Chapter 212 Your Fist Isn't Strong Enough

When Gu Yang’s fist formed, his face turned pale as paper. 

But despite that, his expression was still as sinister as ever. That fist now contained his entire strength and energy, including an overdraft of part of his ancestral mark’s power.

You want to finish this in one move? Come! Long Chen raised his bone blade, his FengFu Star circulating. All his spiritual qi injected into his bone blade.

“Split the Heavens!” Long Chen shouted inside and his bone blade began to rumble. It was almost possible to hear the roar of a tiger emanating from it as it slashed down on Gu Yang.

When that fist and blade met, heaven and earth seemed to lose all sound. A brilliant flare of light immediately exploded out.

BOOM! The void appeared to shatter. Qi waves surged everywhere, immediately engulfing an area of dozens of miles.

An immense crater was smashed into the ground, and the distant spectators had practically been buried alive. When some people managed to dig their way out to see what had happened, they were completely speechless.


At this moment the bell rang out, signaling the end of the Faction Competition. But whether it was the winners or the losers, none of them cheered or made any sound. They just blankly stared at that crater.

At the bottom was a completely pale Long Chen. He was gasping for breath.

Opposite to Long Chen was Gu Yang. He was lying on the ground, blood flowing from the corner of his mouth. He was filled with disbelief. One of his arms had been broken in several places, bending in extremely odd ways.

“If you want to crush me, Long Chen, to pulp, then your fist isn’t strong enough,” Long Chen shook his head lightly.

Gu Yang’s expression became even uglier. But as he opened his mouth to retort, he suddenly vomited blood and fainted.

In that last attack, Long Chen had pushed Split the Heavens to his max, causing its power to reach a kind of pinnacle.

For Gu Yang to be able to survive such an attack already showed how incredibly terrifying he was. But despite how strong his physical body was, he was still heavily injured.

At the same time, Long Chen realized that as his cultivation base increased, Split the Heavens’ power also rose with it, becoming increasingly more terrifying.

He still had no idea what class of Battle Skill it was. But this definitely confirmed that its class was shockingly high.

Once Gu Yang fainted, Long Chen smiled. A bit of that suppressed anger inside him had finally been relieved. He was about to put away his bone blade when he suddenly felt the world spinning around him.

A pair of soft hands gently supported him. A faint fragrance floated into Long Chen’s nose, filling him with warmth. Exhaustion beat him and he passed out.

Looking at the passed out Long Chen, Tang Wan-er’s heart ached. For him to have returned from the graveyard of the exiled, he had probably met countless dangers, more dangers than another person would see in their entire lifetime.

“Woot, we won!” Cheers rang out as people from her side began to crazily shout, showing off their excitement.

Tang Wan-er lightly rubbed Long Chen’s cheek. There was a bit of dirt as well as some stubble now.

But those things actually set off Long Chen’s resoluteness. In the past two months, it seemed Long Chen had once more matured a great deal.

“This scoundrel, no matter how much bitterness he goes through, he never tells anyone.” 

Tang Wan-er’s tears dripped down. Ye Zhiqiu walked over and gently patted her shoulder. “Let’s go back. Long Chen needs to rest.”

She nodded. At this point, a bunch of other people also came over with a stretcher, bringing Long Chen away.

The others, who had been injured, were waiting to be healed. But Tang Wan-er had examined Long Chen’s body and seen that he had simply run out of spiritual qi and was exhausted. He wasn’t actually injured, and so she directly brought him back.

Once they left, the Healing Hall’s disciples came out to heal everyone. In any case, Gu Yang, Lei Qianshang, and Qi Xin’s wounds were extremely severe.

That was especially true of Lei Qianshang and Qi Xin. Their bones had been trampled on, and they had been beaten to the point of near death. They had done too many wicked things up to this point and that was their retribution.

Those disciples, who hadn’t been able to fight back against them before, had taken this chance to beat them without holding anything back.

That seed of hatred had long since been planted. But that seed really had matured too quickly. In just one month, they had taken their vengeance.

If it hadn’t been for Long Chen giving everyone a reminder, perhaps some people really might have lost their reasoning within their fury and beat the two of them to death.

But although no one had done that, those fellows had not been kind at all. They avoided vital spots, but they also made it so that they wouldn’t pass out, causing them to see and suffer all their beatings without being able to do anything. Seeing the two of them want to cough up blood from their rage, everyone’s felt much more free and relieved.

Due to their heavy injuries, Lei Qianshang and Qi Xin were sent directly back to the Healing Hall for some senior disciples to heal.

But even their senior disciples would probably require over a week to let them be able to walk out.

The rankings were already announced. The Heaven Earth Faction’s alliance took the top five spots.

The other rankings were left to Guan Wennan and company. As for who was what exact rank, that would be up to them to decide.

Guan Wennan looked at all this with a complicated look. Seeing the Heaven Earth Faction lead their people away, he also brought his people away.

Other than the heavily injured being sent to the Healing Hall, the others would all be fine after just one or two days of recovery.

When everyone had scattered, a large group of people came over. That group was those people who had decided to stay behind despite failing the disciple trials.

