Chapter 2122 The Old Man’s True Strength (Teaser)

“Patriarch, kill them!” shouted Zhao Wuji upon seeing the Mechanism Sect’s patriarch regain awareness.

Zhao Wuji was currently covered in blood and in a miserable plight from Gu Yang’s attacks. Without his armor, his combat power had been reduced by eighty percent. He couldn’t even match Gu Yang.

“I know you! You’re Long Chen!” The patriarch finally recognized who Long Chen was.

Suddenly, the world trembled and the giant black hole in the sky exploded. The ruins on the ground poured toward that black hole.

At this moment, as those broken fragments of buildings were sucked into the black hole, it was possible to tell that millions of invisible blades were slicing within that collapsed space. Everything that was sucked in vanished without a trace.

The sky was like a dome that had been pierced through. It was now gradually collapsing even further. The hole grew, sucking in everything around it. It was like the very world knew that it wasn’t going to survive much longer and wanted to bring everything within it along....

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