Chapter 2114 Xia Chen’s Methods (Teaser)


Long Chen and the other Dragonblood warriors in the underground hall were laughing heartily at the performance of the group of warriors sent aboveground.

“I bet Zhao Wuji’s current expression is very marvelous. It’s too bad we can’t see it,” sighed Xia Chen.

Xia Chen’s formation was only able to sense a group of vague figures. He couldn’t hear them. But that was already heaven-defying as the Mechanism Sect was extremely skilled in runes. Their grand concealing formation was a work of art. Due to how skilled they were in this regard, they didn’t even suspect that Xia Chen had noticed them.

“Continue according to the plan.” Long Chen smiled.

The Mechanism Sect’s hidden formation slowly pushed forward. They were getting closer and closer to the core of the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race’s ancestral land.

“It’s strange. Why haven’t we seen anyone this entire time?” wondered someone.

“We already heard them say that Long Chen is prepared for an assault...

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