Chapter 2064 The Expert of the Mechanism Sect (Teaser)

Beitang Rushuang caught Long Chen, a disbelieving expression on her face. “When I dominated my generation, I saw countless heroes and killed countless villains. But I never saw anyone as shameless as you. Tell me, just how did you get to be so shameless?”

Beitang Rushuang was a generation’s genius. Before being sealed, no one on the entire continent in her generation had been able to match her.

Her experience was even greater than what others could accumulate over several lifetimes. However, even someone like her had never encountered someone like Long Chen before.

Based on Long Chen’s tone, it was like she was the one pursuing him, while he was being a proper gentleman and not giving in. Just when had she expressed the slightest intention in this regard? How could someone be so shameless?

“Actually, I’m not really shameless. There’s a fellow called Mo Nian who’s even more shameless than me. Miss, I’ll tell you the truth. I’m simply...

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