Chapter 2088 Withdrawing? (Teaser)

White robes that were untouched by the dust of the mortal world and enveloped by a water-like curtain of light set off an unmatched beauty.

That light was not actually water, but fire. Although the high heat had been concealed, it was possible to sense intimidating energy fluctuations that could incinerate seas.

“The Pill Fairy Yu Qingxuan!”

Many people realized who she was because she was extremely easy to recognize. There was a ring of divine light behind her that sprinkled her with a holy and noble air. She was a divine daughter, one who looked down on everyone else in the world.

This was the power of a god within the halo of light behind her. It was an unblockable power that granted her the special status of divine daughter.

She was a disciple of a god and had received the god’s blessing and care. With the god’s power backing her, she was qualified to look down on everyone else within the same realm.

Even amongst this group of supreme geniuses, she was still an existence that everyone focused on. Her arrival caused countless experts’ hearts to shake.

The gods were transcendent existences, and...

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