Chapter 210 Ancestral Blood Support

The current Gu Yang really had gone berserk. Lei Qianshang and Qi Xin had been beaten to the point where they couldn’t even crawl with imprints of people’s soles still visible on their faces.

Of the other core disciples, three of them had been entangled with Song Mingyuan’s group of three, while the other one was lying on the ground, appearing almost dead.

Their alliance of seven factions had all had their flags stolen, all because of Long Chen.

By this point, the incense stick was quickly reaching its end. If he still didn’t steal back those flags, their seven-faction alliance would end up last.

“Careful, Long Chen!”

Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu were not able to stop Gu Yang any longer. His control over his ancestral mark far surpassed their own, causing them to be at too great of a disadvantage.

Long Chen smiled and gave Tang Wan-er a reassuring gesture. He then focused on the furiously charging Gu Yang.

A flare of anger arose within him. That bastard had always been provoking him, saying that he would crush him into pulp over and over again. Although Long Chen had long since wanted to beat him up, he had always been too weak.

But now that he had reached the tenth Heavenstage of Blood Condensation and he had this powerful bone blade, he was no longer worried, slashing his blade at him.

Gu Yang roared and all the runes on his body lit up. Runic power flared over his fist as his punch smashed into the bone blade.

BOOM! The land shook from their intense collision; their attacks had actually been completely equal.

Under Gu Yang’s punch, Long Chen’s bone blade was blown back. Long Chen borrowed that force to spin, his bone blade cutting a huge arc as it sliced back towards Gu Yang’s waist.

As for Gu Yang, although he had managed to block Long Chen’s attack, he had still received a bit of a jolt and was forced back a step.

That shocked Gu Yang, as Long Chen’s attack was even stronger than Tang Wan-er’s wind blades.

But while he was still shocked, Long Chen’s bone blade had already spun in a crafty angle and was slicing towards him.

He was given a fright and went to block. But Long Chen’s angle of attack was extremely tricky, making it awkward for him to block it. He was unable to use any force in that position.

That caused him to suffer greatly and he was sent flying. It wasn’t that Long Chen had struck with too much power, but simply that his attack was too unorthodox for him.

Gu Yang quickly stabilized himself in midair. He was extremely powerful and had plentiful combat experience. As long as his foot touched the ground, he would be able to once more take the initiative and attack.

Unfortunately for him, the instant his foot was about to touch the ground, Long Chen’s bone blade had already viciously slashed out.

Gu Yang was both startled and infuriated. In these three consecutive blows from Long Chen, he hadn’t had the slightest chance to take a breath, causing him to be at a disadvantage.

Although he blocked this attack again, he immediately lost control over his center of gravity and was sent tumbling through the air. He only managed to stop again after dozens of meters, appearing extremely pathetic.

The entire crowd was silent. Everyone knew just how powerful Gu Yang was. He had long since been acclaimed the number one figure of the monastery’s new generation.

But even he was unable to receive more than three blows from Long Chen before being sent flying.

Some people even wondered if they had taken a blow to the head and were hallucinating. The person, who had made Gu Yang powerless to retaliate, was actually the one with the lowest cultivation base in the entire monastery.

Lazily resting his bone blade on his shoulder, Long Chen sneered at Gu Yang, “Didn’t you personally say many times that if I blocked your path you’d crush me to pulp? Now I have no choice but to doubt your words.”

Long Chen’s voice was calm without the slightest bit of anger. And yet it was precisely this calm slap in his face that made Gu Yang even more infuriated.

In Gu Yang’s eyes, Long Chen had always been a minor character. He had never cared about him at all. But now he was completely humiliated by this ‘minor character’.

Just now, he had been too careless, and that was the only reason why Long Chen was able to turn his movements into a mess. And now he was using his mistake to insult him.

Gu Yang roared and shot forward at Long Chen, punching out.

Long Chen sneered and raised his bone blade, slashing it directly onto Gu Yang’s bald head.

How could it be possible for Gu Yang’s fist to reach Long Chen before his bone blade reached him? Long Chen couldn’t be bothered to fight with him head-on. Rather than striking his fist, Long Chen wanted to test how hard that shiny head of his was.

Seeing Long Chen actually ignore his fist and aim at his head, Gu Yang was given a fright and hastily raised his fists to block.

But his movements were too hurried and he was unable to release his full strength. He was again forced back by Long Chen’s bone blade. He was only just about to restabilize when Long Chen’s blade had appeared in front of him again.

And so Gu Yang’s tragedy once more repeated itself. Before his feet could touch the ground, Long Chen’s blade sent him flying once more.

Other than the first move being a bit different, the next two attacks were exactly the same as before. It was even the exact same angle and power.

Most dumbfounding of all was that the miserable posture Gu Yang was sent tumbling through the air was exactly the same as the first time.

