Chapter 208 Blowing Them Away

As soon as Long Chen rushed out, Tang Wan-er caught up and whispered, “Long Chen, I’ll let you guys handle this side. Leave Gu Yang to us.”

She and Ye Zhiqiu rushed over to Gu Yang. Without even saying anything, two of their auras exploded out as they began to fight crazily.

The two of them held huge wind and ice blades as they fought against Gu Yang. Both of them already hated that baldie to death. If Long Chen hadn’t arrived now, they really might have launched a suicide attack to bring him to death with them.

But since Long Chen had returned completely fine, their confidence had returned. Even if they lost again this time, with Long Chen present, they would quickly be able to chase up to them.

Gu Yang also didn’t dare to be negligent at all in front of the two of them. He exploded out with his full force.

The three of them were already old opponents. They immediately began fighting at full force. Gale winds whistled and explosions rang out over and over.

Long Chen directly rushed into a sea of enemies. Behind him were also Song Mingyuan’s group of three. The other disciples had all been left behind to defend.

“Long Chen, I’ll throw you out with the other trash.” Of the enemies rushing to meet them, a core disciple was the fastest and arrived in front of Long Chen. He thrust his sharp spear at him.

Long Chen recognized that person. He had once stood by him in support after he had killed those five traitors. 

But after he was exiled, this person had directly joined Gu Yang’s alliance. Now he was also the first one to attack him. Long Chen supposed he was trying to show his loyalty to Gu Yang.

The moment that spear neared his body, Long Chen used a single hand to tightly grab that spear, completely stopping it in its tracks.

That shocked everyone. That was a core disciple, and his power was perhaps only slightly lacking in comparison to Lei Qianshang.

But his spear was caught by Long Chen just like that. His bone blade was still just resting on his shoulder. He had stopped that attack with just his left hand.

Most shocking of all was that Long Chen’s body hadn’t moved in the slightest. It was like he was simply holding onto a child’s plaything.

That person hastily tried to pull his spear back, but he was appalled to realize that his spear was unable to move at all while Long Chen’s hand was clenched around it. He was unable to move it in the slightest no matter how hard he tried.

While he was still shocked over this, Long Chen sent out a lightning-fast kick. Before that person could even react, he was kicked right in the stomach.

The sound of bones breaking rang out as that person shot back like a cannonball.

Long Chen’s strength was too terrifying now!

The other disciples, who had been rushing forward, ended up being smashed by that person, causing a burst of screams and snapping bones.

Other than that core disciple, over a dozen people behind him had been struck, breaking their bones and vomiting blood.

Long Chen then threw the spear. It shot out like a black thunderbolt towards that core disciple. It was incomparably fast.

By the time he realized what was happening, that spear had already arrived in front of him. He was scared stiff, but that spear merely brushed past his cheek.

That long spear sunk into the ground and immediately pierced straight through, leaving only a small hole to show where it had entered the ground.

Just that toss had been incredibly powerful. If he had been struck by that spear, even ten lives wouldn’t have been enough.

He was trembling with fear, his face completely pale. Looking at Long Chen, dread filled his eyes.

“One move! No, not even one move! He defeated a core disciple just like that!”

That stupefied everyone. From the very start, Long Chen had barely moved. He was still standing in his original position. All he had done was move his arm to capture and throw that spear. Just that had been able to defeat that core disciple.

Lei Qianshang and the others’ expressions greatly changed. Long Chen hadn’t revealed the slightest bit of aura just now or used a Battle Skill. He had defeated him relying solely on the strength of his physical body.

Both parties had been about to start a chaotic battle, but Long Chen’s one attack stunned everyone so much that they all stopped.

Song Mingyuan’s group of three were also completely shocked at that lazy figure with a bone blade on his shoulder.

“Don’t be careless! Everyone attack with your full strength; we’re still much stronger! Just leave Long Chen for me and brother Lei.” Qi Xin shouted and his aura exploded out. A water blade appeared in his hand and slashed down at Long Chen. Lei Qianshang also attacked with him, wanting to defeat Long Chen in the quickest time.

Following Qi Xin’s orders, all their people charged at the Heaven Earth Faction’s alliance.

Other than that core disciple that had been heavily injured by Long Chen, there were still three other core disciples charging at Song Mingyuan, Li Qi, and Luo Cang.

“Long Chen, don’t think that some peak of Blood Condensation is anything good. In front of a Tendon Transformation expert, you’re still nothing!”

Qi Xin once more brought his water blade slashing down, this time erupting using his absolute full strength without leaving anything behind.

Long Chen smiled slightly. That smile contained ridicule, contempt, and absolute disdain.

His bone blade finally moved, cutting across the space, causing heaven and earth to rumble.

