Chapter 2080 Burying Your Head in the Sand (Teaser)

The auction hall wasn’t very large and was only a few hundred meters wide. However, the interior was extremely extravagant.

There were thirty-six stone pillars following the walls. Each wall showed an image of the main stage from different angles so that people could examine the auctioned treasures closer.

After all, they couldn’t directly probe things with their divine senses here. That was no different than peeping. Let alone a woman, even for a man to be probed spiritually like that was a grave insult.

Although the majority of these experts had treasures blocking such spiritual probing or had their own Spiritual Strength defense, it was still a provocation, so people wouldn’t do that unless they had some serious enmity with the target.

With the images projected on the walls, everyone could get a good look at what they were bidding on. 

There were hundreds of seats spread throughout the room. Every one of those...

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