long Chen.

“So what if you’re supported by your ancestral lands? It won’t change your fate of dying here today.” Long Chen actually put away Evilmoon. It was still in slumber and couldn’t help him.

Thunder rang out as lightning wings appeared on Long Chen’s back, and a lightning spear materialized in his hand. 

“Hmph, thunderforce is unable to harm my Stone race. No matter how many tricks you have, you’ll still die here,” sneered Shi Lingfeng. The Stone race did not possess bodies of flesh, so they were unafraid of lightning.

“Is that so?”

Lightning exploded out of Long Chen, turning this place into a sea of lightning.

“Wild Lightning Soul Battle Spear!”

The sea of lightning was then absorbed into one giant lightning spear that pierced toward Shi Lingfeng.

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