When the bone blade collided with Qi Xin’s water blade, the water blade didn’t have the slightest bit of power to resist and immediately collapsed. As for Qi Xin, he was sent tumbling across the ground, appearing incredibly miserable. When he once more looked at Long Chen, his eyes were filled with horror.

“Eat one of my fists!” Lei Qianshang heavily smashed his fist that was covered with thunderforce at Long Chen’s back.

But Lei Qianshang was shocked to see that when his full force punch landed on Long Chen’s body, all he did was tremble ever so slightly, not even needing to take a single step.

He slowly turned his head to look at the shocked Lei Qianshang, raising his bone blade.

“You can also eat one of my blades.”

His blade whistled over at Lei Qianshang. As that blade slashed down, Lei Qianshang felt as if space had solidified around him. He smelled the scent of death coming for him.


Light shined from Lei Qianshang’s body, and he raised his two fists in front of him. Countless strands of thunderforce twined around him, forming a huge shield of thunderforce.


When the bone blade landed on that thunderforce shield, the immense power caused the land to tremble, a wave of dirt surging out.

Lei Qianshang’s thunderforce shield collapsed. The ground beneath him had caved in, and he was extremely shocked, his internal organs shaking. He was about to retreat when he felt a sharp pain from his stomach.

Long Chen’s foot had already fiercely stamped down on his stomach. Lei Qianshang was no longer able to endure any longer, vomiting out blood before being sent flying.

Everyone was completely horrified by Long Chen. Just what level of monster was he? What had happened in the rubble wasteland for him to have become so strong?

That first attack when he had defeated that core disciple was still understandable since that core disciple had been careless.

But now Qi Xin and Lei Qianshang had fought with their full force and were still defeated by Long Chen in one blow each. Looking at Lei Qianshang who was still vomiting blood, no one could believe their eyes.

Elder Sun’s pupils contracted; that was because he saw that Long Chen had yet to even use his cultivation base. All of that had been from just his physical strength.

Furthermore, he had previously received one of Lei Qianshang’s fists without having any injury. One part of that was because of the Golden Horned Python’s skin he was wearing.

But more importantly, it was because Long Chen’s physical body was exceptionally abnormal, comparable to a third rank Magical Beast.

“Just what did that brat encounter in the rubble wasteland? How did he become so strong?” A bit of worry appeared in his eyes.

Long Chen’s growth rate was too fast. As Long Chen grew stronger, his own chance of obtaining his secrets grew slimmer. He had to think of something fast.

After sending Lei Qianshang flying, Long Chen once more began to slowly walk over to them.

“I’ve already said that those who have a debt with me will have to pay back both that debt and its interest. With your sinister schemes, you caused my brothers to bleed and caused my beauty to cry. Did you think that would just stay in the past?”

With each step he took, Long Chen’s murderous aura grew stronger. In the end, his surging murderous aura had practically turned solid.

The current Long Chen really was like a death god about to punish them for their sins. That bone blade would have to be his death god’s sickle.

“Bastard, don’t get so arrogant!”

Qi Xin and Lei Qianshang both roared, huge blades appearing in their hands and slashing down on Long Chen.

Long Chen waved out his bone blade.

BOOM! Qi Xin and Lei Qianshang’s blades were completely shattered. In front of that bone blade, their own blades were as weak as glass.

Those were powerful weapons condensed from their spiritual qi with the support of their runic power.

And yet, they were absolutely powerless in front of Long Chen’s bone blade. A single collision would cause them to break.

One reason was that Long Chen’s own power was so exceptional. But the other reason was that the bone blade was the tooth of a fourth rank Magical Beast, and it was definitely the hardest weapon present.

Back when Long Chen had found this tooth, he had almost passed out from joy. He had precisely been lacking such a hard weapon.

It had required a week’s time for him to grind down this tooth to form a handle for him.

Within the rubble wasteland, he had run into countless dangers, but he had relied on this bone blade to force his way through them all.

The only regretful thing was that although this bone blade was incomparably hard, it was too light. But that flaw didn’t stop it from being Long Chen’s new favorite weapon.

With this kind of powerful weapon, Long Chen wouldn’t have to fight barehanded against his opponents again. He could properly bring out the full potential of his body.

As for Qi Xin and Lei Qianshang, they continued to frantically fight back. But Long Chen just continued to use the same move over and over.

The instant their weapons would collide with his bone blade, they would immediately shatter.

That would require them to condense a new one which exhausted a terrifying amount of spiritual qi. That was especially true considering how frequently they exchanged blows. In just a couple of breaths, they had struck out over ten times, causing their spiritual qi to be exhausted. Even their faces were turning pale.

Looking at that incense stick, the two of them cursed. Normally it burned so fast, so why did it burn so slowly today?

“It’s about time to end this.”

Long Chen’s expression was solemn as he raised his bone blade into the air. An unstoppable aura surged out of him.

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