Chapter 2106 Major Changes on the Horizon (Teaser)

The Pill Fairy, Nangong Zuiyue, and Beitang Rushuang represented three of the top powers on the continent. Without them, this entire gathering had lost its meaning.

The others all left. Originally, their goal was to create a plan for the qi flow eruption and how they should face the dark era.

Long Chen’s absence wasn’t anything important to them. He didn’t represent a major faction. He and his Dragonblood Legion were nothing to them.

However, his departure caused a chain reaction. There was no way to continue holding this gathering, so Dongfang Yuyang could only send people away.

Once everyone was gone, the family head and Dongfang Yuyang entered a private room gloomily.

The family head’s warm smile had long since vanished, replaced with iciness. “Do you know your greatest mistake this time?”

“I underestimated Long Chen’s daring,” sighed Dongfang Yuyang.

“Wrong. You were in too much of a rush. Did you really think you could eliminate Long Chen this way?”

“Family head, I sense...

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