Chapter 2086 Tian Xiezi (Teaser)

Long Chen came out of the alchemy room, still immersed in his pride and excitement from evolving the World Annihilation Flame Lotus

“What, did you find some money?” Coincidentally, Beitang Rushuang came out of another private room at the same time. Seeing his bright smile, she couldn’t help being speechless. Just how did someone who didn’t know how to conceal his emotions become an expert?

“Hehe, it’s even better than money. I’ve developed my own supreme move. If anyone tries to mess with me again, I’ll beat them until even their grandmas won't recognize them.” Long Chen chortled, pleased with himself.

The advancement of the World Annihilation Flame Lotus marked a new milestone on his cultivation path. Throughout history, only the most astonishing and amazing of experts had managed to create their own powerful techniques. Their names were recorded within history. That was an honor only a few could receive.

Long Chen was extremely...

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