They were not disciples of the monastery. They could only count as some workers and could only receive a meager amount of resources.

And yet they had no complaints. That was because they had seen an even broader world after coming to the monastery. It was at such a place that they could temper themselves.

Seeing that group of people busily cleaning, Ling Yunzi frowned slightly, seeming to think of some distant memories.

“Long Chen’s last attack seemed somewhat familiar. But I actually can’t remember where I’ve seen it before. Perhaps I’ve just heard about it somewhere,” Ling Yunzi muttered to himself.

“That attack is extremely frightening. But I have a strange feeling that Long Chen is unable to completely wield its entire strength.

“According to normal cultivation standards, a powerful Battle Skill cannot be used without a powerful cultivation base. It isn’t that you’re unable to use it, but simply that your meridians wouldn’t be able to endure using it.

“But Long Chen’s attack is still far from reaching that move’s true power. It really is curious.” Tu Fang also nodded.

The two of them were the monastery’s strongest experts. Ling Yunzi had even stepped into the legendary Xiantian realm, and yet he was still unable to see through the origins of Long Chen’s attack.

This time Long Chen slept very well. It really was excellent to sleep at home. After all, even with all his courage, he had been scared for almost every single second of the last two months.

There was no way around it. In that kind of place, Long Chen was near the bottom of the food chain. A slight mistake would lead to his death.

In the past two months, he had never had a good night’s sleep. Every day he had crazily increased his cultivation base, increasing the chance that he would be able to survive.

He slept for a full three days before finally awakening, feeling completely full of energy and excitement.

As soon as he walked out of his room, he saw Qing Yu and Tang Wan-er cultivating. He immediately startled the two out of their meditation.

“Sorry to disturb you,” apologized Long Chen.

“We weren’t in a true meditative state. We’ve been waiting for you this whole time. Come, sit. Sister Qing Yu prepared a bunch of delicacies for you as a reward.” Tang Wan-er pulled Long Chen over, smiling brightly.

“Really? I didn’t even know sister Qing Yu could cook,” exclaimed Long Chen.

“Hehe, I bet you didn’t know sister Qing Yu’s cooking skill can be praised as top class. She’s never lets anyone else know that. This time sister Qing Yu only decided to cook for you as your reward,” laughed Tang Wan-er.

Qing Yu smiled and returned to the kitchen. Or Long Chen supposed she had, since he had no idea where the kitchen even was in here.

Tang Wan-er continued smiling and looking at Long Chen. She didn’t say anything more. It seemed as if quietly looking at Long Chen was actually something quite enjoyable for her.

“Beauty Wan-er, if you look at me with any more adoration, I really will get embarrassed. Have you finally thought it over and decided to give your heart to me?” asked Long Chen suddenly.

“You wish!” Tang Wan-er angrily hit Long Chen. “When will you stop being so infuriatingly flippant?”

Other than when fighting and killing, it seemed this scoundrel never could be serious, annoying Tang Wan-er endlessly. You wouldn’t even be able to talk to him properly for more than a few seconds before he irritated you enough to want to beat him up.

“Then do you like it when I’m flippant or do you like me serious?” laughed Long Chen.

“Of course I like it when you-... scoundrel, don’t even bother with that! Who would ever like you?!” Tang Wan-er almost fell for it before cutting herself off.

Looking at her light fury, for some reason Long Chen felt he really liked it when she was like that. Did that mean he was a bit abnormal?

Just as Long Chen was pondering over whether his own beauty standards had problems, Qing Yu returned.

There were over a dozen piping hot dishes releasing a fragrance that made him drool. Long Chen’s stomach rumbled loudly.

Tang Wan-er and Qing Yu laughed. Long Chen explained with some embarrassment, “Other than Magical Beast meat, I didn’t have anything else to eat in the last two months. For the first month it was alright, but then it really was starting to get disgusting. Hehe, I finally get to eat something good.”

Qing Yu sighed, “Long Chen, this time it really was hard on you.”

Once Qing Yu said that, Tang Wan-er’s eyes turned red. Long Chen hastily said, “What was so hard about it? It was just a little journey. Quick, eat before I starve to death.”

Long Chen laughed and directly picked up a mouthful of food. Originally, he was just planning on changing the subject, but the instant he tasted that food, his eyes immediately lit up. From that moment on, his chopsticks never left his hands, and his mouth was never empty as he crazily stuffed himself.

Qing Yu’s cooking skill really was top-notch. Furthermore, she had also added in many vegetables to the dishes, which made Long Chen who had constantly been eating meat to become like a ravenous wolf.

Seeing Long Chen wildly devour his food, Qing Yu was delighted. She and Tang Wan-er ate together with him.

After eating, Long Chen felt he really was unable to stuff anything more down. Even just opening his mouth, he felt his throat was still full of her delicious food.

Long Chen belched and patted his stomach, completely satisfied. Suddenly, he cast a vague glance at Tang Wan-er.

“Sister Wan-er, I’ve got something fun to do with you that you mentioned before.” Long Chen smiled at Tang Wan-er mysteriously.

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