Chapter 2107 Just What Are You Planning? (Teaser)

Long Chen didn’t want to go to the Martial Heaven Alliance, but Ye Lingshan refused to let him off, saying something about even if she died, she would bring him to suffer with her.

Hence, Long Chen could only accompany her with Ye Zhiqiu. Qu Jianying had long since been waiting for them.

What Long Chen hadn’t expected was that Qu Jianying didn’t curse him at all. She had a letter in her hand and already knew about what had transpired.

“Little brat, what are you looking at? Do I need to curse you to make you feel normal?” said Qu Jianying irritably upon seeing Long Chen cocking his head and looking around with an odd expression.

Long Chen laughed, “Actually, this isn’t my fault. If I could endure something like that, I wouldn’t be Long Chen.”

Qu Jianying nodded and sighed, “In truth, in making you go, I was already prepared for certain events. Although your temper and stubbornness are just as annoying as that old bull, at least you...

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