Lazily resting his bone blade on his shoulder, he once more sneered at Gu Yang, “Didn’t you personally say many times that if I blocked your path you’d crush me to pulp? Now I have no choice but to doubt your words.”

It was the exact same movement, the exact same expression, and the exact same phrase, completely infuriating and insulting Gu Yang.

Gu Yang sinisterly said, “Long Chen, you dare to humiliate me?”

Long Chen actually laughed, “Hahaha, who cares if I humiliate you? Aren’t you someone who regularly humiliates others?

“What? Someone humiliates you once and you can’t handle it? You really are a marvel. Can it be that despite being bald, you don’t allow others to call you baldy?

“What goes around comes around. Since you like to humiliate others, then you have to be ready to be humiliated by others.”

Long Chen detested geniuses like Gu Yang who had been pampered by their families to the point where they thought themselves to be emperors. It was like they expected others to just kneel in front of them automatically.

These geniuses treated humiliating others as just a regular part of their lives, a habit that had already been ingrained in their bones. But when someone else humiliated them, it was like they had committed some kind of heavenly crime.

“Long Chen, you’ve really infuriated me!” Gu Yang sinisterly glared at him, his gaze filled with killing intent.

“So what? If you get depressed over it, go over to Elder Sun with the large bell. Just smash your own head onto it and death will solve all your problems. Plus, you’ll even get to hear such a nice bell sound in your final moments. It can count as having a good death.” Long Chen pointed to the side.

Gu Yang couldn’t stop himself from taking this provocation. He felt even his lungs might explode from anger. He roared, his runes lighting up and now shockingly beginning to tremble.

His runes seemed to come to life, moving slowly along his skin.

“He can activate his ancestral blood support!” Both Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu were the most shocked. They had never thought Gu Yang’s control over his ancestral mark had reached such a level.

Gu Yang had not only awakened his ancestral mark, but he had a perfect connection to his ancestral mark’s power that allowed him to activate his ancestral blood for further strength.

Activating the ancestral blood support was a kind of secret technique. Someone with an ancestral bloodline could ignite a portion of their essence blood to multiply their strength for a short period of time.

“Gu Yang is actually so powerful!” Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu looked at each other in dismay, seeing the other person’s disbelief.

“Long Chen, I’ll kill you!” Gu Yang’s runes moved over every inch of his body. From a distance, it looked as if countless insects had crawled over his body, causing anyone who saw it to feel terrified.

Gu Yang’s aura had exploded out to a shocking level, to the point where even those senior apprentice-brothers who were watching could sense the pressure.

“This Gu Yang really is a monster!” exclaimed one of the law enforcers.

Although they had also once been new disciples, their generation’s core disciples had definitely not been that terrifying.

There hadn’t even been a single genius who had awakened their ancestral mark in that generation, let alone a monster as terrifying as Gu Yang.

Everyone was now completely focused on the two of them. Long Chen’s return had completely reversed the state of the Faction Competition.

But now that Gu Yang had finally erupted out with his greatest strength, it still wasn’t certain just what the final result would be.

“Long Chen, we’ll help you.” Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu both walked up to Long Chen, taking a stance to fight against Gu Yang with him. That was naturally because the two of them had the greatest understanding of just how terrifying Gu Yang was. Only with all three of them together was there a chance of victory.

But Long Chen smiled at them and betrayed both their expectations. “No need. Some things have to be done personally; for example, revenge.”

Seeing Long Chen’s seriousness, Tang Wan-er immediately understood what Long Chen was thinking. Long Chen was planning on returning all the humiliation that everyone in the Heaven Earth Faction had had to suffer.

Although she was still a bit worried, she still nodded in the end and took a couple of steps back.

Long Chen might normally be a mischievous rascal without the slightest air of arrogance, but that was because his unyielding arrogance was buried deep within his bones.

A man didn’t necessarily need to possess an air of arrogance, but he needed to have an unyielding pride within him. Long Chen was precisely like that. He was now completely infuriated with Gu Yang, Qi Xin, and Lei Qianshang’s despicable schemes.

Although Long Chen had never said it to anyone, he had remembered all of those enmities. So what he wanted right now was just one thing: revenge.

Ye Zhiqiu stared at Long Chen and also withdrew. Long Chen was the only one remaining to face Gu Yang.

That figure wasn’t overly tall or large, but he was filled with a domineering disdain for all, an existence nothing within heaven and earth could stop. That kind of profound arrogance was something that didn’t even place heaven and earth within its gaze, one that would tear apart the very dome of the sky.

Space trembled as Gu Yang’s runes finally stopped moving. However, his current aura had already advanced to a terrifying realm.

“Long Chen, since I said I’d crush you to pulp, I definitely will!”

Gu Yang with his ancestral blood support was completely terrifying. His voice was hoarse like scraping iron, and his face was completely sinister.


Gu Yang roared and stamped on the ground. The entire land shook as he charged at Long Chen.

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